How to Choose Best Affiliate Program for Your Blog: 5 Important Tips

Best Affiliate Program

Selecting the best affiliate program is not as simple as it sounds, the right choice of affiliate program can make a huge difference to your blog’s profit.

That being said, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration – ethics, tracking, and commission – which will help you to choose the perfect affiliate programs to promote on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is a billion-dollar global ecosystem with influential marketers and platforms like Commission Junction, Shareasale, Impact and others. The beauty of affiliate programs is that they have the potential to pay a lot more than advertising and AdSense programs, but only and only IF you choose the right product and develop a robust content marketing strategy.

Some people are making thousands of dollars every month just by promoting Amazon products, if you wish to follow the same path, here is how you can create an Amazon affiliate account and start making money.

There’s an ocean of affiliate programs out there, and frankly, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. So, now, what do you do? How do you go on about choosing the best product to promote?

So, if you want to become your own boss and start a profitable blog; you must be aware of the steps you take in terms of how you would like to monetize your blog with the correct affiliate products.

Even though there is no hard and fast rule for choosing an affiliate program since what works for one might not work for the other, you have to keep some things in mind like:

  1. Your blog niche.
  2. Your target audience and their relative spending pattern in your niche.
  3. Your competition: if you choose products that are already being sold by top affiliate marketers in your domain then you will find it exceedingly difficult to break through.
  4. Your advertisement and marketing budget and compelling ROI: Many times, marketers take the most obvious route, that is, burning cash on marketing activities. It might have helped back in the TV era but times are different now. You have to innovate with stellar content and information-based social selling consistently.
  5. Anything else that is relevant in the field in which you are working.

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Thorough Research

It is very vital to research affiliate programs before signing up. Just because your friend suggested you do the same, it is not feasible to register for any affiliate program blindly.

It is recommended that you check out the forums and the discussion boards along with knowing the reactions of the customers.

Even the customer support plus the mailing list should also be checked out.

Though these things are usually ignored, you should keep in mind to check them out while choosing affiliate programs. Other aspects that are vital for your research include:

  • Influencer analysis
  • Competition levels in your products
  • Correlation and Interest between your products and site content
  • Payment benchmarks and security
  • Your overall social reach

Your products should be genuine and trustworthy

Just because you want to earn money, it does not mean that you should go the unethical way. People who create substandard pages with cluttered ads do not end up being successful in the long run. It is perhaps the worst decision anyone can make while blogging and Internet marketing.

Suppose you are selling health products. Then, you must be diligent and verify each product before putting up banners on your website. It must be confirmed by the right authorities and should be safe to use for your target audience.

If you are selling tools and software, then make sure they are from legitimate companies. There are many scammers online that can inject viruses and break the security of your customers. Don’t let that happen by staying on top of things.

If you do not trust any product, then it is best not to try to sell off that product to your visitors. No matter what, it is advised that you should steer clear of any program that uses adware or spyware and turns a blind eye to the techniques of rogue affiliate marketing.

Your products must be relevant to your niche

This one is obvious, but still, it is seen that most people do not care. Is the product right for your audience? Alternatively, are you simply selling it because of high commissions?

If you have a multi-niche blog, then make sure that relevant ads end up being displayed in appropriate categories. Making the user experience smooth is vital.

Therefore, it is essential that your ads do not irritate viewers. Content-relevant ads have a better chance of converting than randomly placed ones.

Your audience is the most important part of your blog. It is best that you should analyze the audience and choose the affiliate programs according to them, which in turn will make them interested in purchasing the product.

Be Competitive by offering new products

Just give it a thought: why would visitors buy from your affiliate programs if they were getting the same thing from the other blogs?

That is something to be considered, isn’t it? Thus, when you offer any products from your affiliate programs, you should make sure that they are new and unique and something which is different from the other blogs.

Never copy what the others are doing. Rather than promoting the same products as that of your peers, offer something different, which fits your niche and which will make your visitors visit your blog again and again.

Make it an essential part of your research to find new and potential products that might sell well to your audiences. You just might stumble upon a bestseller!

Be clear of the payment schedules

There’s a myth in the world of blogging – you will earn more with high rates of payments even if you get fewer clicks – which by the way, is not true. You always need a steady and growing stream of traffic if you want to stay in business, however, premium your partnerships may be!

Don’t go with the flow, but rather you should check out the minimum payouts, and referral commissions along with the terms and conditions of the affiliate programs that you are planning to choose. Most good affiliate platforms offer complete information regarding these matters.

Choosing affiliate programs are crucial and which is why you should choose them wisely. Whether you like it or not the things that you promote on your blog say a lot about who you are to your readers.

Therefore, always try to be customer-centric and not profit-centric in your approach. This will allow you to take a more informative approach and create content that converts prospective customers.

Email lists start building up as more visitors turn into subscribers. With time you will also see sales-based conversion happen, scale up and yield significant returns.


Affiliate marketing is an ocean of opportunities for intelligent content marketers with amazing products across niches and market segments. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money from home.

So, don’t try to enter a fight with random plans and no strategy. Do some research, be clear about your goals, learn what you have to and take significant risks, but calculated ones!

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