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Exaktime Time and Attendance Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

ExakTime Time and Attendance is a cloud-based workforce management solution designed to streamline employee time tracking, scheduling, and reporting for businesses across various industries.

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What is Exaktime Time And Attendance?

ExakTime Time and Attendance is a comprehensive time and attendance and payroll automation system designed specifically for the construction and field service industries. The system helps optimize employee productivity by automating time and payroll processes, integrating with key accounting systems, and improving compliance. Provided by ExakTime, a leading provider in the field, the system serves over 8,500 customers nationwide with solutions tailored to the specific needs of the construction industry.

What is ExakTime Time and Attendance good for?

ExakTime Time and Attendance is particularly effective in streamlining payroll processes, increasing labor compliance and improving overall workforce management. Its features include automated time and attendance monitoring, GPS tracking for real-time employee location, and meal break alerts, making it invaluable for maintaining accurate labor records and reducing administrative burdens. In addition, its advanced features such as customizable alerts and detailed scheduling help optimize employee productivity and efficiently manage labor costs.

Who should use ExakTime Time and Attendance?

ExakTime Time and Attendance is ideal for employers and managers in the construction and field service industries who want to improve workforce management and payroll accuracy. It is beneficial for organizations that require robust time and attendance solutions to handle the complexities of mobile and field workforces. The system’s scalability makes it a suitable choice for small to large businesses, with multiple pricing tiers designed to meet different operational needs and budget considerations.

Exaktime Time and Attendance Company Details

ExakTime is a leading provider of time and attendance management systems primarily serving the construction and field service industries. Founded to address the specific needs of these industries, ExakTime provides innovative solutions that automate time and attendance and payroll processes, integrate with key accounting systems, and enhance compliance measures. With a customer base of over 8,500 nationwide, the company has solidified its position as a critical tool for construction companies.

ExakTime’s product portfolio includes three pricing tiers – Advanced, Premium and Elite – designed to meet a wide range of operational needs and budgets. Each tier builds upon the previous, offering features ranging from basic time and attendance monitoring to more advanced customizable alerts and scheduling, underscoring the company’s commitment to flexibility and industry-specific functionality.

Company Name: ExakTime

CEO Name: Tony Pappas

Est Year: 1999

Employees: 101-250

HQ Location: Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US

Tony Pappas

Exaktime Time and Attendance Demo & Media

Exaktime Time and Attendance Top Features

Automatic Time Recording

Streamline time tracking with automatic time entry.

Employee Database

Centralize employee information for easy access.

Mobile time tracking

Enable on-the-go time tracking from mobile devices.

Offline Time Tracking

Track time without an Internet connection.

Overtime Calculation

Automatically calculate overtime hours for accurate payroll.

Attendance Tracking

Efficiently monitor employee attendance and absences.


Generate meaningful reports for performance analysis.

Self Service Portal

Give employees access to their time and attendance data.

Vacation/Leave Tracking

Seamlessly manage employee leave requests and balances.

Timesheet Management

Simplify the timesheet creation and approval process.

Pros of Exaktime Time and Attendance

  • Efficient organization of employee data.
  • Versatile reporting for budget analysis.
  • Online employee management flexibility.
  • Potential for visual progress tracking.
  • Cons of Exaktime Time and Attendance

  • GPS tracking precision could improve.
  • User interface feels outdated.
  • Exaktime Time and Attendance Pricing

    ExakTime offers three price categories to meet a variety of purposes. The Advanced subscription, which costs $9 per employee each month invoiced annually, contains critical features such as time and attendance monitoring, GPS tracking, and food break alerts.

    The Premium tier expands on this with configurable alarms, scheduling, and begins with a consultation. The Elite tier includes time off tracking and detailed configurable alarms, in addition to individual assistance and configurations.

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    What Kind of Support Exaktime Time and Attendance Offers?

    ExakTime provides comprehensive user support to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing assistance. Users have access to unlimited email, phone and chat support for timely resolution of questions and issues. For additional assistance, users can email [email protected] or call 1-877-435-6411. Experienced support representatives are available to address any concerns and optimize the user experience.

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    Exaktime Time and Attendance FAQs

    ExakTime is considered a legitimate provider of time and attendance management systems, specializing in the construction and field service industries with over 8,500 national customers. Their solutions are designed to increase productivity by automating time and attendance and payroll processes.
    ExakTime is considered a worthwhile investment for companies looking to automate and streamline timekeeping and payroll processes and improve compliance, as the system offers robust functionality across three pricing tiers tailored to different business needs.
    ExakTime offers integrations with major accounting systems, enhancing its utility by allowing seamless data transfer and synchronization between timekeeping and financial management platforms, facilitating efficient payroll processing and financial reporting.
    Compared to other time and attendance systems, ExakTime stands out for its industry-specific focus, particularly in the construction industry, offering specialized features such as GPS tracking and job costing integration that are tailored to the unique operational needs of construction and field service companies.
    ExakTime’s Time and Attendance system offers extensive customization options, including configurable alarms, scheduling, and specialized support, allowing companies to tailor the system to their specific operational needs and preferences.
    For data security, ExakTime implements robust measures to safeguard sensitive information, utilizing advanced data encryption and secure server infrastructure to protect against unauthorized access and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user data.
    ExakTime helps track prevailing wage compliance by providing features that support accurate timekeeping and documentation, enabling companies to comply with legal requirements and audit standards in jurisdictions that mandate prevailing wage rates for certain types of work.
    Yes, ExakTime facilitates remote workforce management through features such as GPS tracking, which allows real-time monitoring of employee locations, and mobile clock-in/clock-out functionality, making it suitable for managing field service and construction workers.
    ExakTime supports project costing by providing features that allow accurate tracking of labor hours and costs associated with specific projects or job sites, aiding in budget management and financial analysis.

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