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100 Best Weebly website Examples 2020

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This is a showcase of best Weebly websites example. If you are planning to create your website using Weebly platform, I’m sure this article will help you to get some inspiration.

You will have to move with the changing times or get left behind in the dust. Currently, to grow and prosper, you will have to build yourself an online presence.

And the most efficient way to do so is through the use of a website. However, for the non-tech savvy individual doing so is tough and hiring a professional for a basic website becomes expensive.

For this reason, you can use services such as Weebly to help you out.


Weebly is a web building platform which will help you build a good looking, functional website and doesn’t require you to have any coding know how. There are plenty of themes and templates offered by the platform which you can use to create the base of your website.

Then there is a powerful and intuitive website builder which you can implement to create a tweak the template to your heart’s content.

In fact, if you are simply looking forward to creating a blog, or a website to showcase your small scale or medium scale business/service, then Weebly is perfect for the job.

All websites built on the platform have that professional appeal along with essential functionalities that will provide an enriching experience to your readers.

Now to help you understand the full potential of the platform, the best way would be to show you some of the websites and blog that have been built with it. Here, we have taken the liberty to search through the web, and cater to you, some of the best websites solely created with Weebly.

So without further ado, here are 50 Amazing Weebly websites examples:

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Best Sites Created with Weebly

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Weebly websites examples

Wall-in is a website of an interior decoration company. Through the website, they showcase their work, achievements, and contact details to potential customers. It even has an inbuilt shop to help the owners monetize. A blog is there to keep customers in the know about their work.

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Keke’s breakfast cafe is a line of restaurant/diners, and this is their official website. Here you will find all sorts of information, like how you can acquire a franchise, to information about their menu, and so on.

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MyPTWebiste or My Trainer Website helps to build and manage your website as well as market it for a low monthly fee. On their website, you will get to learn more about the service along with pricing plans.

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TampabayKitchen website offers visitors with all necessary information to generate hype about the restaurant. It showcases the wonderful decor through its wonderful slider functionality, as well as with galleries.

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Brighton Music

brington music

Brighton Music is the official website of Brighton Secondary School for the students, teachers, and parents that have enrolled in the school’ music program. The website is a big catalog of all necessary information regarding school band, programs, concerts, events, and everything else.

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BaseCampIceLand is the website of a tourism company. It offers information and details about how you will tour with their experts, site’s you will be seeing, and so on.

Weebly Site examples

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bay area graphics

BayAreaGraphicDesigner as obvious from the name is a website from where you can avail graphic designing services. The site is well built and offers a sectionalized layout to help you understand the services they provide.

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KikoPlastic is the official website of a designer where he showcases all of his works in a wonderful full-screen grid-based layout. And if you like any of this work, then there is also like to an online shop from where you can make purchases of his art.

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Whistle and Bango

whistle and bangos

Whistle and Bango is the official website of a jewelry brand of personalized embossed enamel bangles. On their website, they showcase their cool products and offers an inbuilt e-shop from where you can purchase things you like.

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Sanders Family

sanders family

Sanders Family is a real estate agency. They offer a well-designed website to showcase information about their listings, some client testimonials, useful articles, and much more information.

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we talk money

WeTalkMoney is an online platform where you can find financial advice. Here you will find useful information in a well-designed format to make all the complex information engaging.

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FuseDaleDesign contains a barrage of high res images all categories in a side menu. All the images start displaying in a full-screen slider fashion.  

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cts wood designs

CTSWoodDesign is a custom cabinetry and furniture designing company. On their website, they showcase all their works with an effective slideshow and also showcases much other information about their work.

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callnet corp

CallNet Corporation offers Live telephone answering service / Call Center services. Through the website, the company offers information regarding their services, how it works, pricing plans, and other relevant information.

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DoukSnow website offers all different types of snowboards and snow skiing-related products for interested individuals. It is the official website of the company with the same name. Through their website, they let people in about their products, offers, some skiing guides, and an online store for making a purchase.

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wild love photos

WildLovePhotos is the professional website of a wedding photographer. She uses the site as an online portfolio to show people her work and allows interested visitors to hire her services.

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The Path

the path

The Path is a one-page website with easy navigation options to sections you are interested to read. Basically, it is a website of a church-based service provider to help children find their faith.

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CTevents is the website of an event production team. Here she shows people here workflow, experience, highlights all her accolades, and allows visitors to contact her for her service.

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Propeller Sound

propeller sounds

Propeller sound can be considered as the personal portfolio website of a freelance music educator. Through the website, he presents all of is work to interested people. Then there is an inbuilt map to help people find his institute, along with other feature to help inspire curiosity about his work.

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java to go

JavaToGo is essentially an online shop for gourmet coffee. On the website, you can order form a varied collection of different coffees, as well as read their blog, and learn more about the people behind the project.

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Farmlighting is a product based online shop where there is are detailed information about various sort of lighting bulbs and other products people may need on the farm.

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Chairigami is yet another online shop where you can buy uniquely designed furniture. The website boasts a wonderful design layout and a  homepage showcase of their product.

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The Whiskey Ball

whiskey ball

The Whiskey Ball is the official website of the whiskey ball – which is an ice ball molder. Through the website they sell this product and show interested customers all they need to know about the product. As far as aesthetic design is concerned, the website is gorgeous.

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IndyPlush is an online store that sells plush kids toys. They have a well-designed layout with descriptive pages, including a contact page, a blog page, and a page for people interested in wholesaling.

Weebly Sites

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CmyCities is a travel planning service based website. Using the website, you can get in touch with some travel planners, who will be a destination expert of guide to help you travel in an efficient and comparative inexpensive manner. The websites list many different services you can avail, all its information is provided on the website.

