30+ Best SolarMovie Alternatives

A collection of best free movie streaming sites like SolarMovie to watch top rated movies.

Best SolarMovie Alternatives

If you are looking for similar sites like SolarMovie, we have listed the top SolarMovie Alternatives in this article.

You have plenty of choices to consider when looking for places online where you can watch movies and television shows for free.

SolarMovie has quickly become a popular name, but there are often times when you might not be able to get access to SolarMovie. These issues include an ISP banning the site due to copyright concerns.

The good news is that there are many other SolarMovie alternatives that are worth noting when you’re aiming to get online and enjoy what’s available for use.

Note: Be sure to work with a virtual private network or VPN if you plan on using any of these SolarMovie alternatives. This is to keep you from having your data exposed while on one of these sites.

Also, most of these sites come with redirections and popups with links to relatively untrustworthy sites, so make sure to protect your system with a VPN like NordVPN to avoid any issues.


List of Top SolarMovie Alternatives

01. 123Movies

You can use the IMDB ratings on 123Movies to find the best-rating movies around. You can also use this to find movies from many countries around the world. The app design offers a useful approach to finding movies of value.

Also, don’t miss the best 123Movies alternatives

  • No registration is needed for use this site
  • All content is available for free
  • The content is updated every day with the newest films and some classics

02. C Movies


The convenience of C Movies comes from how the site concentrates on offering quality movies that are interesting for all to explore. The C Movies website offers new movies with various genres in mind.

You can also look around to find movies based on the release year. The selection of movies on the C Movies site is extensive and includes many things that people will particularly be interested in checking out for many desires.

  • The site’s blog includes updates on all the latest things offered here
  • Find things with different subtitles included
  • Download content to watch for later if desired

Source: https://ww.cmovies.vip

03. Streamingsites

Streamingsites is a large directory of the best free streaming sites that you can use to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Streamingsites reviews more than 50 websites similar to SolarMovies, where you can watch all of the new blockbusters. It’s 100% safe and ads-free.


04. Moviesjoy


The thrill of what Moviesjoy has to offer focuses heavily on highlighting different shows and movies.

The site concentrates heavily on offering the newest television programs of all sorts. The site allows people to find shows by season and episode. The assortment of movies to watch is also worth checking out on the site.

  • Includes many programs that are exclusive to streaming sites
  • Offers indie films to go alongside larger wide-release films
  • Look for things based on the most-liked items around

Source: https://moviesjoy.to

05. 123Moviesfree

You can find many new movies on 123Moviesfree, including many that are currently playing in theaters.

You can also search for these movies based on genre. The extensive array of television shows on the site is popular to note too.

  • Directly click on a movie to load it
  • You can work with many streaming mirrors
  • The site is easy to navigate

Source: https://www8.123moviesfree.sc

06. VexMovies


VexMovies offers a fun environment for all those looking for exciting movies to see. VexMovies is a place that offers new movies to watch and comes with an advanced search feature.

You can narrow down the list of movies you want to watch based on the genre, the quality of the video, and the release year. The site includes many full HD shots of these movies for your convenience.

  • Find details on great movies based on their IMDB ratings
  • Searching for movies from several decades back in time
  • The content on the site is consistently updated

Sotrce: http://vexmovies.space

07. XMovies8

There are plenty of great movies and shows that you can find through XMovies8. The site lists many of these with different genres and layouts in mind.

One of the top things you’ll find in these movies is that they are available with various rip qualities in mind. Much of this includes working with different streaming sources to find data for these movies and shows.

  • 1080p HD available on many streams
  • Covers various foreign films
  • Includes full descriptions of everything available

Source: https://xmovies8.club/

08. M4ufree

Another top alternative to SolarMovie, M4ufree offers a layout that offers the latest movies for you to check out, as well as television shows from broadcast and cable alike.

  • Easy to search for content
  • You can search by episode
  • The slim interface is easy to use

Source: https://ww1.m4ufree.com/

09. IOMovies

You can find many movies by country or category through IOMovies. The site’s user interface is easy to look through and offers many top-rated options from the past and present alike.

  • Includes full descriptions of each movie
  • Find a number of exclusive streaming series
  • Simple search engine

10. Rainierland

Rainierland focuses on simplicity when finding great movies to watch. You can use the interface on Rainierland to find great movies. The design does well in helping people to find movies in many forms.

