25 Top Pinterest Statistics You Should Know About 

A comprehensive list of important Pinterest statistics that you should know before you start Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Stats

If you’re looking for some Pinterest numbers, then you’ve come to the right place. We have made your job easier by compiling a list of Pinterest Statistics you should know about. 

To market E-commerce products and services, the internet has provided us with social media marketing that helps us connect with our target audience easily. 

Although Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have established themselves as the best social media marketing platforms, Pinterest isn’t far enough in the race. In fact, in terms of staying up-to-date with the latest trend, Pinterest has managed to overshadow the other social media platforms. 

Another important aspect of Pinterest is that it works as a search engine rather than a social media site. Users turn to Pinterest to discover new content and not to connect to other users or to socialize.

If you’re a marketer or are looking to market your products, you might not want to underestimate Pinterest. 

Here are some Pinterest Statistics that won’t let you! 

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01. Pinterest Active Monthly User Base

Pinterest is turning out to be one of the most popular sites in this world and has an active monthly user base of over 400 million. To put it in even better perspective, its user base grew 26% compared to last year. 

The best feature of this stat is that approximately two-thirds of its users are outside the territory of the U.S. 

(Source: Pinterest Business)

Talking about Pinterest’s demographic stats, over 60% of the overall Pinterest users are women. Moreover, they tend to pin more than men. Some say women have a special emotional connection with the platform that gives them the right kind of motivation and inspiration. 

03. 97% of Searches on Pinterest are Unbranded

Users on Pinterest don’t search for a specific brand. Instead, the users are open to the idea of discovering new ideas and products.

This particular stat would help the newcomers establish a name for themselves on the platform without much competition from the big players. 

(Source: Pinterest Business)

04. Shopping is a Top Priority

While Instagram is mainly used for watching photos, videos, and sharing content with friends, Pinterest users mainly use this platform for shopping. So much so that with 48%, shopping is the top priority of Pinterest users. 

05. High-Income Households are Twice as Likely to Use Pinterest

Pew Research study showed that the majority of the users on Pinterest earn more than $75,000 a year. Also, people with a college education tend to have a better rate of using Pinterest than people without a college education. 

If you’re targeting a high-income group, Pinterest can turn out to be a wise choice. 

(Source: Pinterest Business)

06. 99% Percent of the Pins on Pinterest Contains an Image

This isn’t a stat that should shock anyone but an important statistic considering the importance of visual representation on Pinterest. 

07. Highest Engagements on Mondays and Saturdays

If you’re having trouble deciding the best days to schedule your pins, this stat is there to guide you. According to buffer’s research, the highest numbers of likes per day and repins per day on Pinterest are seen on Monday and Saturday. 

Likewise, the lowest amount of engagement can be seen on Sunday. 

08. Product Discovery on Pinterest

As per the Pinterest Seasonal Insights, 2019, 77% of the Pinterest users claimed that they discovered a new product or brand while scrolling through their Pinterest account. 

With attention-grabbing words and an optimized image, Pinterest’s algorithm can help a new brand or product advertise easily. This was observed more evidently when a majority of the Pinterest users admitted that they use the platform for discovery purposes. 

09. Monthly Searches

According to Pinterest, users type over 2 billion searches on the platform every month. With roughly around 300 million users, an average pinner types approximately 7 searches per month. 

10. Monthly Visual Searches

Visual searches on social media are on the rise. As far as Pinterest is concerned, it generates more than 600 million visual searches per month. The numbers are still lower than the text-based query but businesses with a product catalog can see their product reach increase over time. 

11. Half of the Millennials use Pinterest Every Month

This stat holds a lot of importance if you want to target Millennials as your target audience. 50% of the Millennials are using Pinterest every month. 

12. Pinterest is Becoming Marketers’ Choice

After Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, Pinterest is an ideal choice for marketers among social media platforms. According to Statista, 28% of marketers use Pinterest to market their products and services. 