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Fielsol is a one-page video embed website for the fashion company files. If you land on the website, you will be greeted with a simple video and contact information. The website is designed to offer chat-based customer support because as soon as you visit the website, a chat box will help you greatly to take your queries.

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the bike seat

TheBikeSeat is a product based website where you can buy – bike seats. They offer a collection of well-crafted seats which will make your travels on your bike a lot more comfortable and pleasant. You can surface their website to find their different products, a store to purchase them and a blog.

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the box bros

TheBoxBros is yet another online store of handmade, high-quality wooden boxes. The website offers a polished modern design layout with a background video showcasing the clips of manufacturing of the boxes.

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ProjectCars is a console-based video game, and this is the link to their official website. Here the company/developers boast relevant information regarding upcoming games in the franchise, purchase option for the game, and all other related information to the game.

ProjectCars Weebly Site

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Rose City Sweets is a craft candy company which specializes in handmade small batch confectionaries. On their website, they offer details regarding all the different types of sweet they make, a contact page, and online shop to help make a purchase.

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CentralVineYard is a church-based community website will all necessary options and features to help provide a fulfilling experience to the churchgoers. Location information, upcoming events, options to listen to sermons, and loads more, are available through the website.

Modern Weebly Site Examples

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Our Table


Our Table is a cooperative designed to help create a local food culture. On their website, you will find information regarding their farm store, events, jobs, membership, wholesale information, blogs, and much more.

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campagne penthouse

Champagne PentHouse is a premier location where people can through their high-end events. Through this website, they offer a sneak peek of all their amenities, a gallery to showcase the interiors, an event page, and a contact page to get in touch and make appointments.

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We Talk Money

Trendy Weebly Site

We talk money is a beautiful trendy design created using the Weebly platform. The site offers you investment-related information and how to use your money to grow it.

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Magnolia Visual Arts


Magnolia Visual Arts are the portfolio page of a freelance photographer. The homepage consists of a barrage of photographers which are categorized into different categories. And then there is her blog with a contact page.

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linares and partners

Linares&Partners is a functional website of an architectural firm where they show clients their work process, portfolio, and previous projects. Interested clients can get in touch with the company through the website and seal the deal.

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TurnToPage84 is yet another portfolio page of an illustrator  Jag Nagra. On her website, she shows all her work coupled with an online shop to help interested visitors purchase things they like.

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Bridal Studio Southport

bridal studios

Bridal Studio is an online store for bridal dresses and bridal wear. The websites showcase all their products and then offers an online store to help customers purchase products they like.

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KnappMedia is a marketing service where you can obtain a plan and guide to help you execute that plan. On the website, the company offers their address details, followed by a services page, portfolio, vlog and much more.

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april borreli

AprilBorrelli is the online blog and portfolio website of an artist and designer. Through the site, she showcases some her works and creates a platform where people can get in touch with her.

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Hosodabro is an importer and wholesaler of japanese and Hawaii products. On their website, they offer details regarding all their products and a dedicated page for their clients.

Hosodabro Weebly Site

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Leo Edwards

leo edwards

Leo Edwards is a photographer, and this is his website which he uses as a portfolio. Here one will find a built-in gallery to showcase all his pictures, along with a built-in blog and a bio page, to let users learn about the man.

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the ready desk

TheReadyDesk is an adjustable standing desk, and the website is dedicated to the product. It showcases information on how the product was conceived, information on why you should buy it, product reviews, and an online store to help you buy it.

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Websbuilders is a website design company who offer a range of different website related services such as website designing, SEO services, domain hosting etc.

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rbws inc

RBWS Inc. is the official website of a media and public relations firm of the same name. It is essentially a one-man company, and the website is there to showcase all relevant gigs, some of his works, and a contact page.

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Clearwater Construction

Clearwater Construction

A custom home building services company that will help you to reconstruct your home and make it looks beautiful.

The home site of the company is created on Weebly platform and the site looks very professional.

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Leadapreneur offers services to help companies to train their managers for the coming digital age. On their website you will learn about what they do, their online learning certificate program, and much more.

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raquel orozco

Raquelorozco is an online fashion shop where you can find a diverse collection of fashion apparels. Their website boasts a well-designed layout to showcase all their products along with an online store and lookbook.

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Detailed Engagement

detailed engagement

Detailed Engagement is essentially an engagement planning service, and the website is there to showcase how they handle the work. The company also uses the website to showcase some of the awards they have received along with an inbuilt blog, to keep readers in the fling.

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ClassicCut is a barbershop. Their website displays information regarding their store location, services provided, barbers working, and the likes.  

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Weebly website examples

Another home construction-related business created on the Weebly platform. The Danford team provides you with a range of different home building maintenance and improvement related services.

If you wish to rebuild your home, improve your basement or damp treatment, you can contact this team to help you.

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Casto Vacations


Casto Vacations are the website of a travel agency which displays information about their service along with the different types of packages, contact details, gift cards and so on.

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SimplyDigi offers training services to industries. On their website, they showcase details regarding their products, the industries they have worked with, and other important information.

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Brand iD

brand id

Brand iD provides a brand development service. They have a one-page website where they boast about their service, all their cases, and contact information.

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Management & Services Weebly Site

Management & Services Weebly Site

Management and service related Weebly site that you can take inspiration from and create your business site in a similar way.

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In Conclusion

So these were our picks of the best websites built with Weebly. Hope you found this read to be helpful. If you do find potential in the platform and decide to start your project with it, then do let us know how things turned out when you finished.

Also, if you know of some awesome Weebly built websites that we didn’t cover in the list, the do link them in the comments sections. Your fellow readers will love to learn about all the possibilities available with the online website builder.


Disclosure: This post might contain affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

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