Domain Registrar

A Domain Registrar is a platform where you can purchase a domain name for your business, know more.

What is a Domain Registrar?

A company that manages both the assignment of IP addresses and the reservation of domain names is known as a domain name registrar. Alphanumeric aliases known as domain names are used to access websites.

Making a label with your new name and attaching it to that file in your filing cabinet is a perk of reserving a domain name. You are now the registrant. But that registration has a deadline. Although most individuals only register domain names for one to three years, you can do so for up to ten.

How to register a Domain with a Registrar

  • Enter a domain name in the search field provided by the registrar.
  • If the domain name is available, immediately click “Add to Cart.”
  • Choose your preferred payment option and weigh any available add-ons before checking out.
  • Afterward, you get a welcome email for the designated domain.

How to become a Domain Registrar?

01. Make sure you’re eligible

You must first determine if you are qualified to work as a registrant. The Statement of Registrar Accreditation Policy includes a list of qualifying requirements that you can review. You could also look through the funding needs for becoming an accredited registrar.

02. Make an accreditation request

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you must complete the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Application. It must be submitted with the other necessary supporting documentation.

03. Sign the Contract.

You must complete the Registrar Accreditation Agreement, sign it, and pay the required price if your application for accreditation is accepted.

Things to look for in a Domain Registrar

  • Pricing that is opaque: Prices that are given on a website in an opaque and ambiguous manner point to unreliable suppliers.
  • Poor customer support: A decent domain name registrar should include customer support as a core component. Look for another registrar if there is no mention of customer service on the website or if there is inadequate help when questions arise.
  • Cluttered user interface: A registrar’s quality may be reflected in a user interface that is difficult to use and confusing because it lacks confidence.
  • Unwanted add-ons: Additional services like hosting that are automatically included after the contract is signed and raises the price are another sign of suspicious registrars.

Best Domain Registrar Sites

  • HostGator: Best for old-school TLDs
  • Namecheap: Best domain registration experience
  • Best for protecting your site
  • Best for bulk domain registration
  • GoDaddy: Most popular with business owners
  • DreamHost: Best for handling data

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