This increase in the popularity of Pinterest for marketing is mainly due to its referral potential. It has the ability to direct Pinterest users to your company’s landing page. 

13. The Increase in the Number of Video Views 

Compared to 2018, the number of video views on Pinterest increased by 6 times in 2019. In 2020, this stat along with the visual searches stat mentioned earlier will continue to rise. Moreover, Pinterest has added new ways of reacting to the video pins. 

14. More Importance to Visual Information

Pinterest users give more importance to visual information than text information when it comes to shopping for clothing or furniture. Moreover, over 60% of Pinterest users claimed that the visual representation enhanced their in-store shopping experience.

15. Pinterest’s largest ad audience

Women in the age group of 25–34 years are the largest ad audience on the platform. While women take a share of more than 70% of Pinterest’s ad audience, men are subject to 21%. This statistic will help you decide your target audience as women in the U.S take the majority of the household decisions. 

(Source: HubSpot)

16. U.S Dads’ Share in the Pinterest Audience

Among the 20% of men who use Pinterest, the platform is dominated by the dads. So far, over 40% of US dads use Pinterest in their daily routine.

They even tend to search 62% more than the average pinner. Most of their activities include searching for DIY, food recipes, and finding new products. 

(Source: Pinterest Business)

17. Pinterest as a Positive Place

Every 9 out of 10 Pinterest users consider the platform as the last positive place on the internet. Compared to the other social media platforms, Pinterest is more about describing yourself than describing your selfie. A majority of users use the platform for motivation or inspiration. 

(Source: Newsroom Pinterest)

18. Pinterest Mobile Users

As the internet world is becoming more mobile-oriented, Pinterest users are using mobile to stream through the content on the platform. About 85% of the users prefer to search the content from their smartphone. 

This stat is crucial for brands as they need to make sure that their content is optimized for mobile. Make sure that you insert high-quality images with the right dimensions. 

Pinterest even launched Mobile Ad tools for marketers so that they can manage their campaigns from their smartphones.

(Source: Pinterest Business)

19. Promoted Pins

Pinterest gives tough competition to other social media platforms in terms of conversion rate. For retail brands, 61% of the users tend to make purchases after they see a promotional pin. 

That being said, if you invest in Pinterest Ads correctly, there are more chances of getting the required conversion. 

20. The Number of Active Advertiser

As the number of Pinterest users increased significantly, the number of advertisers on the platform also increased. So much so that the active advertiser in 2019 increased by two times compared to the active years in 2018.

Pinterest’s feature called “related pins” that serve the content relevant to the ones that users have searched provides 40% of the engagement on Pinterest. 

This is a widely used feature that makes it more critical for Pinterest to keep the content as relevant and personal as possible. 

22. The Return on Investment

R.O.I is an important factor for business owners/marketers when they have to select their paid marketing medium. According to research, for every $1 spent on Pinterest advertising, the brand yielded $2 in profits.

This statistic has put Pinterest at the top three individual marketing channels. 

(Source: Pinterest Business)

23. Advertising Potential

Although the user base of Pinterest is over 300 million, advertisers can reach over 169 million users through promoted pins. In the coming months, these numbers will tend to increase as there will be several upliftments in the restrictions. 

(Source: Hootsuite)

24. Pins That Show Product or Services

According to Pinterest, Pins that show a product or service are 67% more likely to convert into sales. Moreover, if the pins showcase someone using the product, they drive more offline sales. 

For this, brands need to have a strong call-to-action and relevant landing page. 

(Source: Pinterest Business)

25. Over 240 billion Pins Saved

If you are wondering about the total number of content pieces on the Pinterest platform, over 240 billion pins have been saved on the platform making it a great source for inspiration and content ideas.

(Source: Pinterest)


These are 24 Pinterest Statistics you should know about before running your campaign on the platform. 

Pinterest has proved to be useful for brands to connect to their target audience and it would be hard to ignore these facts. 

We are pretty sure that you’ll be able to pin down the right Pinterest strategy. 

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