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28 Best Putlocker Alternatives Site

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All the good things come to an end, and so did Putlocker. However, it has made a huge demand for sites that can act as Putlocker Alternatives, because nobody wants to waste money on paying subscription packages to watch their favorite movie or TV show.

Putlocker was once one of the UK’s most visited websites, but the governments and copyright owners of different countries ran behind it and managed to block it. 

While all the websites that provide free streaming are not good enough to replace Putlocker, there are a few that are worthy of some intense competition.

Nevertheless, we have managed to compile a list of Putlocker Alternative sites that will help you stream free movies and TV shows. 

Important Warning: To avoid risk to your online privacy and safety, try to use VPN while using these sites. 

Let’s get started!

1. TubiTV

Only a few could have been as famous as Tubi TV has recently emerged. Started in 2014, TubiTV has become the first preference for thousands of users when it comes to watching free movies and TV shows.

From romantic and science-fiction to mystery and adventure movies, Tubi TV has a content library that every user dreams of. Moreover, the best feature of this site is its device compatibility as it can be streamed from anywhere such as phone, smart TV, laptop, and even on play station. 

It is one of the best Putlocker alternatives here you can watch TV series and movies in high-quality HD videos.



2. 123movies

123movies is one of those free streaming websites that can not only be used as an alternative to Putlocker but also has the potential to overtake Putlocker’s place as an all-time favorite online streaming service.

Providing one of the largest streaming libraries, it allows you to watch thousands of movies and tv series. Its minimalist and well-organized interface will enable you to search for your favorite content within seconds.

Moreover, the best feature about this site is that it doesn’t require any registration and your streaming won’t be interrupted with ads. 

Also, don’t miss our collection of best 123movies alternatives.


3. Popcorn Flix

When it comes to watching all-time classics or recently released hits, Popcorn Flix will make sure all the things are just a click away from you. You can stream movies, TV shows, and even viral videos on the platform. 

In addition, the site doesn’t require any registration from your end. Another plus is how easy the platform allows you to switch through various categories when you haven’t decided what to watch.


4. Yify

Yify, also known as YTS, is somewhat distinct from the rest of the alternatives. This site uses a collaborative torrent network to deliver all movies in HD quality. Simply put, you need to download the content instead of streaming it to the website. 

The best part, though, is that it only provides high-quality content, so once you’ve downloaded the content, you’ll skip all the advertising.



5. Solar Movies

If we had to pick according to the ease of navigation, Solar Movies might have won the top spot in our ranking. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take Solar Movies’ credit for having one of the best streaming services.

The design of a neat website with well-organized categories is always pleasing to the eyes. Although the platform does not need registration from your end, there will be pop-up advertising here and there.


6. Afdah

With no subscription fee attached and restrictions of the countries, Ahdah is next on our list as one of the best Putlocker alternatives. What makes Afdah unique is its advanced search filter. 

Whether you have to search your favorite movie by genre or by actress or actresses’ name, Afdah is one of the best streaming sites when it comes to navigation. Moreover, every content posted on this site is of high definition. 


7. Vumoo

We know how irritating pop-ups can be, especially when you’re waiting to see your favorite movie or TV show after long working hours. To put an end to the irritating pop-ups, Vumoo is an ideal streaming site to watch both movies and TV shows. 

From watching all-time classics to freshly aired TV shows, Vumoo has one of the best streaming libraries. Moreover, this easy-to-navigate site has a viewer-approved interface. 



8. Go Movies

While Go Movies doesn’t make a lot of effort to remove advertisements or annoying pop-ups from the site, what it does is produce new content with daily updates. Simply put, you’ll be able to watch the new movies and TV shows as soon as they’re released.

There is also a dedicated segment that will periodically update you on recent news about movies and celebrities. In addition, by pointing your cursor to the content, you will be able to see all the crucial details about the movie, such as IMDB ranking, plot, genre, etc.



You probably checked for IMDB ratings before deciding which movie or show you’re going to watch. IMDB TV, operated by Amazon, is another online streaming site featuring movies, Television shows, documentaries, and some of their original shows.

While its services are limited to the US as of now, you can still use a VPN to make the most of it. The best aspect of this platform is that your streaming will not be interrupted by advertising and that you will be able to enjoy high-quality content.


10. HD Popcorn

HD Popcorn is a fairly overlooked site because it doesn’t draw the amount of audience it deserves for the quality of the service it provides. 

This platform not only helps you sort movies by alphabet but also genres and top IMDB list. 

One quality that makes it unique from the rest of the sites mentioned here is that it makes the download process easier for you as it guides you through the whole process. 



As far as user interface and user experience are concerned, only a few can beat Flixtor as the website offers you to watch all the new movies and TV shows. With minimal ad irritation and an advanced filter for fast navigation, it has the potential to become your favorite site.

The movie section is divided into three segments – most popular today, now playing in theatres and recommendations for you. It says a lot about updating the content on the web on a regular basis.



12. Soap2Day

As far as streaming experience is concerned, it is capable of delivering nearly the same level as Putlocker does. Soap2Day streams much of the HD content along with the subtitles. It has a sleek and clutter-free interface with simple categories and genres to choose from.

To search for your favorite movie or TV series, the platform provides you with filters such as year, genre, popularity, and IMDB rating. 


