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7 Best Google Font WordPress Plugins to Improve Typography

Enhance the Typography of Your Site With These Google Font Plugins

Google Font Plugins

Google Fonts are an integral part of web design these days, Google Web Fonts are a free and open-source product from Google that you can use for your project.

Visit the official Google Font library here, you can check how each font looks before you select the ones that you wish to use on your project.

Fonts are a very important part of any website because they can enhance the overall look and feel of your site to a huge extent.

Also, the fonts can improve the overall reading experience for your users at the same time it can deteriorate if you choose the wrong font.

Most of the good quality themes come with the readily integrated options of Google Fonts and you can easily select the one you like from the theme options panel.

You can check how Divi Theme makes it super simple for users to style their site with amazing design elements and Google Fonts. 

Though the theme designer goes through a lot of trial and error to find the most effective and good-looking font for the design, you can do your testing to improve it further.

You need to note that not all fonts look good with all kinds of designs. A font may look very professional in one design and it may not look great on another.

So, select your Google Font wisely for your site. You need to check how your site looks on all different browsers as well as on mobile devices before you finalize them.

Now, if your theme doesn’t give you the option to select Google Font easily for your site, there are a number of amazing Google Font plugins that you can use on your site.

Before you proceed with the Google Font Plugins here, don’t forget to check our listing for the best Google Analytics plugins that make it super simple and easier for you to track the stats of your site from the WP dashboard.

We have also listed some of the best Google AdSense plugins here to make it easier for you to monetize your site perfectly.

Now, let’s have a look at the best Google Font Plugin options.

Top Google Font Plugins for WordPress

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Easy Google Fonts

A very effective Google Font plugin, the Easy Google Fonts plugin is not only useful for WordPress users but also for developers.

If you wish to add Google Fonts to your site quickly, this is the plugin you need. It brings in over 600 different Google Fonts to your design instantly.

This plugin works with any WordPress theme, so even if you are designing a new theme and you wish to incorporate the Font feature, you can take the help of this plugin.

You don’t have to know any coding to make the best use of this plugin.

Another best part is that it has used the core WordPress customizer feature to allow users to check and check a real-time preview of the changes before making it live.

Easy Google Fonts

As you can see in the screenshot above, not only select the Google Font but you can style the fonts as per your requirement.

You have the option to change the font size, line height, letter spacing as well as the option to select the color from unlimited color options.

Easy Google Fonts Plugin

Simple Gutenberg Google Fonts

As the name suggests, this is a Google Font plugin created for the Gutenberg editor. We have already listed some of the top Gutenberg WordPress plugins that you can check.

It is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add Google Fonts within the Gutenberg editor. This will enable you to change the font per post basis depending on your requirement.

Simple Gutenberg Google Fonts

Google Typography

A simple Google Font plugin that brings over 800 different Font options to your site in minutes. Just install and activate the plugin and a set of amazing rich fonts are available to use.

It’s a quick and simple plugin to use. If you wish to use the power of Google Fonts without any coding, this is the plugin you can use.

Once you activate the plugin, go to Appearance > Typography settings to select the Font of your choice from the different sections of your site.

You have the option to select font weight, size as well and color for your font to match the color scheme of your site.

Google Fonts

Your content may not get the importance and viewership it deserves if you use a messy font for your text. So, make sure that you select the font for your site very carefully.

The Google Typography plugin makes the process simple for you. Select any font from the drop-down menu and see how it looks on your site before finalizing it.

Google Font Selection


A complete font management plugin for WordPress users. You have plenty of options to decorate the fonts as per your requirements.

With this plugin, you will have complete control over the look and feel of the fonts on your site. You can adjust the font height, weight, and the line-height according to the design of your site.

All kinds of font decorations are possible with the plugin, make your fonts capitalize, uppercase, lowercase, underline overline, etc.

The plugin interface is very simple to make it suitable for newbie WordPress users. The fonts on your site are extremely important to make your site reader-friendly and look professional, this comprehensive plugin is surely a great addition to your site.


WP Google Fonts

With over 100k active installations, this is one of the most widely used WordPress Google Font Plugins. You can download this plugin for free and use it on your site.

It’s a quick and simple plugin that you can use to bring in the Google Font options to your site. You can set different fonts for different elements on your site.

This plugin also gives you the option to target the fonts from your site’s stylesheet. It offers you the option to add custom CSS styling.

WP Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts Customizer

Another simple free Google Font WordPress plugin, the Google Web Fonts Customizer plugin will help you to add easily to your site quickly.

This plugin uses the power of WordPress Live Customizer to make it simple for the user to have a real-time preview of the changes before making them live.

Please Note: there are some reports that this plugin doesn’t work perfectly with the HTTPs setup, so please test your site before using it.

Google Web Fonts Customizer

Final Word

Though there are a number of other Google Font WordPress plugins available in the market, the above-mentioned plugins are good enough and offer you all the features and options you need.

Newbie Users: Before installing any Font plugin from this list, make sure your theme already offers you the Google Font selection option.

If your theme doesn’t have the typography option available readily then only you need any of these plugins.

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