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5 Quick Tips to Create Evergreen Content to Increase Site Traffic

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Evergreen content refers to search-optimized articles that stay relevant as the name suggests.

They tend to be in the form of blog posts or videos and are valuable to your brand as they can rank higher in search engines and increase visitors to your site over a long period of time.

If you’re planning to write your first evergreen post, here are five effective types for you to consider:

1. How-to lists and videos

If you have a step-by-step solution to something that other people might not know about, write a how-to guide.


This is a great source of evergreen content as there’s a high chance that people will be looking for answers, both now and in the future.

Publishing your how-to list as an article gives people the chance to refer back and is especially good for in-depth guides.

Videos are great for visual guides, such as make-up tutorials, as it’s useful for viewers to be able to watch and pause while they follow along.

2. Tips and tricks

An alternative to a content-heavy how-to guide is a tips and tricks article. Though its primary goal is still to inform the reader, it can be less in-depth and cover a broader subject. 

To extend your audience reach, consider collaborating with an influencer on an evergreen article. For example, you could work together on a tips article based around a generic subject relating to both your brands.

Or you could request them a tips and tricks post on one of your products based on their experience of using it.

Whatever the topic, an influencer will share with their loyal followers and endorse your brand. With evergreen content, this could lead to a steady customer influx that lasts for years.

3. Common mistakes

Many people are interested in finding out how to overcome failure. Being honest about what went wrong and providing useful lessons is a great learning curve for readers.

By highlighting your vulnerabilities, you’re revealing your human side which evokes sympathy among readers and builds trust in your brand. 

4. ‘Best of’ lists

The internet contains an overflowing wealth of information. Make things easier for users by researching and compiling a list of the best products or services in a topic relating to your brand.

This breaks down the information and makes it easier for readers to process. 

5. Personal research

You’ll likely have to put some extra time, money, and resources into this article but in terms of evergreen content, this is your secret weapon.

Research that you have compiled is unique and therefore highly influential. As long as you update the research to keep it relevant, this article could be one that continuously drives a high amount of traffic to your site.

This is not an exhaustive list but it is a good place to get ideas flowing for your first evergreen article.

Remember to update content to keep it current and reach out to influencers in areas where you think you could both benefit from the extra exposure.

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