Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be very harmful for your site and it might permanently damage ranking of your pages, know more about

What is Duplicate Content?

Content that appears more than once online is referred to as duplicate content. Duplicate content occurs when the same text appears at more than one online address since “one place” is defined as a location with a distinct website address (URL).

Duplicate content doesn’t technically result in a penalty, although it might occasionally affect search engine rankings.

Advantages of Duplicate Content:

  • Reposting High-Quality Content Can Aid in Authority Building
  • Additional Potential Audience
  • Repetition works

Disadvantages of Duplicate Content:

  • Oversharing can cause content to perform poorly.
  • Certain Types of Duplicate Content Will Harm 
  • Your SEO Getting the Balance Wrong

Causes of Duplicate Content

01. Hreflang and localization

The English and Spanish versions of our websites won’t conflict with one another, as long as we keep in mind Google’s notion of duplicate content.

02. Distribution of Content

By republishing our information on other platforms or websites, or through syndication, we can sometimes increase the number of people who see it.

03. Pages for generic products

Duplicate text is frequently seen on product pages. Unfortunately, eCommerce sites are not always well-optimized and can feature hundreds or even thousands of products.

04. A/B testing of landing pages

A/B tests should always be carried out for campaign optimization. Since these test landing page versions should only be accessed through an advertisement, they are not linked from any place on the website.

Why avoid Duplicate Content?

  • Duplicate material can give search engines like Google and Bing the impression that you are a plagiarist.
  • Search engines consider articles that have been reposted as having been stolen or copied. This is referred to as “content scraping.”
  • Reword and revise a prior post if you intend to repost it to make it seem new and exciting. Include images that point back to the source article or website.
  • Content duplication confuses everyone. Readers like to know who wrote the content they are reading.

How to Avoid Duplicate Content? 

  • Check each new page and/or article with Copyscape. Pages on the same subject can sometimes sound similar, but there should always be some significant variances.
  • Give your writers the tools they need to produce distinctive, creative material.
  • When creating product pages, use more originality and stay away from the standard description.
  • Make sure everyone connected with publications is aware of and following the guidelines you create for handling URLs.
  • Create taxonomies for your website and organize how your webmasters use them.

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