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15+ Best Free Shopify Themes


15+ Best Free Shopify Themes


Looking for a good quality free Shopify theme? Well, we have collected the best free theme options available from different sources for your eCommerce startup.

Shopify is currently the most preferred eCommerce platform to start an online store quickly and with a very limited budget. There are 1.75 million sellers on Shopify. 

Managing an online store all by yourself is not going to be easy and as your store grows the activities around your business will grow and it can easily get out of your hands.

Shopify brings in a very strong foundation for your overall eCommerce business. It’s a custom-created CMS just for online stores to manage everything in the most professional way.

The popular platform is already managing thousands of online stores and it is the fastest growing eCommerce platform to create online stores.

Shopify is the perfect platform to start your business irrespective of the size and scale of your business. It is perfect for a completely new store and it is perfect for a very large scale business as well.

You will have a solid backend for your business so that you are able to manage everything easily.

Now, when it comes to the front-end of your site, the overall design of your has to be clean, simple and user-friendly.

The theme market for Shopify is not as big as WordPress, and when it comes to the free Shopify theme options the numbers are not that big.

However, we have tried to collect the top free Shopify design options from the available options.

All these themes are created with a clean, minimal and very professional-looking design so that your store looks beautiful.

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Best Website Builders to Design Your Site

Wix Builder






Zeexo (Premium)

If you need a high-quality theme that is regularly updated with new features and options, here is a nice option for you.

The theme offers you great looking design to help you create a beautiful eCommerce store. The store theme is loaded with features and makes things easier for you. Even if you are a complete newbie, this theme will not disappoint you.

You can quickly install the theme with just one click, your online store will be ready within a few minutes. Once it is ready, you can create a store with your own product or create a third-party product store.

In fact, eCommerce sites like AliExpress are very popular among eCommerce business owners, you can buy things for a cheaper price and sell them for more.

When you buy Zeexo for the price of one, you get 97 pre-designed website templates that are created for different niche sites. It is certainly a great deal.

Zeexo Theme

Sports Store

Sports is a very popular niche when it comes to online shopping, and if you are planning to create a sports-related Shopify store, here is a great-looking design for you.

It is a clean and minimal design that is perfectly suitable for any sports-related eCommerce site. It offers you a fully responsive design that will make your site look great on any device.

The theme comes with an advanced theme options panel that you can set up and manage your store quickly. The theme comes with a beautiful custom page template, Google Map, Google Fonts and all other essential components that you will need to create the perfect store.

Sports Store


Fashe is a beautiful and clean design that you can use to create your Shopify store. It’s a neatly organized eCommerce store theme for fashion sites.

You can showcase your content in the most elegant way to attract more buyers to your products. The theme comes with an attractive hero slider option followed by column-based product lines.

Fashe Free Shopify Theme


A fully responsive and modern Shopify theme that comes with a great-looking design. You can use the theme free of cost.

The theme comes with a multi-column menu to make it user-friendly and find your products quickly. This design is created for stores with a large number of products.

You have a great-looking slideshow option to showcase the top products on your site and attract more users. You have a flexible and customizable content section on the homepage of the theme.

Venture Shopify Theme


Narrative is a clean, simple yet modern Shopify theme design that you can use for your online store. The full-screen design of the theme and the wide layout makes it very attractive.

The theme is designed for wide visual storytelling to engage your users and eventually increase the sales of your product. You can use the Narrative theme for free.

Narrative Free Shopify Theme


Debut is a modern and beautiful free Shopify theme that you can use to create your store. The theme comes with an elegant design to display your product in a grand way.

It’s a mobile-friendly design to the site looks great on small screen devices. It comes with a customizable content section on the homepage to help you create the perfect layout for your site.

It has the slideshow option to showcase your product in an attractive way. The live search feature offered by the theme will help your users find the right products quickly.

Debut Shopify Theme


An official theme by Shopify you can use this thing to create your fashion store. This thing is just the perfect design to create a fashion-related e-commerce site it keeps you the perfect interface to showcase your products in the most elegant way.

It comes with a minimal design and it gives all the focus on your products. Your users without refreshing experience on your store and will be able to browse through your products without any destruction.

The thing is perfectly optimized for large images so that your users can check your products well before they make the purchase decision.

Boundless Free Shopify Theme


Another beautiful design created a vintage feel to make your online store look different. The team comes for a minimal and clean design to offer a great user experience.

It’s a team that keeps things very simple. Does a beautiful slider and a home page that you can use to promote the most popular products on your site.



Supply, is an officially supported theme by Shopify. The theme looks very professional and it is perfect for any niche product.

It offers you a nice product filter option to make your users run through your products quickly. It is a theme created for small-scale as well as big Shopify stores and has everything that you need to create the perfect store.

Supply Shopify Theme


A great-looking theme for the Shopify stores that you can use to create your own Shopify site. It is a fully responsive design to make your site look good on all modern devices. As most of the traffic comes through small screen devices, this theme will offer your user a great experience.

The theme is perfectly optimized for the search engines so that your content gets a much better ranking in the search results. It comes with customizable content sections on the homepage of the site so that you can create a custom layout and design for your online store.



The name of the team says it all, a very simple and minimal Shopify theme created with a clean design. It is a fully responsive way to make your site look great on small screen devices.

It offers you two different layouts to choose from, you can quickly choose the design of your choice and it started in your store.

It comes with important features like a product zoom option to help your user check your product nicely. You have the option to showcase related products on a single product page.

Simple Shopify Theme

Minimal Modern 

A simple and lightweight Shopify theme that is free to use. The theme offers you a beautiful and minimal interface to showcase your products perfectly.

Protein gives you three different choices of styling you have vintage style, a modern style, and custom-created design for fashion stores.

Minimal Theme


A great-looking free Shopify theme that comes with a beautiful design. It is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and offers you a fully responsive layout.

The theme comes with different layout options to choose from and both of them look beautiful.

Though the theme is free to use, it offers all the important features and options that you create the perfect Shopify store for your products.

This theme comes with amazing product filtering options to make it easier for your users to browse through your products nicely.

You have a product review option, beautiful parallax section, multi-level dropdown menu, related product option in the single product pages and a lot more.

Star Free Shopify Theme

Fleur de lis Shopify Theme

Wish to sell flower and gift-related products? Here is a beautiful free Shopify theme created perfectly for such stores.

This is a quick and simple theme to get started. You can make your site quick and well optimized with this lightweight and clean design.

Best Free Shopify Themes

Final Word

So, these are some of the best free Shopify themes that you can use to create your store. All these themes are created with clean and minimal design. These themes are perfectly optimized for the small screen devices so that your users land on your site through the small screen devices.

If we missed any quality free Shopify theme that needs to be included, let us know by using the comment form below.


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