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Hub Planner Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Hub Planner is a comprehensive resource management, scheduling, and project planning software designed to optimize project workflows, resource allocation, and time tracking for businesses of all sizes.

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What is Hub Planner?

Hub Planner is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based resource planning solution developed by Hub Planner AB, a resource management company based in Stockholm, Sweden. This tool is designed to help companies transition from traditional methods of resource management, such as spreadsheets and overly complicated software, to a more efficient and simplified resource planning tool. Hub Planner leverages over 15 years of experience in digital management to provide its users with a platform to effectively manage their resources, offering features that facilitate detailed planning, scheduling and resource allocation.

What is Hub Planner good for?

Hub Planner is particularly effective for resource management and scheduling, project planning and capacity management. The platform excels at allowing users to visually plan their resources, track project timelines, and efficiently assign tasks. The software is designed to streamline the resource management process, increase productivity and optimize resource utilization. It is also useful for generating detailed reports and analysis, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Who should use Hub Planner?

Hub Planner is ideal for project managers, resource managers and team leaders in a variety of industries, including IT, consulting, engineering and creative. The scalable solution meets the needs of both small teams and large organizations looking to streamline their resource planning and project management processes. In addition, companies looking to move away from inefficient resource management methods to a more structured and streamlined approach will find Hub Planner particularly beneficial. The platform’s multiple pricing plans, including Plug & Play, Premium and Enterprise options, provide flexibility for organizations of different sizes and budget constraints.

Hub Planner Company Details

Hub Planner AB, the company behind Hub Planner, is a resource management company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded on the expertise gained from 15 years of experience in digital management, Hub Planner AB specializes in providing a hosted SaaS resource planning solution. The company is known for its commitment to helping companies transition from spreadsheets or overly complex software to a more efficient and effective resource planning tool. With a global clientele, Hub Planner AB offers a versatile solution with a 60-day free trial that caters to organizations of various sizes and industries. The company’s pricing model includes several tiers, such as Plug & Play, Premium and Enterprise, designed to meet the different budget and goal requirements of its users.

Company Name: Hub Planner

CEO Name: Stephen Martin

Est Year: 2013

Employees: 11-50 employees

HQ Location: European Union (EU), Nordic Countries, Scandinavia

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Stephen Martin

Hub Planner Demo & Media

Hub Planner Top Features

Resource Management Software

Effectively manage resources to streamline workflow.

Data Visualization

Use data to improve insight and decision-making.

Workforce Scheduling

Easily schedule and manage employee shifts.

Skills Tracking

Effectively track and utilize employee skills.

Utilization Management

Ensure that all assets are used to their full potential for maximum efficiency.

Appointment Management

Easily schedule and manage appointments.

Automated scheduling

Make scheduling processes more efficient.

Payroll Management

Manage payroll with accuracy and efficiency.


Generate comprehensive reports for analysis and decision-making.

Task Management

Improve the efficiency of work planning, scheduling, and tracking.

Pros of Hub Planner

  • The sleek design enhances user experience.
  • Comprehensive features meet needs.
  • Positive experience through customization.
  • Detailed help guides and responsive support.
  • Efficient problem resolution through support.
  • Streamlined resource and project management.
  • Cons of Hub Planner

  • Errors may require support contact.
  • Limited visibility in planning section.
  • Can’t adjust dates on the dashboard.
  • Requires line manager approval.
  • Can’t edit timesheet entry errors.
  • Hub Planner Pricing

    HubPlanner offers a free 60-day trial before subscribing. After that, pricing options include Plug & Play for $7 per resource per month, Premium for $18 per resource per month, and Enterprise, with per-resource pricing available by contacting HubPlanner directly.

    Choose the plan that best fits your goals and budget to properly manage your resources and improve your scheduling process.

    Plug & Play
    $7.00/ per month
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Full access to all updates
  • M-F Support
  • Cancel anytime
  • Add on Extensions
  • GDPR Ready
  • Premium
    $18.00/ per month *
  • Everything from Plug & Play
  • Timesheets & Approval
  • Vacation & Leave Management
  • Skills Matching with Custom Fields
  • Resource Requesting
  • Financial budgets and spend
  • Premium extensions included
  • 24/7 Support
  • Business Leader
  • Everything in Premium
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • 2FA Security
  • Availability Finder
  • Dedicated Support Rep
  • Smart Schedules
  • Business leader extensions included
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Hub Planner Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support Hub Planner Offers?

    Hub Planner provides excellent support for its users, including informative help manuals and a responsive support team. Users have access to extensive documentation to troubleshoot issues on their own, and if additional help is needed, the support staff is available to provide quick and efficient answers to any issues or questions users may have, ensuring a seamless user experience. You can also schedule a demo call or contact us via live chat for assistance.

    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Phone Support
    Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

    Hub Planner FAQs

    Hub Planner is a legitimate resource management company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted resource scheduling solution that leverages over 15 years of digital management experience to help companies worldwide plan and manage their resources effectively.
    Hub Planner is worth paying for because of its expertise in resource management and because it provides a comprehensive planning tool that moves companies away from inefficient spreadsheets. Prospective users can evaluate its value through a 60-day free trial before choosing from its subscription plans, which are designed to meet a range of needs and budgets.
    Hub Planner seamlessly integrates with a variety of other software to enhance functionality and streamline workflows, although the specific external applications it integrates with are not detailed in the fact sheet. Typically, such integrations could include calendar tools, project management applications, and financial tracking software to extend the usefulness of Hub Planner in managing resources and projects.
    Hub Planner is designed to be easy to use for beginners, providing an alternative to complicated software or basic spreadsheets. Its interface and features are structured to help users make a smooth transition to professional resource planning tools, improving usability for those new to resource management software.
    Users have found Hub Planner’s reporting and analysis features useful for making informed decisions and improving project management. These features allow for detailed tracking and analysis of resources, providing valuable insight into project and resource efficiency and productivity.
    Hub Planner is highly reliable for managing team schedules, providing a centralized system that facilitates real-time scheduling, adjustments, and access to resource availability. Its robust platform supports effective team coordination and schedule optimization. 
    Hub Planner’s reporting capabilities are highly customizable, allowing users to tailor reports to their specific needs. The customization options enable the generation of detailed, relevant reports that support strategic decision-making and project management.
    Hub Planner implements robust security measures to protect user data, including data encryption, secure data storage practices, and compliance with relevant privacy regulations. These measures ensure that users’ information is secure and their privacy is protected.
    Hub Planner is scalable and can support large teams and multiple projects simultaneously. Its comprehensive resource management tools and customizable features allow you to efficiently plan and allocate resources across multiple projects and teams, regardless of size.

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