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Some of the top alternatives to AliExpress that you may use to start your dropshipping Business.

Top AliExpress Alternatives Alternatives

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8 Best AliExpress Alternatives & Competitors

If you are looking for the best AliExpress alternative for your dropshipping business, we have listed the top solutions in this article.

People around the world have been using AliExpress actively for their drop shipping business in recent times.

With this, a retailer will gather the orders one gets out of a store and then forward those orders through AliExpress.

The process helps with shipping orders while the store operator keeps the difference in the prices as profit. This might sound like an intriguing solution for making money, but there are plenty of concerns to note.

The turnaround time for an order with AliExpress can take a while depending on what one orders.

It is difficult to get any sense of certainty over how much time it would take for you to get your orders out to your place. There are also concerns that the suppliers at AliExpress might not produce the right products.

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives for you to review when it comes to your dropshipping needs.

Let’s have a look at the options.

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Top AliExpress Alternatives Alternatives List

These are helpful options that can be used instead of AliExpress for many of the distinct functions you might have to work with surrounding how well your dropshipping efforts may be managed.

Before you move ahead with this list, don’t miss our collection of best dropshipping WordPress themes.

What Are The Top AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping?



DHGate is similar to what you would find on AliExpress in that it entails many products you would find from manufacturers around the Far East.

But what makes DHGate useful is that the service works with a thorough approach to promoting wares that entails fewer hangups. You’ll get full reviews of each product that you’ll find on the site.

The shipping plans that DHGate offers are more diverse than what you would get out of AliExpress.

You can work with two to five-day shipping solutions depending on your particular needs. This will add a distinct plan for your marketing needs that you will appreciate.

Also, the DHGate system uses the PayPal setup for making payments. The simplicity of PayPal makes it a necessity to review when you’re finding something of value.


  • Easy shopping experience 
  • Cheap but good quality products
  • Massive products in every category
  • Buyer protection plan
  • Secure refund policy


  • Poor customer support
  • Plenty of scams
DHGate Dropshipping


Banggood is named for how the site promotes the best bang for one’s buck when it comes to getting products ready for sale.

Banggood offers multiple sections highlighting tech items and some beauty products. But the tech sector is the most prominent that Banggood offers.

The site highlights various drone products. The selection of drones from Banggood is extensive and includes models of all sizes.

Robot toys are also very prominent. The site has a dedicated section highlighting all these features.

The mobile phones offered by Banggood make it a useful choice for dropshipping if you’ve got a tech-based store. The support for various cases and accessories is extensive too.

Multiple coupon deals are available for your perusal on Banggood. You can also take advantage of ePacket shipping processes that can take as little as seven days to ship.

The plans that Banggood offers for various plans should be noted for how well they operate.


  • No reason returns
  • Payment Security
  • Supports dropshipping
  • Global footprint
  • Supports multiple payment options


  • Poor customer support 
  • Chaotic interface


DX is a website formerly known as Deal Extreme. This is another dropshipping site that concentrates heavily on tech products.

The best thing about the site is that it offers a variety of products from all the major brands. You can find some phones from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Nokia, and Xiaomi among many other top-name brands.

You’ll find many fashion and beauty products for sale through DX as well. Interestingly enough, the site offers a full section devoted to hair extensions.

DX concentrates on providing people with various attractive discounts for all to use for their dropshipping needs.

There’s also a section that offers products for 99 cents each, although the points here will vary based on what you might utilize.

The interesting part of what DX offers is that many products on the site are shipped within a day.

However, the delivery time may be longer depending on how far you are from the manufacturer.

Fortunately, you can compare different manufacturers on the DX website to find details on which people offer the best services for shipping items.


  • Supports multiple payment options
  • 1000+ categories and 210,000+ products
  • Good warranty
  • Multilingual sales
  • Ast shipping of MVP products


  • Plenty of scams
  • Late delivery 
Deal Extreme


LightIntheBox is a China-based group that offers dropshipping services that are appealing to many. People can find products for everything from auto products to clothing for men and women.

But the wedding section is the most prominent space on the site by far. The wedding section includes sections for dresses and dancewear among other important things that may be needed for a wedding. The section also has prom dresses for sale.

