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Technology is the aid whenever it comes to lessening human efforts and raising the accuracy and productivity of any operation.

New advancements in technologies are evolving within minutes. You might be thinking you are working with the latest technology, but the market can even have a cut-above version.

Talking about human resource management, technology has enhanced it. Forget behind the times when it was all paperwork and a prolonged process. It is all digital now, conserving time and needless human efforts.

Human resource management has a prime role in any company. An organization runs by the combined effects of all the people (human resources) working from top-level executives to the sweepers and security guards.

Managing and treating them well can be a bit heavy, especially when it comes to the organization having a larger employee size. A brilliant strategy for one company can also be a mishap for another one.

Managing the work of the HR department through software can be a game-changing point for unorganized and inefficient management. 

Investing in HR software will never be disappointing in any circumstances. The managers that operate the work related to the workforce have tons of responsibilities, from hiring, onboarding, payroll, staff engagement, and many others.

Companies started noticing a decreased level of productivity as the managers have to handle multiple operations at a time.

Therefore, businesses are adopting human resource management software to reduce the workload of HR managers and increase their productivity levels. To have appropriate management and increased productivity, the article mentions the best software companies can use. 

Listed are the top human resource management software with its specifications. 

01. monday.com

monday.com is one of the most popular project management and collaboration software that can be customized to suit various business needs, including HR management.

monday.com offers a number of features that are custom-created to help the HR processes. Its flexible nature allows you to create HR workflows and processes tailored to your organization’s requirements.

If you are managing a remote team, monday.com can be one of the best remote hr software.


  • monday.com comes with complete employee onboarding.
  • You may use the platform to manage vacations and leaves.
  • It gives you the option to plan and manage all tasks & projects.
  • It also offers features like performance reviews, training and development & more.

02. Rippling

Rippling is another cloud-based HR software to simplify tedious processes. The mission behind making the software was to eliminate the extra time and effort made on administrative tasks.

They believed that most of the tasks could be completed by the software and did not need any human assistance.

It is one of the top-rated software and has various modules to handle all HR activities from a single platform.  

The software works in a way that makes the processes less time-consuming. It is an easy-to-use software and is highly flexible, making it suitable for different types of organizations.

The integration capacities are large which could even support the remote work culture by integrating with more than 500 apps.   


  • Automated onboarding with welcome emails, task allocation, and approvals.
  • Unified analytics and creative display of the data and shareable reports.
  • Customized policy creation and assigned them to different departments.
  • Internal communication and display of employees’ birthdays and other events.
  • Training and learning management of new candidates. 

03. factoHR

factoHR is a cloud-based HRM platform offering helpful HR features. It has won the “Best HR Software” for 2 consecutive years by the World HRD Congress.

More than 1500 companies highly recognize the solution, and 1.5 million employees are on board. factoHR will be a right fit for mid-sized to large-sized organizations as the features offer extraordinary assistance in HRM activities. 

The end-to-end processes streamline the tedious functions and make them effective and productive. Along with the core HR activities, it also enhances other related functions like payroll, expense management, and performance management. The software also works well with the remote workforce. 


  • Automated and customized workflow for hiring and recruitment processes.
  • Self-onboarding of the new employees with reminders to the manager on completion of formalities.
  • Compact view and easy searching of the employees’ information.
  • Regularisation of attendance and calendar charts.
  • Employee self-service(ESS) portals and E-resignations.
  • Mobile application with a chatbot for query solving. 
HR Software

04. Namely

Namely is a human resource software built to resolve the complexities related to managing the workforce. It is mainly designed for mid-size businesses.

The vision was to make the management more impactful with data-driven strategies. It was founded in 2012, and since then, they have continuously evolved and updated the software to keep it practical with the changes. 

It has helped more than 1400 mid-size companies to switch over HR systems easily. The results that companies experienced are quite satisfactory, with 72% increased productivity of employees and 75% of clients have experienced an increase in employee engagement. So Namely HR software is worthwhile for mid-size businesses.


  • Digital onboarding with complete employee profile and E-signature. 
  • Custom data and report generation of complex HR activities. 
  • Real-time representation of the HR KPIs at fingertips.
  • Tracking of activities by highlighting the improper( red flag) activities.
  • Customizable workflow with self-service for managers and employees.
Online HR Software

05. Gusto

Gusto is a collaborative HR tool for the productive work of teams. Founded in 2012, it was initially named ZenPayroll and then Gusto later.

The software has a large customer base nationwide. It integrates different workflows to make a single platform to handle all the functions collaboratively. 

From the recruiting procedure to hiring and various activities in between can be managed effortlessly. The tool proves to make the functions effective and more productive by saving the managers’ time. Along with that, it also provides advice when needed by experts in the HR domain.


  • Job posts on public platforms and personalized offer letters. 
  • Checklists of the new hires with the allocation and management of devices.
  • Integration and syncing of the different applicant tracking systems.
  • Storage of documents in a single account that is sharable.
  • Surveys for employee and trend analysis with its report generation.

