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Beebole Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Beebole is a robust cloud-based time tracking and reporting tool designed for businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity, monitor employee performance, and streamline project management and billing processes.

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What is Beebole?

Beebole is a comprehensive business intelligence tool launched in 2008 by Yves Hiernaux and Michael Cvilic. Positioned as a leading solution in project management and resource allocation optimization, Beebole enables efficient tracking of project time spent on projects, clients, and tasks. Through its robust suite of customizable reporting tools and interactive dashboards, Beebole provides detailed insights into resource utilization, fostering informed decision-making and budgetary control. Additionally, it offers functionalities for managing administrative tasks such as attendance, vacation tracking, and leaves of absence, simplifying these processes for businesses.

What is Beebole Good for?

Beebole excels at enhancing the productivity and efficiency of project management and time-tracking processes. Its major use cases include real-time monitoring of time expenditure, analysis of resource allocation across various projects, and optimization of workforce utilization to meet project deadlines and budget constraints. The platform’s customizable reporting tools and dashboards are instrumental in offering actionable insights into operational dynamics, thereby aiding in strategic planning and performance improvement. Furthermore, Beebole streamlines administrative operations, making it an indispensable tool for managing attendance and leave, which in turn supports overall organizational efficiency. Its mobile app ensures easy access for time tracking on the go.

Who Should Use Beebole?

Beebole is ideally suited for businesses and teams seeking to optimize project management, time tracking, and resource allocation. It serves a broad audience, including project managers, HR departments, team leaders, and senior executives looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of time and resource dynamics within their organization. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations across various sectors can benefit from Beebole’s functionality, especially those aiming to enhance decision-making processes, improve budget management, and increase operational efficiency. Its capabilities also cater to companies intent on streamlining administrative tasks related to attendance and leave management.

Beebole Company Details

Beebole, established in 2008 by Yves Hiernaux and Michael Cvilic, is a leading entity in the field of business intelligence solutions. The company is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and operates with a focused team of 11-50 employees. Under the leadership of CEO Yves Hiernaux, Beebole has dedicated itself to enhancing project management and resource allocation efficiencies for businesses across the globe with its easy-to-use project management software. Despite a modest team size, the company has made significant contributions to the business intelligence and time management sectors, positioning itself as a key player in helping organizations optimize their operations and decision-making processes through innovative software solutions.

Company Name: Beebole

CEO Name: Yves Hiernaux

Est Year: 2008

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Brussels, Belgium

Yves Hiernaux
CEO and Co-Founder

Beebole Demo & Media

Beebole Top Features

Timesheet Management

Aids in precise control of timesheet data for convenient access.

Overtime Calculation

Streamlines the procedure for determining the additional hours worked by employees or team members.

Offline Time Tracking

Allows one to monitor time even when not connected to the internet.

Multiple Billing Rates

Assists in developing personalized billing rates for various team members on a project.

Mobile Time Tracking

Enables time monitoring through a smartphone.

Billable & Non-Billable Hours

Monitors both chargeable and non-chargeable hours to aid in creating more accurate estimates and appropriately pricing services for clients, a task made easier with Beebole's project time tracking.

Automatic Time Capture

Utilizes data analysis strategies to organize, purify, and interpret temporal data based on timestamp information, a key feature of Beebole's project time tracking.

Employee Database

Helps in providing an organized collection of employee data, supported by Beebole's export features for timesheets.

Vacation Tracking

Help in monitoring days off and vacation time to simplify the process of calculating payments.

Billing and Invoicing

This function aids in generating and managing invoices and receipts.

Pros of Beebole

  • Inadequate mobile application
  • Challenges in certain data retrieval queries
  • Complicated process to generate individual or project-specific monthly reports
  • Cons of Beebole

    Beebole Pricing

    Beebole offers a straightforward pricing model where all features, including project time tracking, are accessible at a fixed rate, ensuring transparency and predictability for users. Under the plan titled “Everything But the Kitchen Sink,” users can access Beebole’s comprehensive suite of features for $6.99 per user per month. This inclusive pricing structure eliminates surprises and provides users with a cost-effective solution for their project management needs.
    Everything But The Kitchen Sink
    Yearly Billing: N/A
  • Unlimited clients, projects and tasks
  • Unlimited customizable reports
  • Live one on one support
  • Add more users whenever you need
  • Beebole Price Comparison

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    Beebole Detail

  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Provides precise and comprehensive data
  • Strong capabilities for generating reports
  • Customizable and thorough reporting features
  • Comprehensive documentation on features
  • What Kind of Support Beebole Offers?

    Beebole Project Time Tracking offers a variety of support options to assist users effectively. These include Email/Help Desk support, allowing users to submit inquiries and receive timely responses from dedicated support representatives. Additionally, a live Chat feature provides real-time assistance for immediate queries. For self-help resources, Beebole maintains a comprehensive Knowledge Base containing guides and tutorials for independent issue resolution. Users can also access 24/7 support with live representatives for urgent matters. Furthermore, a repository of FAQs and Forums within Beebole project management software serves as a collaborative platform for community-driven solutions and knowledge sharing. With these support options, Beebole aims to ensure users receive assistance tailored to their needs, enhancing their experience with the platform.
    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation

    Beebole FAQs

    Yes, Beebole is a legitimate business intelligence solution founded in 2008 by Yves Hiernaux and Michael Cvilic, operating from Brussels, Belgium. It has steadily provided businesses with robust tools for project management, time tracking, and resource allocation, backed by a dedicated team of professionals.
    Beebole offers significant value for businesses looking to optimize project management and resource allocation through detailed time tracking and customizable reporting tools. Its ability to provide insights into budget optimization and project performance makes Beebole a worthwhile investment for companies aiming to enhance their administrative efficiency.
    Beebole integrates with several other software platforms, enhancing its utility by allowing businesses to connect their time-tracking and project management workflows with other critical business systems. While specific integration details are subject to updates, Beebole’s focus on improving project efficiency through connectivity is evident in its feature set.
    Beebole is designed to be user-friendly, offering a suite of customizable reporting tools and interactive dashboards that simplify the management of time, attendance, and resources. Its emphasis on streamlining administrative tasks and providing clear insights into resource allocation contributes to a positive user experience.
    Beebole enhances project management by providing businesses with detailed insights into time spent on projects, clients, and tasks, enabling better resource allocation and informed decision-making processes. Its customizable reporting tools and interactive dashboards are key features that contribute to improving project efficiency.
    Yes, Beebole can be customized to fit the needs of businesses of any size. Its flexible reporting tools, dashboards, and capabilities for tracking time, attendance, and leaves of absence are designed to cater to both small teams and large enterprises. Beebole’s project time tracking feature is particularly beneficial.
    Beebole offers training resources, including tutorials and documentation, to help new users familiarize themselves with the software. This enables businesses to quickly leverage Beebole’s features for better project management and time tracking.

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