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10 Best Tips to Improve Business Writing Skills

Improve Business Writing Skills

Business writing is a form of professional communication that employs conventions, style, and word choice to effectively meet organizational goals.

Whether it’s the proposal of a new marketing strategy or the submission of weekly reports, every time you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) you strengthen your business relationships with clarity and competency.

Business writing is generally formal, but within this formality, there are still opportunities for creativity and personalization.

Business writing aims to communicate a message clearly and effectively. Business writing is different from creative writing in that it conveys facts and figures, not fiction.

Business writing is also often used to persuade readers to take a particular course of action or believe that a particular point of view is valid.

It’s no secret that the way business is conducted has changed dramatically in recent years. From emailing your customers to interacting with them on social media, businesses are now required to have strong writing skills, especially in the business world.

But while proper writing skills are essential to any business’s success, they’re frequently overlooked in today’s culture of high-speed business.

Types of Business Writing

The broad field of business writing can be distilled into four categories based on their objective, such as:


The instructional is the fundamental business writing type, with the ultimate aim of guiding the reader through the steps of completing a task.

It is often overlooked that there are many other instances where an instructional approach can be used by businesses to great effect.

For example, a beautifully laid out set of instructions on how to use a product can eliminate confusion among buyers about how to handle their newest purchase.


Good informational business writing is more than just factual record-keeping. It’s about effectively communicating with your team.

Business reports, for example, should be written in a clear, engaging style that ensures that your team understands their importance and content.

It means not only writing well, but creating reports that are easy to read and understand.


Persuasive writing is a type of writing that aims to convince a reader about a certain product, service, company, or relationship.

This type of writing appeals to a person’s emotions to generate interest and promote an idea when useful facts are not available.

This persuasiveness can be used when making sales pitches for products or services, trying to sell something in an advertisement, or when building business relationships with unknown people.


Day-to-day communication at the workplace falls under the transactional business writing category. The bulk of such communication is by email, but also includes official letters, forms, and invoices.

Writing Skill

Why is Business Writing Important?

The world is getting more collaborative, and business gets done better through writing. Great writing skills are the foundation of every job in the modern workforce.

Stunning proposals lead to more revenue; insightful memos and reports lead to deeper insights; engaging content builds stronger relationships.

Business writing is one of the most important skills that every business owner, entrepreneur, and manager must-have.

It’s what forms the basis of all communications with employees, customers, suppliers, and managers. And it helps establish your company as a trusted brand within your industry.

Here are four advantages of good business writing. 

  • Good business writing increases sales.
  • Effective business writing increases your brand reputation.
  • Good business writing propels your business to efficiency, productivity, and innovation.
  • Effective writing powers quality management.
  • Effective writing aids retention of customers 

Ways to Improve Business Writing Skills 

If you’re looking for strategies to become an effective business writer, there are some simple things you can do.

Anyone can learn how to write business content that sells their products and services more effectively, but it takes the right approach and practice.

Here are some great tips that will help you hone your writing skills.

1. Register for Online Courses

The best way to help employees grow their skills is through online courses. With the wide range of course options available on the web, you’re sure to find one that aligns with your goals and the goals of your employees.

There are plenty of options for small business owners, including classes that teach basic business writing skills, how to communicate professionally, and even how to blog. 

2. Use Online Tools to Enhance Your Work.

There are a few essential tools that writers use to make sure their copy is at its best. The Hemingway App lets you see your writing’s readability and complexity by highlighting sentences of different lengths and separating adverbs from adjectives.

EssayRoo is a grammar checker with a personal touch — it reads your text out loud, so you can hear the errors.

3. Consult a Business Writing Service

As a matter of fact, professional business writing services e.g. CustomWritings will help you write a very good copy of a business writing copy including essays, business plans and proposals.

Business writing companies can create that special business copy to drive sales and also tutor you on how to write a better copy. 

4. Know Your Audience

Different people, different roles, different expectations. When writing for your business, it’s important to take these factors into account.

The language you use should match the context, your audience, and the importance of the message you are trying to convey. 

5. Plan Your Approach

There are several ways to plan out your content. Many start with an outline. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to write something like an essay or research paper, where the structure is very formalized.

Outlining can also be helpful in business writing, whether you’re trying to draft a proposal or create content for an email campaign.

6. Use Online Courses to Improve Your Skills

The digital age brings with it an unprecedented number of online courses that can be accessed at your convenience.

There are so many online courses, boasting over 45,000 courses across nearly every subject you can think of.

These are available for free, however, to find the best classes, you’ll need to search the website’s subsections carefully to ensure that they are relevant to what you’re looking for.

7. Use a Business Writing Guide

Guides show the step-by-step instructions or guidelines of how to write a good business writing page. You can visit a business essay writing service to get a very good guide.  

8. Edit Multiple Times

After you’ve written a draft and made edits, don’t send it off right away. When you come back to your writing, look for areas that can be improved — particularly with strength and clarity.

If you have a colleague who can have a look at the content, it is good to have another pair of eyes on your content so that you sure about the quality.

9. Give it to an Editor to Edit

No one is perfect at writing’ Lauren Bradshaw from CustomWritings says. All writers need feedback. One of the best ways to see where you need to improve is to have someone else read your writing.

This can either be professional writing help from a proofreading company or your close friend to whom you can entrust your writing. 

10. Write More Often

Finally, the most important tip when you’re improving your business writing is to keep writing. It’s just like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

The results are worth it when you see just how much you’ve improved – and when those skills begin to make a real difference for your business.

Writing well and communicating efficiently aren’t skills that can be acquired overnight — and as a marketing student, you may feel like there’s not enough time in the day to master your craft in business writing.

The best way to hone your skills is through practice — and what better way to do it than by putting your skills to the test in a professional setting?

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