06. ZingHR

ZingHR is a customer-centric human resource management software. The software is built by experts having in-depth knowledge of HR tech.

In a short duration, they have gained the trust of 700+ clients and have 1.6 million active clients. The capabilities of the software are such that it can be used by small as well as larger organizations and can handle complex functions. 

It has been mentioned in Asia’s top 10 HRM suites by Gartner and received many other awards for the software. The HR processes held through software are on-cloud, having 35+ HR tech modules.

They followed the concept of ground zero perspective and built the software applying business logic. 


  • Employees’ data at fingertips with 400+ configurable fields.
  • Resource allocation and structure design to understand the needs better.
  • Onboarding formalities of the new joiner quickly by the EMP master.
  • Reward and recognition module to encourage the employees.
  • Flexible and customized report builder and advanced BI analytics.
  • Life cycle management and employee status management. 

07. Eddy

Eddy is another reliable HR software that brings productivity and makes processes faster. It was founded by a retired professional basketball player who realized the complexities of managing the human resource processes and wanted to simplify them. After a lot of research and expert advice, Eddy was launched in 2017. 

It is an easy-to-use platform built to support small and medium-sized businesses. The platform has also received awards and is recognized for its work. Eddy says that their platform is so easy that the new clients do not need any support even in the initial stage.


  •  Applicant tracking process with automated communication with candidates.
  •  Paperless and digital onboarding on new hires, which is trackable.
  •  Employee Directory with individual profiles.
  •  Secured and easily accessible data on clouds.
  •  Tracking of trainees with all the information and certification details.
Eddy HR Software

08. PeopleHR

PeopleHR is another cloud-based HR software that focuses on small and emerging enterprises. The motto to build PeopleHR was to make the HR management processes smooth for the smaller organizations and their working efficiency as the larger organizations have.

The software is useful even for companies having 10 employees or either no HR department.

The software makes repetitive tasks automated. It increases productivity by decreasing the efforts of HR managers on manual tasks.

PeolpeHR is connected to different modules, making it easy for managers to handle performance management and payroll.


  • Unlimited storage data and automated workflows for repetitive tasks.
  • Managing employees’ absences with easy records and requests.
  • Expense management with digital receipts and signs. 
  • Online performance reviews and 360-degree feedback.
  • Recording of employees’ in’s and out’s with automated timesheet creation.

09. Zenefits

Zenefits has grown much bigger in past years with its exceptional features. It was started in 2015, and in 2018 it launched all the advanced tools making it a perfect HR software.

They have an integration with 50+ tech partners, and even non-profit businesses trust zenefits. It also majorly offers software for companies that are small or medium. 

The software is highly interactive and designed specifically to engage the users. In addition, Zenefits is scalable and flexible for future changes and comes with pre-built integrations. It mentions the customers’ favorite feature is the mobile application.


  • Auto sending of customized offer letters to the new hires.
  • Companies directories with the department-wise employee details.
  • Automated workflow and display of key events like promotions, transfers.
  • Real-time updates of the data when changes are done in one place.
  • Also works for managing contractual employees like freelancers and consultants. 

10. Paylocity

Paylocity is a full-suite HR software that is flexible and easy to use. It improves the experiences of HR by automating the tasks and streamlining the process.

The vision to build paylocity was to facilitate the HR managers with software that increases their credibility and appreciation for their work. The software makes it possible to access real-time information from anywhere. 

The team of Paylocity is diverse and has people having expertise in different areas. The software has multiple capabilities that cover almost all the tasks that an HR manager has to perform. They also give a free demo to those willing to test the software. 


  • User-friendly and quick access HR information system.
  • Creation of organizational charts with departments and cross-functional teams.
  • Seamless onboarding with handover and introduction activities.
  • Dynamic reports that are highly configurable and actionable later.
  • Recruitment and performance management system.
Human Resources Software

11. syncHR

syncHR is an HR platform that is suitable for multiple industries to automate their HR management. The architecture of the software is position-based and has a customizable workflow. They have also been recognized as the preferred HR solution by their multiple satisfied customers. 

The software has multiple modules and eases many HR processes. They guarantee the security of the data and are never shared with any third party.

The software enables faster and error-less transactions. Therefore syncHR will automate and digitalize the human resource management processes. 


  • Position-based architect and a single system of record. 
  • Dynamic workflows and informative dashboard.
  • Calculations of the salary considering the tax and attendance.
  • Interview scheduling and completing the formalities of new candidates.
  • Reminders on the essential events.  

Summing Up

There is no doubt that businesses must grasp HRMS technology to optimize their firm’s performance. The automated solution will take relatively less time than manual work and will ensure faultless work that, in turn, will increase productivity and efficiency.

Thus, making investments in the software will eventually give you higher returns in the present-day world.

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