6 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Search Functionality

WordPress Search Plugins

The default WordPress search system is not good enough for sites other than a simple blog. The default search option can’t search custom post types, taxonomies, etc.

If you are managing a simple personal blog then the default option is perfect and you don’t need any additional plugins to enhance it.

However, if you have custom post types on your site, or you are managing an eCommerce site, a job site, or any other such website with a different port type; you will need to work on the default search option by adding custom search plugins.

WordPress is not limited to only blogging anymore, people are using WordPress to create a business site, directory listing sites, eCommerce sites, and all other types of websites.

So, it is important now to work on the search option so that your users don’t miss any content on your site.

In this article, we have collected some of the best search WordPress plugins that will help you to enhance the search functionality on your site quickly and include all different post types in the index.

01. Jet Search

If you are using Elementor, Jet Search is the most comprehensive search plugin that you can use. This plugin will take your search feature to the next level and make it look and perform like any top authority site.

If you are managing an eCommerce site, the live search by the Jet Search plugin will quickly showcase the products as the user starts typing on the search field.

It is the fastest AJAX search for Elementor. You can completely customize the search fields and results displayed.

You can showcase the categories besides the main search input field to make it easier for the users to fine-tune the search. You can incorporate all the custom post types and taxonomies in the search to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Jet Search Plugin

02. SearchWP

SearchWP is one of the most popular and widely used search plugins for WordPress sites. This plugin will quickly improve the search functionality on your site and make it comprehensive.

Here is a detailed review of SearchWP that will help you to know the tool better.

This plugin can search through all different custom post types, taxonomies, eCommerce pages and all other content types that you publish on your site. You have the option to add different content type that is available on your site so that everything is indexed for search.


After adding all different content types, you have further options to fine-tune your search by assigning the priority of content in the search results.


The SearchWP plugin can easily search any kind of content on your site including

  • eCommerce product details
  • Custom field content
  • PDF content
  • All taxonomy fields
  • Shortcode related data
  • And more..

SearchWP plugin offers you a number of different extensions that you can use depending on your site type.

03. WPSolr

One of the top WordPress search plugins, WPSolar is the most comprehensive option to enhance your search functionality.

This plugin can read through all different content types such as custom posts, taxonomies, WooCommerce products, PDFs and more.

No matter how much content is there on your site, this plugin will make sure that your users find the most relevant content as per their search.

If you are managing a big website with tons of products or a number of different content types, the WPSolar is a must-have plugin for you.

This plugin ads amazing filters to make it easier for the users to find the relevant results on your site.

WPSolar Search Plugin

04. Swiftype Search

Swiftype Search is a handy search plugin for WordPress. This plugin makes it simple and easy for your users to find all the different content on your site.

After activation, this plugin will replace the default search system on your WordPress site with a much-enhanced search option.

The best part about this plugin is that you can track what kind of content your users are trying to find on your site, you can track the keywords that will help you to target your content and increase engagement on your site.

This plugin offers you a drag-and-drop interface to arrange your search results and make it even better. You will have a comprehensive dashboard to read and analyze your search results.

Swiftype Search

05. Smart Ajax Product Search

This is a search plugin created for WooCommerce product sites. You will be able to make it extremely easy for your users to find the top products on your site.

The Ajax search makes it a live search feel, as your users write a few words they will quickly find and kand on the most relevant product pages on your store.

The plugin offers you easy to use settings panel where you can fine-tune how you want your search results to look.


06. Better Search

As the name suggests, this plugin will make the search functionality of the WordPress site much better. It will replace the default search option of WordPress with an enhanced version.

The better search plugin will find deep into your content and present the most recent results to your users. It can find through custom post types along with the normal content on your site.

The search heatmap is another best part of the plugin, it will tell you what your users are trying to find on your site so that you can customize your content accordingly.

Better Search Plugin

07. Search Everything

Search everything is another free search plugin option for WordPress that will enhance the search functionality of your site.

This plugin can make a deep search through your pages, posts, comments, drafts, tags, custom fields, and all different kinds of content.

The plugin is easy to understand and setup. Once you activate the plugin, you will bring in the settings panel where you can define the content types that are allowed to search.

Search Everything

Final Word

As your site grows in terms of content, it becomes important to have a strong search option so that your users can find the most relevant content on your site.

The default search function of WordPress definitely needs an update, till that time you can use any of the search plugins mentioned in the article above.

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