WordPress Security With The Ultimate Security Bundle (WPMU DEV)

WPMU Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle

While WordPress is the most popular content management system and the preferred platform to create a website, it is most vulnerable at the same time.

Hundreds of WordPress sites get compromised every month. So, you need to make sure that your business is well protected and have the required backup in case of any unfortunate incident.

While there are a number of security plugins for WordPress, sometimes just one layer of protection is not enough.

In this article, we will look at The Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle offered by WPMU DEV. With this bundle, you can add a number of security layers to your business to make sure that it is safe.

Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle

01. Defender Pro

Defender Pro is a security plugin by WPMU DEB that comes with multiple layers of security to make sure that your WordPress site is safe at any point in time.

The plugin gives you the option to schedule regular security scans so that you are updated with any kind of issue with your site and suspicious activity on time.

You will get instant email alerts to make sure that you don’t miss any critical issue that needs immediate attention.

You can install & activate the plugin through the WPMU DEV Hub. You will get the plugin option in the WordPress dashboard once the plugin is activated.

You can quickly finish the plugin configuration with just one click and make it ready.

Now, you will get the security updates on your WordPress dashboard as well as the WPMU Hub dashboard.

WPMU Security Dashboard

2-Factor Authentication

The Defender Pro plugin gives you the option to add 2-Factor Authentication to your site to make sure that your site is protected with both password and phone.

You have the option to select the user type for the 2-Factor Authentication process. For example, you can exclude admin from the process while making the editors and contributors go through the 2-Factor Authentication process.

2-Factor Authentication

Malware Scanning

As already mentioned above, the Defender Pro plugin gives you the Malware Scanning option to make sure that your files are not affected. You have the option to select the files that you wish to make part of the scan.

Malware Scanning

Defender Pro plugin comes with a number of other security layers such as

  • Audit Logging
  • IP Lockout
  • Login Masking
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Security Headers
  • Defender Configs
  • Pwned Password Check
  • User Agent Banning
  • Geolocation Blocking
  • And more

So, these security layers will make sure that your site is safe from all regular vulnerabilities.

02. Secure Cloud Backup Protection

Taking regular backup is the next line of protection included in the WPMU Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle.

Even after all the security and protection if anything goes wrong, the backup and restore option will help you to get your site back instantly.

Snapshot Pro is the backup and restore plugin offered by WPMU DEV. We have already published a detailed review of Snapshot Pro that you can read to know more about the plugin.

The plugin gives you the option to add automated scheduled backup as per your requirement. You can add daily, weekly or monthly backups.

While WPMU offers you 10GB store capacity, you have the choice to add your third-party destination to store your backup.

In case anything goes wrong with your site, you can restore your backup with just a click.

Snapshot Pro Review

03. Safe Automated Updates

The next option in The Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle is the Automate plugin that will keep your site safe by updating themes, plugins for your site and making sure that your site is backed up properly before updating.

Most of the attacks come through outdated version of themes and plugins making your site vulnerable. So, you need to make sure that you are using the latest WordPress version as well as updated themes and plugins.

This plugin will automate the process of updating so that you don’t miss any critical updates even if you are busy with some other tasks.

The plugin will also backup your site properly before updating the theme or the plugin and it will take screenshots of your homepage and other important pages to keep the history.

Automate Plugin

04. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall is the first layer of protection by WPMU DEV to protect a site from hacking. It comes with more than 300 Firewall Rules offering strong protection to your site.

This Firewall system will stop attacks from reaching your site, and you have the other protections that we discussed beyond that point making a complete protection system around your business.

Web Application Firewall system is automatically enabled for all the sites that are hosted on WPMU DEV.

Web Application Firewall

05. Manage Everything From The WPMU Hub

Another advantage of using the WPMU DEV product is that you get access to the Hub where you can manage all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

You will have all the data, all the updates quickly so that you are updated about the health of your site at any point in time.

Depending on the products you are using, you will be getting the updates. As WPMU DEV offers products for SEO, Security, Backup, Caching, and others, you can get updates for all those products in a single dashboard.


Final Word

Overall, The Ultimate WordPress Security Bundle is good enough to protect your site from any kind of attack and make sure that your business is safe.

Don’t miss our exclusive 20% discount offer on any of the WPMU DEV product or bundle package.

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