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Based on 68 user reviews, JVZoo has an overall rating of 3.09 out of 5 stars.


JVZoo Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

JVZoo is an online platform that connects sellers of digital products with affiliate marketers. It allows product creators to list their digital goods for sale and provides affiliates with a range of products to promote, earning a commission on each sale they generate. JVZoo specializes in various digital product categories, including software, e-books, and online courses.

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What is JVZoo?

JVZoo is an online marketing platform developed by BBC Systems Inc. in 2011, designed to connect sellers with affiliates to promote and sell digital products through an efficient affiliate program. It serves as a comprehensive marketplace and affiliate marketing network, streamlining the process of marketing, selling, and delivering products online, complete with JVZoo support for users encountering issues. The platform has facilitated the sale of over 18 million product units globally and supports a community of over 800k affiliates, positioning itself as a leading tool in affiliate marketing. JVZoo’s functionality includes product listing, affiliate management, payment processing, and detailed analytics for both vendors and affiliates.

What is JVZoo Good for?

JVZoo excels at providing an accessible platform for vendors to list their digital products and for affiliates to find products to promote. It is particularly well-suited for the sale and promotion of digital goods such as software, e-books, and online courses. JVZoo streamlines the affiliate marketing process with tools for affiliate recruitment, product management, and sales tracking. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses and individuals seeking to maximize their online sales through affiliate marketing, providing a framework for a robust JVZoo affiliate program. The platform also offers robust analytics, enabling users to monitor performance and optimize their sales strategies effectively, accessible through the user’s dashboard.

Who Should Use JVZoo?

JVZoo is tailored for digital product creators, online marketers, and affiliates, offering a robust affiliate program that facilitates link tracking and payment processing. Its user base primarily consists of entrepreneurs, developers, and content creators looking to sell digital products, as well as marketers and influencers seeking to generate revenue through affiliate marketing. Additionally, JVZoo is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to larger enterprises, that aim to expand their online presence and sales channels through affiliate marketing, with a streamlined process for creating a JVZoo account. Its comprehensive tools and resources make it accessible for beginners while still offering the depth needed by experienced marketers, featuring an intuitive dashboard for monitoring performance.

JVZoo Company Details

BBC Systems Inc., established in 2011 and headquartered in Oviedo, Florida, is the parent company of the acclaimed JVZoo platform. Co-founded by Bryan Zimmerman, Chad Casselman, and Laura Casselman in 2001, this innovative organization has made significant strides in the affiliate marketing industry. It proudly hosts over 800k affiliates and has facilitated the sale of more than 18 million product units. With strategic locations in Orlando, FL, and Myrtle Beach, SC, BBC Systems Inc. has garnered recognition as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for the years 2016, 2017, and 2020. Operating under the leadership of CEO Laura Casselman, the company employs a dedicated workforce of 11-50 employees, reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital marketing sphere.

Company Name: BBC Systems Inc

CEO Name: Laura Casselman

Est Year: 2011

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Oviedo, Florida

Laura Casselman JVZoo
Laura Casselman

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JVZoo Top Features

Sell Unlimited Products

Vendors can use their JVZoo account to list and sell unlimited products at zero cost.

Drop and Click Sales Funnels

Users can create instant conversion sales funnels with their products on JVZoo with a simple drop and click.

Auto Affiliate Payments

JVZooPay instantly pays the affiliate on behalf of the vendor when a sale is made, making the commission payment process safer and easier.

Automatic Refund

JVZoo automatically pays the affiliate's commissions back if the vendor receives a refund.

Dime Sale Technology

With the help of this technology, JVZoo enables users to create urgency with the countdown button.

Recurring Payments

Thanks to its flexibility, you can set individual products and recurring members with trials on JVZoo.

Seamless Integration

One can immediately recruit affiliates after listing their products on the platform.

Searchable Marketplace

Affiliates can use JVZoo to quickly find the best product to promote with the help of their real-time conversion.

Tracking and Statistics

JVZoo offers a robust affiliate report with all the critical metrics to measure one's progress.

Powerful Integration

JVZoo is integrated with all the prominent providers and services, which makes it easier to grow the business.

Pros of JVZoo

  • Great commission rates 
  • Instant payment
  • Quick signup 
  • You can be both an affiliate and a vendor 
  • Provides affiliate marketing training

Cons of JVZoo

  • Poor affiliate program filtering
  • The inventory houses dead products 

JVZoo Pricing

One can create and maintain an account on JVZoo for free. It is valid for both affiliates and vendors. The platform does not charge any monthly or setup fees. Furthermore, the listing of a product is free too. However, the product seller needs to pay a fee (5%) when a sale is made.

JVZoo Price Comparison

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User Reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars (based on 68 reviews)

Exceptional Experience with JVZoo - A Platform That Delivers Results!