13. LookMovie

If it wasn’t for a massive amount of pop-up advertising, LookMovie certainly had the potential to be in the top five of this list. Like Soap2Day, this platform does not need any registration process. 

The database of this platform is well-organized to make sure you get the movie or TV show you’re looking for. In fact, there are over 15 genres to choose from.


14. Watch Free

It’s just the way you imagine the online video streaming platform to be, i.e. with a lot of free high-quality content, user experience that is disrupted by some advertisements and pop-ups. 

From browsing through categories, recent and famous movies to choosing one of the top 100 movies to watch, Watch Free has managed to keep the interface easy and well-organized.


15. AZ Movies

If one of the above sites doesn’t provide you with the newly released movies, we’re sure that AZ movies will surely come to your rescue. The huge carousel on your homepage makes it easier for you to find the new content you’re searching for. 

With great advantages, there come some shortcomings as well. Its pop-up ads will redirect you to other web pages quite frequently. 


16. CMoviesHD

Whether you’re looking for the latest episodes of your favorite TV show or you want to see the latest movie that is trending on Netflix, CMoviesHd has a huge library that is updated regularly. 

The platform provides you with filters such as genres and countries to make your searching process easier. In addition, there is a request portal where you can submit a request for the content you want to see.


17. Los Movies

If there’s one thing Los Movies is known for amongst the audience, it is its great collection of international content. There are literally more than 100 pages of international shows and movies and the best part is you get subtitles along with them. 

Although the site doesn’t require any sort of registration, you’ll encounter a large number of pop-ups. 




Although is still considered a newbie in the online streaming category, it has started to gain a lot of popularity in recent years. 

Although pop-ups can cause some severe user experience shortcomings, the fact that it delivers the latest content in the highest quality possible makes up for it. It offers filters including Genre, Country, and Top IMDB to find the content you’re searching for.


19. Primewire

What seemed to be a site that could match the level that Putlocker built, but could not achieve its potential due to irritating pop-up advertising. 

It’s still a pretty good site, however, that gives you access to all high-quality videos without any need for registration. In addition, there are plenty of filters to search for your favorite content.


20. FilmRise

If we were to talk about the user interface, FilmRise would’ve been a top candidate. Yes, it is really that good! 

Although the platform offers you some of the most famous movies and TV shows, there is a lack of daily updates to the latest content.

However, there are still more than 20,000 titles to choose from that will keep you entertained for a long time to come. Furthermore, there are hardly any advertisements you’re going to have to face during your streaming.


21. Megashare

It would be hard to argue that Megashare was once a fan-favorite when it came to streaming HD movies and TV shows, but with the introduction of hundreds of advertisements, it’s becoming less popular. 

To search for your favorite TV series or movie, the platform provides you with filters such as genres, countries, years, top featured, and a-z list. 


22. Movie Watcher

Selecting which content to watch could not be made more enjoyable, as the sleek, clean Movie Watcher interface has made itself one of the best alternatives for Putlocker.

Nonetheless, the only place where this platform is lacking is the quality of new material. Although not offering ad-free streaming, it shows details such as movie plot, IMDB ranking, release date, and more.



23. Movie Stars

If you couldn’t figure out which type of genre you’d like to see, Movie Stars has provided you over 15 genres such as action, horror, documentary, and mystery to choose from. Moreover, there are filters such as year, country, and trending that will help you find your desired content. 

Movie Stars also claims to add new streaming locations to the new and existing movies. Although the site doesn’t require registration, you might encounter pop-ups here and there. 


24. Movie4u

If you want a well-designed and organized streaming site, we would recommend you to check out Movie4u. From the latest movies to trending TV shows, Movie4u provides all of its content in high definition.

In terms of easy navigation, the site provides you with several search filters such as genre, release year, and top IMDB. The worthy feature of this platform is that it updates its content regularly. 


25. Yidio

Are you one of those who like to watch top content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu? 

Yidio, short for “your internet video”, is a one-stop solution that will fulfill your top content needs. 

One unique attribute that makes Yidio distinct from the rest of the alternatives is its personalized service. It keeps track of your content and recommends it according to your watch. In addition, there are very few advertisements on the website. 


26. Rainierland

Rainierland is another great source to watch movies, TV shows in high-quality HD videos. It is a really good alternative to Putlocker.

You can get the details of the movies and the star cast and watch it online for free. You can also watch popular TV series. It gives you the option to put any show in the watch later option and you can create your own watchlist.

Overall, this is a great source of free entertainment.



27. Vudu

A perfect alternative to Putlocker, Vudu is a great source to watch trending movies and TV shows. The site gives you the option to watch shows for free as well as rent movies and shows to watch it online.

Unlike many others, Vudu is a quality and trustworthy source of entertainment. You will need to register on the site to watch the movies or shows.


28. AZMovies 

A big source of top-quality movies and TV shows, AZMovies offers high-quality HD video to watch movies online. You can browse movies by genre or the year of release to select your option.

The site is simple and quick to use, you don’t need to signup. You can simply select the movie that you want to watch and get started.



So this was our list of the top Putlocker alternative sites that will help you stream free movies and TV shows. Although depending on the country in which you live, you will need to try to find the platform that works best for you, you can always use a VPN.

In fact, we want you to use the best VPN you can because it will make you less vulnerable to any third party logging into what you’re doing online.

Also, don’t miss our collection of best Showbox alternatives

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