People can search through the LightIntheBox site to find products in many lots and also customize their lots based on the sizes that they need and any styles or colors they want to use. The site also offers flash sales for products.

For dropshipping purposes, you can use LightIntheBox to help you find the best deals possible.

You can also get some products out at your place in about seven days, although it may take fifteen days depending on what you are working with.

You could still benefit well from all the products being offered here when all is considered.


  • Over 1000 new items are added everyday 
  • Manufacturer direct
  • 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Secure Payment 
  • Global Partner of DHL


  • Late delivery 
  • Poor customer support


NewFrog provides appealing offers while also providing regular clients with special digital coupons. These offers help people to find outstanding deals on many products they might need for various purposes.

The design of NewFrog provides people with full help for many of the products they need while also being easy to follow and utilize.

The flash deals are available for people to take a look at on NewFrog quite well. The flash deals include points on everything from pick-up tools to small appliances.

The products available should be noted based on what people can find and what might work for their highlights or general promotional needs.


  • Houses the latest PC components and gadgets
  • 30-Day hassle-free return
  • No restocking fee
  • Good discounts
  • Over one million products


  • Different return policies for Newegg and third-party sellers
  • Long delivery time

Sammy Dress

Some of the alternatives to AliExpress that you will come across focus on very specific products.

While Sammy Dress does offer things that go well beyond traditional dress products, those dresses are a big part of what Sammy has.

These include dresses of all styles and sizes, not to mention ones that come in various colors and patterns.

The other products on the Sammy Dress site include fashions for men and women as well as many jewelry products and even hair items.

The home and garden section is also something of value to note. These include furniture products and yard care items among other things.

The assortment of products to see should be noticed quite well when finding things of value.


  • Global online fashion retailer
  • Low factory direct prices
  • Multilingual website 
  • 200,000 + product lines
  • Professional packaging


  • Long delivery time
  • Poor return policy
Sammy Dress


You can also use Focalprice when finding products of value. Focalprice offers products of all sorts for your needs, including fashion bags and various wearables. Smartphones, television boxes, and sports and outdoor products are also available here.

Smartphones, television boxes, and sports and outdoor products are also available here.

The dropshipping services included through Focalprice include setups where you can get large lots of products shipping out to your place in moments.

This may work well if you’ve got a physical store and you need to get several copies of one product on hand. You can also customize your order based on how much you’re going to spend and other points of note.


  • Trustworthy 
  • Good quality products
  • Excellent customer support
  • Wide product collection
  • Fast shipping


  • Limited payment options 
  • Slow order processing

Kole Imports

There is also the option of using Kole Imports for your dropshipping requirements. The business does well with supporting many dropshipping efforts for people of all kinds, including those who want to find the best new arrivals and best-selling products.

The extensive dropshipping service focuses on products in twenty separate categories.

The package tracking system and the product feed setup help you to get information on what’s available through the setup.

You can also use the customer help service to help you with noting many points surrounding what might work for you. The sensible design offered here will be worthwhile for your requirements.


  • One-stop shop for merchandise need
  • 10,000+ in-stock merchandise
  • Good discounts and deals 
  • Multilingual sales team
  • Good quality products


  • High shipping charge
  • Restocking fee
Kole Imports

A Final Note

You’ll need to check each of these dropshipping sites for details on the products they have to offer and to figure out if they match up with what you are aiming to sell.

The registration process for different dropshipping efforts should also be noted. These include points that relate to how well certain concepts may work as necessary.

You can use these ideas to help you with moving forward with the work you are putting in and with managing the content you’ve got in any situation for work.

You should also review the packaging points that these groups use and the timeframes they have for delivering items.

The information you’ll get out of these services should be thorough and easy to work with in most cases though.

You should review these choices if you are looking for something that can work instead of AliExpress for your work needs.

FAQs About AliExpress Alternatives Alternatives

AliExpress is an online retail platform owned by Alibaba Group. It allows businesses and individuals to sell products directly to consumers worldwide. You can use this platform to start your drop shipping business.
There are a number of alternatives that you may use. You may go for DHGate, Banggood etc.

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