November 26, 2023

I have been using JVZoo for quite some time now, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts. As an avid user of online marketing platforms, I’ve found JVZoo to be a reliable and efficient solution for both vendors and affiliates alike.What truly sets JVZoo apart, in my opinion, is the wide array of products and services available. Whether you’re a product creator looking to launch a new digital product or an affiliate marketer searching for high-quality products to promote, JVZoo has you covered. The marketplace is diverse, offering a range of products in various niches, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Avatar for Cristian Ungureanu
Cristian Ungureanu
Review Source: Trustpilot

Jarrod was so pleasant to work with and…

November 14, 2023

Jarrod was so pleasant to work with and did what needed to be done quickly – He has a very helpful and nice controlled way of taking care of problems. Thank you for providing such great Customer Service

Avatar for Debbie Foster
Debbie Foster
Review Source: Trustpilot

We've been on JVZoo for almost a decade…

November 9, 2023

We’ve been on JVZoo for almost a decade now and have had incredible experiences with them. They are always rolling out new features, the team is extremely supportive and we’ve never had an issue running deals and launch campaigns though their network. PLUS it’s easy for our products to get discovered by affiliates, giving us an extra boost. Support is a team, their system is built to make sure customers are well taken care of. All in all, one of the best out there.

Avatar for Abhi Dwivedi
Abhi Dwivedi
Review Source: Trustpilot

These 2 providers do not pay me…

September 29, 2023

These 2 providers do not pay me commissions: Atul Pareek and Rich WilliamsFrom 2020, This is my sales informationPay Key: ST-8BV5RGW2EU98I63KOVendor: Atul PareekProduct: MaxFunnels 2.0 Start EditionPay Key: AP-19J526964F048614NVendor: Rich WilliamsProduct: Christmas Affiliate BotsEven though I emailed them.

Avatar for dau le
dau le
Review Source: Trustpilot

This is a crooked company that sells…

September 19, 2023

This is a crooked company that sells things that don’t work and they don’t refund back money. This company should be closed down by the FBI for interstate theft everything they do is crooked, I cannot believe they still exist for years cheating so many people, and still surviving.

Avatar for Sam Kleinman
Sam Kleinman
Review Source: Trustpilot

JVZoo Detail

JVZoo is a platform that makes online selling easy, quick and secure. It houses over 800k affiliates across the globe, and therefore, it is a go-to solution both for vendors and super affiliates.

In simple words, JVZoo is an affiliate network that connects affiliates with vendors. After establishing a successful connection, the affiliates can promote the vendors’ products in exchange for a commission. 

JVZoo also benefits the seller by giving them a good company through the right affiliates. In addition, affiliates can also benefit from it as it helps them only promote products and services that meet compliance requirements. 

Currently, the marketplace houses over 18 million product units, flaunting over 6058 sales in a day.

What Kind of Support JVZoo Offers?

JVZoo comes with a comprehensive support portal where you may find an extensive knowledge base to know more about the platform. You may also raise a support ticket if you need any help.
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation


JVZoo is a legitimate affiliate marketing platform, established in 2011 by BBC Systems Inc., and has since facilitated the sale of over 18 million product units. It operates under the leadership of CEO Laura Casselman, demonstrating credible management and substantial industry recognition, including being named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America in multiple years.
JVZoo is a valuable platform for affiliates and sellers focusing on digital products, providing access to over 800k affiliates. Given its extensive user base, significant sales volume, and features designed to aid both product promotion and sales tracking, JVZoo offers considerable value for those looking to expand their online sales or affiliate marketing efforts.
JVZoo offers integrations with a variety of other software including email marketing platforms, webinar services, and payment processors. These integrations facilitate seamless operations for sellers and affiliates, enabling efficient management of campaigns, customer data, and transactions directly from the JVZoo platform.
The user interface of JVZoo is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experienced affiliates and sellers, offering a streamlined dashboard that enhances the user experience. With intuitive navigation and practical features, users can easily manage their accounts, track sales and payments, and access marketplace data, thereby making the user experience accessible and efficient.
JVZoo specializes in a wide range of digital offerings, including software, e-books, courses, and other information products, accessible through the JVZoo marketplace. This diversity ensures that affiliates have access to a broad spectrum of products to promote, catering to various niches and customer interests within the digital product space, through the use of affiliate links on the JVZoo platform.
Affiliate marketers, product creators, and digital entrepreneurs stand to gain from leveraging JVZoo for affiliate marketing, utilizing tools like affiliate link management and JVZoo marketplace listings. With its extensive affiliate network, varied digital product offerings, and robust platform features, JVZoo provides valuable opportunities for revenue generation and business growth in the digital marketing sphere.
To achieve success on JVZoo, it is advisable to select high-quality products that align with your audience’s interests, utilize JVZoo’s analytics tools to track and optimize your marketing efforts and engage in continuous learning to stay updated with the latest digital marketing strategies. Building strong relationships with product creators for exclusive promotions can also enhance affiliate success on the platform, especially when these relationships facilitate the use of an affiliate link for tracking referrals.

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