  • Offers wide release and indie movies alike
  • You can find full HD movies
  • Includes television shows from multiple countries

11. Vumoo


With Vumoo, you can get different titles in moments. The helpful design of Vumoo adds a convenient layout that includes tens of thousands of movies for you to find in moments, thus producing something very convenient.

  • Includes content from streaming services
  • Great movies from the 2000s and 2010s alike
  • Search by a variety of quality genres

Source: https://vumoo.to

12. Newmoviesonline

You’ll never have a hard time finding movies to watch when you see what Newmoviesonline has to offer.

One of the best SolarMovie alternatives, this site has a variety of programs for people to check out, including things like television series and anime programs. People can find sports events on the site. Some digital book downloads are also available on Newmoviesonline.

  • An immense variety of genres for you to search from
  • Offers one-click loads for movies
  • Full HD video is available for use

Source: https://1newmoviesonline.me



It is easy to take advantage of what Yesmovies has to offer. Much of what makes the site exciting is that it offers movies from various countries. These include movies from China and India among other prominent foreign markets.

  • You can specify your favorites to watch on your profile
  • All information on your profile will be kept private and anonymous
  • Includes an extensive assortment of programs for kids

Source: https://yesmovies.mom

13. Fmovies

Fmovies offers a large collection of free movies and TV shows that you can watch with high-quality videos. You can search through their big collection of movies and watch without any credit card.

  • Find movies by genre, countries
  • Watch TV shows for free
  • Full HD is available on many of the movies featured here

Source: https://fmovies.to/home

14. 123Moviesred

The attractive layout of 123Moviesred makes it useful for all to try out. You can use this to get access to many quality movies, television shows, and much more.

The entertaining features on this site make it easy for you to find your favorite movies.

  • The search feature on the app is easy to handle
  • You can look around and search for items based on different parameters
  • The interface is easy to utilize.

Source: https://123movieshdo.com/film/red-2010

15. Movie4k

You can also use Movie4k to quickly find details on the newest episodes of shows and the various outstanding movies that are available for you to check out.

  • Available for full HD setup
  • Works with many genres
  • You also have the option to watch live TV

16. Moviewatcher

You have the option to either download or stream full movies on the Moviewatcher site. The convenient arrangement of Moviewatcher makes it easy for you to enjoy what’s around you.

You can find details on not only movies that are playing right now, but also television shows that are actively airing.

  • Includes many anime programs
  • Offers shows for the whole family
  • You can search through top-rated movies as desired

Source: https://www.moviewatcher.site

17. Put Locker

The helpful layout of PutLocker makes for a great website that you will love for your movie downloads. The Put Lock setup includes a convenient design for your use.

  • Search for content based on the top IMBD ratings
  • Find movies based on various genres
  • Includes an extensive array of television shows for you to check out.

Check this list of best Putlocker alternatives.

18. PrimeWire

You can look at PrimeWire for finding things for the entire family. PrimeWire offers great programs of all types, including great shows for everyone. You can search for television programs by season or episode.

You can also look online to find details on the latest things that are available for you to check out.

  • You can search for things based on rating
  • Many genres available for your use
  • A music section offers various streams of the hottest new albums as well

Source: https://primewire.show

19. Megashare

You will love how well Megashare offers great things for your download desires. Megashare has a layout that shows off the latest releases.

But one thing of note is that Megashare lets you request things that you want to see on the site. The people who operate the site can look well to find what you want to get it made available for you to stream for any desire.

  • Includes various programs from India and China among other countries
  • The interface is streamlined and offers a simple look
  • New episodes are frequently added to the site

20. Los Movies

Los Movies

The charming layout of Los Movies makes it an attractive site to note. You can search for movies in alphabetical order. You can also find subtitles for movies in various languages.

The simple interface on Los Movies provides you with the ability to watch things without having to get any new downloads up and running.

  • Features new indie movies to go along with wide releases
  • The search engine is smart and offers results based on relevance
  • Find content based on different actors listed on the site

Source: https://losmovies.live

21. B Movies

The B in B Movies refers to blockbuster or box, as in how you can get a simple box on your screen to watch the latest blockbuster movies. You can watch everything without having to register for anything to get access to what is on the site.

