Top 11 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Sales Professionals

Make your sales process easier and streamlined with any of these sales support Chrome Extensions.

Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Sales Professionals

Even though sales remain a primarily creative process, plenty of routine activities can (and should) be automated.

If the sales reps did not have the right tools, most of their work would turn into complete chaos. Fortunately, there is plenty of professional software that can make a sales rep job a little easier.

Many of those tools come with handy Chrome extensions to simplify routine processes even more. Below are the top examples that can help salespeople accomplish essential tasks in a few clicks after quickly installing a relevant extension. 

01. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot is the leading CRM in the market that also features a handy Chrome extension to control some of your lead management directly from Gmail inbox.

The extension is not an independent product, though — you need a HubSpot account linked to your Gmail account.

Still, after installing the extension, you will have access to some of the essential features of the HubSpot website version — logging and tracking emails and even making calls with existing contacts directly from your inbox. 


02. Salesforce

Salesforce, another widely popular CRM, also has a browser extension to access some of its essential functionality quickly. Similar to HubSpot Sales, it integrates with your Gmail and Salesforce accounts to operate directly from your Gmail inbox.

It ensures access to all leads, contacts, and emails, allowing users to create templates and manage immediate tasks at hand. 

The extension flawlessly integrates with Google Calendar, allowing one to schedule appointments, set reminders, create custom records, and much more.

So, anyone already using Salesforce as the top CRM should install a free extension to get quick access to all the account essentials. 


03. Copper CRM for Gmail

Copper may not be as widespread as HubSpot or Salesforce, but as a Google-developed product, it integrates perfectly with Chrome browser. The extension acts as an addition to Google Workplace and has plenty of valuable features, including tracking your email open rates.

It also connects with Calendar, Contacts, and all other features available in Google Workplace. So, even if you do not plan to use Copper as the main CRM, it is still a handy tool for managing and organizing all of your Google-related data. 

Copper CRM

04. SignalHire

Technically, SignalHire is a contact-finding tool designed for recruiters. However, the service is more versatile than that, and its Google Chrome extension can also become a handy addition for sales reps and marketers.

It allows one to extract the contact details of any person in a click — for example, when a prospect engages with your content on social media, you can simply click on the name and pull this person’s contact data to your own sales database. 

The website version also supports bulk searches by industry, company name, job title, location, and many other parameters, which makes SignalHire a very helpful tool for prospecting, especially in the B2B segment.

When you set up the SignalHire extension, you will be able to quickly extract lead data from Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, and other leading social platforms. 


05. SalesWings

SalesWings is an excellent example of software that can take your lead optimization efforts to a new level.

This plugin tracks all the visitors on a given website and prioritizes them according to their behavior in the sales lead database. Sales reps can also track the time and context of website visits to sync these data with their CRMs. 

With SalesWings, managers can act on valuable insights and engage leads more effectively, which is crucial for sales success.

The extension is perfect for inbound scoring and tracking because it notifies sales reps about every action on the website — from downloading materials to navigating through different website subpages. As a result, it becomes effortless to funnel all leads in one’s CRM properly.


06. RightInbox

RightInbox is an excellent email scheduling and planning tool that allows sales reps to create customized email sequences, set up sending times for each sequence, send follow-up reminders, and much more.

This is an incredibly useful extension for email marketing and customer management because it has several features useful for both marketing and management and a handy organization system with timely reminders.


07. Lavender

Most tools and extensions on this list have been out for a while and have already gained plenty of satisfied users. Lavender is a fresh addition, but considering its excellent functionality, the tool should soon start attacking followers, too.

In a nutshell, Lavender is an AI-powered email assistant developed to help sales reps write better emails. 

Lavender analyzes linguistic templates and your previous communication patterns to suggest quick replies to every new message in your inbox.

And even though you should not rely on Lavender suggestions alone, its tips can prove very handful when replying to new messages — quickly and sometimes in bulk.


08. Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is another AI-powered extension that can help sales reps by providing multiple communication templates and behavioral communication analysis.

According to Crystal developers, the extension is particularly good for helping solve any communication conflicts and improving business relationships. And we all know conflict is inevitable in any work-related communication, sales process included. 

Crystal algorithms are based on the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) behavioral model, which allows the AI tool to profile each customer individually.

Once again, it is not a substitute for human interaction. But, it is a valuable tool for finding consensus whenever misunderstandings emerge. 

Crystal Knows

09. Klenty

This useful Gmail add-on can integrate with top CRMs, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Freshsales.

For a browser extension, Klenty has an impressive amount of features because this tool carefully tracks your email click-through and open rates, helps create email templates and auto-replies, sends follow-ups and reminders, and much more — all from the comfort of your Gmail inbox tab. 

As far as Chrome email extensions go, Klenty offers more automation than most, which makes it a beneficial addition to the toolkits of sales reps and email marketers.  


10. Hiver

Hiver is another helpful tool for automating sales emails and ensuring smooth operations within the whole sales team.

This plugin can quickly assign emails from specific leads to specific sales reps, ensuring everyone is on the same page when internal and external communications are concerned. Hiver also has several other useful automation features, like email scheduling and analytics. 


11. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

No sales software list would be complete without this tool, which you probably know already. The LinkedIn extension can extract lead contact data without tedious tab switching and LinkedIn profile searching — all of the data you have on LinkedIn will also be accessible via your Gmail inbox. 

Overall, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a handy tool for B2B sales and marketing; its only disadvantage is that it works only with LinkedIn.

This means a lot if your search for prospects is limited to this social network alone, but if you need to cast a wider net, it’s best you go with professional contact finders like SignalHire, described in more detail above. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Final Word

Choosing the right combination of these Chrome extensions can simplify plenty of routine operations and help set up an organized, streamlined sales process.

Besides, a lot of these tools come with free trial versions, so you can sample the goods before making any financial commitments. 

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