7 Points to Rank Your Products on Amazon

How to Rank on Amazon

Amazon has been one of the prominent money-making platforms for entrepreneurs and marketers for years. You can use the popular online store to sell your products.

However, if you are just starting your journey you might not be aware of how to optimize your products on Amazon to get more sales.

This quick article will help you to get some idea about how to rank your products on Amazon so that you are able to drive more sales.

Generally, the more sales your product has, the more it will rank on Amazon. It is therefore important to consider all the factors that ensure that these products sell.

The following are some of the factors to consider to make your sales increase and subsequently improve the ranking of your products.

#1. Title of the Product

The product title should not be overstuffed to be appealing to the human eye. It should also contain all the relevant information concerning the product.

Some of the details to include in your title include the product that you are selling, the brand that it represents, the quantity you are selling, the material and the color of the product.

#2. Product Keywords

One way of improving your product ranking is by choosing the perfect keyword that suits your product. This can be achieved by extracting some of the keywords from similar products to yours.

One should consider the best-performing products and those that have the best comments and reviews then extract the keywords there.

After selecting the best keywords, one should cross-reference the using Amazon’s tools to ascertain the product’s search volume.

#3. Supply of the Product

It is always critical to ensure that your product is in constant supply to maintain and improve your ground on search results. One way of doing this is Amazon FBA which will help you set a reminder that will update you on the stock level to help you when to restock.

However, if this is not an option for you, you should undertake a source, storing, shipping and delivery. One should maintain a good relationship with his suppliers by always staying in constant communication.  

#4. Setting the Price

One of the best ways of being an Amazon SEO expert is learning how to set prices that are competitive. One should always thrive to beat your competition’s prices or at least match it.

This is because most of these rivals will sell their products at a lower price for a reasonable amount of their goods that will not negatively impact their profit.

#5. High-quality Images

Amazon advocates for the use of high-quality images that enables customers to easily view their products to be sure of what they intend to buy.

Amazon for the use of images of a minimum of 1000 pixels since they have a zoom function that enables the customers to have a closer look at the products.

Also, instead of using images of the product, one can opt to use images to people.

#6. Avoid Wall of Text in Content Writing

One should avoid a wall of text when describing your product. This is because it involves the use of a large number of texts that are not appealing to the customer’s eye and tend to be confusing.

However, this can be avoided by using bullets or images.

#7. Product Reviews

This is effective in driving your sales up and then improving your product ranking. The product which has better reviews is associated with high sales compared to the one with negative reviews.

Customers want to be associated with products that have positive feedback from other users.

This can be achieved by sending your customer’s follow-up emails or package notes asking them to rank your services.

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