  • Works on multiple devices
  • Easy to load movies
  • You can get the resolution of your movie adjusted based on your screen or computer

Source: https://bmovies.vip/bmovies

22. YoMovies

YoMovies is a choice for watching movies that offer a wide range of movies worth checking out.

You can enjoy going to YoMovies to see different things based on ratings, what’s trending, and more. The site does well with offering different movies from around the world, including many movies that are available in India.

  • Includes movies in many languages and subtitles
  • You can also find adult movies on the site
  • You can sort through movies alphabetically if desired

23. Housemovie.to

The organized arrangement of Housemovie.to makes it a helpful option for use.

Housemovie.to provides movies in various genres, and you don’t have to worry about any trailers when getting your movies up and running. You can stream and download movies to your liking as well.

  • Reviews of individual movies are available for you to check out
  • Get details on genres through the site
  • The thorough arrangement of the site is helpful for you to note

24. GoStream


You’ll find all the hottest movies on GoStream. The site lists movies based on genre and IMDB rating, but what makes this site popular is that you can download or stream movies to your liking.

The interface for downloading or viewing movies is easy to follow. What’s even better is that the site does not feature any ads or other unwanted messages clogging up space.

  • Showcases HD-quality movies
  • Includes television programs
  • You can find both classic and new films on the site

Source: https://gostream.site

25. EuroPixHD

The general assortment of movies you will find through EuroPixHD includes many movies from multiple countries. You can find movies with subtitles if desired. There is also a large selection of movies from India on the site.

  • You can create a profile for the site if you wish
  • Sort through movies based on the user ratings listed on the site
  • Offers a thorough streaming layout

Source: https://europixhd.io

26. Hindilinks4u.to

While HIndilinks4u.to sounds like a place that focuses on Bollywood movies, the site offers more than that. You can also find Hollywood movies on the site.

The variety of language and subtitle options for the movies listed here provides plenty of choices for making the content more accessible to all people who visit the site.

  • A full section is dedicated to documentaries
  • The site’s listings feature different shows
  • The arrangement on the site is easy to review

Source: https://www.hindilinks4u.to

27. Moonline.tv

Moonline.tv is a place where you can request movies. You can ask to get new or old films added to Moonline through the site’s simple interface.

The ability to request things on the site makes it easier for you to enjoy many things that you might be interested in on the site. The high-quality HD displays that you’ll get out of Moonline make it a useful site to see when finding movies as well.

  • No download is necessary for getting movies ready
  • You can check on IMBD ratings of each movie before you watch
  • You can also create an account if desired

28. StreamLikers


You can use StreamLikers if you want to find something a little more fun. The site has any social media links that profile some of the latest things that are available on the site.

You can also move your cursor over the thumbnail on each box to get a detail on what something is about before you load and watch the program.

  • The streaming quality is very appealing
  • The interface loads in moments
  • You can search through a variety of movies and shows on the site

Source: https://www.streamlikers.com/movies

29. MovieNinja

The contemporary appearance of MovieNinja is appropriate, as the site features the newest movies and shows. You do not have to sign up for access to the site.

There are not many ads around the site either, which is a plus for those who just want to watch movies without obstruction.

  • The stream quality is great even when lots of people are on the site at the same time
  • The IMDB layouts are easy to search through and look at
  • The site will not fill your browser up with unnecessary popups

Source: https://movieninja.online

30. MovieZap

You can search for movies based on the actor or title among other things. The helpful design that MovieZap offers provides a great way for you to find the movies that you want to watch in less time.

The movies on the site include the latest round, not to mention plenty of movies from various fun genres.

  • The movies and shows listed on the site are always available for load
  • The streaming quality is great and does not back up
  • Not a lot of ads all around

31. Cmovies

Another rich source of free movies, Cmovies offers you a wide range of movies from different genres and geo-locations.

You can make a search depending on countries or genres. Other than the movies, you can also watch TV series on this site. Also, don’t miss our collection of sites to watch free TV series.

You can also watch movies on Cmovies depending on the IMDB rating. There is a wide range of top-rated movies that you can watch in HD quality video.

  • Wide collection of movies and TV shows
  • Top IMDB-rated movies
  • HD quality videos

Source: https://www1.cmovies.ac

Final Word

All of these things are useful to see when looking for great places for streaming movies and shows, especially if you are unable to get access to SolarMovie for whatever reason.

Be sure to look around what is available when finding something that is helpful for your use.

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