50 Best Logo Fonts for Your Next Website

If you are looking for best fonts to design an attractive logo, we have listed some of the top options for you in this article.


Panicking over an amazing logo that can express and impress simultaneously? In this article, we have covered some of the best logo font options.

There is a wide array of fonts especially for logos that will decrease your tension. You can choose from the huge collection of fonts to create whichever logo you prefer and just see the magic.

In this article, we have listed such logo fonts that you can use to create your logo design. We also published an article about the best cartoon & comic fonts that might help you to find some quality fonts as well.

If you want to give a vintage feel to your logo, we have created a collection of the best vintage and retro fonts. You will find some great-looking font options in that article as well.

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How to Select a Font for Your Logo?

Before you start creating your logo, one of the most important factors to consider is the niche of your business. If you are into the entertainment niche the font will be different, if you are into the science or business niche the font will be different.

So, the overall personality of your business makes a big difference when selecting your logo font. Also, you need to create a mind map about the content you are going to publish.

If you create a funky logo for your website while you publish serious kinds of content, it will be a mismatch. So, the logo of your website has to go well with the overall theme of your business.

So, let’s look at the top logo design fonts that you can use.

Ostrich Sans

A narrow Sans Serif font, Ostrich Sans can be a very niche option to create your logo. It comes with uppercase lettering and a rounded edge.

You get this font in ultra-light, light and bold versions. Here is how your logo might look with the Ostrich Sans font.

Ostrich Sans

FF Avance

Designed by Evert Bloemsma, FF Avance is a nice option to create a logo design. This font supports over 80 different languages.

The asymmetrical serifs design of the font makes it different from other fonts.

FF Avance


The Bodoni font is a combination of thick and thin design that makes it is different and interesting choice for logo designs.

Popular brands like Vogue, Calvin Klein use this kind of design for their brand logo. You can download and use this font for free for any of your personal project.


Al Fresco

Designed by Laura Worthington, this logo font is quite sophisticated and fashionable. The feel is fresh and emotional.

The flavor of Europe has been well captured by this font, and the presence of ligatures and swashes made it all the more dear.

Indeed irresistible is the word that comes to mind, while describing this font. The font supports many languages starting from Albanian to Zulu and can be bought at the cost of 23 pounds.

Al Fresco


A fancy looking font for creating your logo. You can download this font from Behance to create a fancy looking logo for your upcoming project.


Aracne Condensed

This font finds its use in various events starting from the credits that roll after a movie is finished or the label of any costume. There are four weights in this family characterized by elongated figures which are edgy and dynamic.

It is available in regular, condensed and ultra condensed style for maximum functionality. This was designed by Antipixel. The font has eight variations, and you can buy the whole set at 72 Pounds. This font is compatible with PC and Mac.



A beautiful looking free font that is created by the Campton Family. You can use this font free of cost and create a great-looking logo for your project.

Choplin Font

Bella Face37

Face 37 is the mind behind this font which is flaunted by broad strokes and sleek curves that lend a vintage feel. The beauty of both the places, New York and Paris are combined here.

The stencil version comes with a minimalist approach and has perfect geometry. Available buying options for this font are Webfont and Desktop, and the price is 25 Pounds for the bunch together.

bella Font

One Day

A great looking font to create a fancy logo for your projects. The font is available in different weights so that you can use the perfect version that fits your project beautifully.

One Day logo font


Another beautiful font option to create a modern and professional-looking logo design. You can download this font from Behance and use it to create your logo.

The font comes with a vertical and lean design, created by Adilson Gonzales.

Adilson Gonzales


Like its name, the font was planned to be kept etched in the minds of the viewers. Apt spacing, symmetry, and balance along with slender grooves are the eye-catching features that portray the feel of yesteryear.

There are eight varieties of weights, all of which are playfully lined, closed, filled, opened, filled with the small-cap, opened the small-cap, lined small and closed small-cap. Etch is produced by produce, and all eight can be bagged at 116 Pounds.

Etch Font

Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt is another popular choice to create logo designs. The font is part of the sans-serif family, it looks great and distinct.



The unique design of the font makes it one of the top choices for logo designs. The font comes in thin, regular and bold options.

kolikö Font

Lunetta Modern Font

From the house of Sawdust, Lunetta was created for Hype for Type display functions. Both the inline and outline weights from this family have bold, graceful presence and strong impact.

The framework combines angular structure and geometric curves which lend a voluptuous look to the logo.

The languages supported by this are Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. The weights individually cost 20 Pounds but can be brought together for 25 Pounds.

Sawdust Font


A magical font formatted from the house of Non-Format Studio which has been grabbed and used by famous brands like Orange, Nike, Uniqlo, etc.

This is a rare and interesting combination of block, solid colors and delicate lines which are the top-notch gear in the logo games. You can bag this at 20 Pounds.

Otto Font


This font is by Joao Oliveira; it is capable of transporting you from one world to another.

It is an amazing grouping of two different styles to produce a typeface that can conquer a lot. In this already artistic font, there are more variations which help to gear up the game a little more.

And then there are ligatures, tilting alternatives, swashes, etc. which you can use according to your needs. There are six weights, and all those can be brought together at 26.80 Pounds.

Port Font


Thinkdust thought of a new font where they merged angular features with round marks that gave rise to a different font that makes an impressive impact.

It supports language such as English, French, German, Swedish, etc. Being a new font, it has no more family members and can be availed at a cheap rate of 2 Pounds.



This is a free typeface that is packed with alphabets, happy symbols, and peculiar glyphs. It was created to put forward bold statements in the form of headlines, logos, and posters.

Beaver Typeface Font


Designed by Vernon Adams, this is a design that was inspired by old faces of English type cutter.

The design which has been named after Scottish novelist Alexander Trocchi can be used both as a display and text type.

Trocchi Font

Bebas Neue Logo Font

The Helvetica of the free fonts is a member of the sans serif font family designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. The four new variations of this family are- Regular, Light, Thin and Book.

Since this a combination of simple and elegant style with technical support, it is suitable for print, web, art, and commerce.

Because of its non-complex nature, it is advised for those who are in a dilemma. This is apparently a free font sign that welcomes donations.

Bebas Neue Font

Vast Shadow

Designer Sorkin Type Co-created this slab serif type suitable for advertising which uses thin lines to express strong views. This is geometric and shadowed and has a Western wooden feel which is good for large types of display.

Vast Shadow

Gauthier FY

Font You introduced this serif with Renaissance influence where small caps and big x-heights are used together to bring out the utility of this font. There are six types, of which some are in italics and some normal.

This font was inspired by Granjon’s artwork which was a punch cutter. This font is good for any design-centering text. Individually the fonts are available at 15 Pounds, but the whole collection costs 59 Pounds.

Gauthier FY

Radnika Typeface

Radnika font offers you overall 18 different options to choose from. You have thin, bold, medium, semi-bold and corresponding Italic versions as well.

Radnika Font

Muirside: Beautiful Logo Font

This is another font from the Hype Type which has been designed by Steven Bonner, keeping in mind the effect of the stencil.

This is an open-type font which has clear-cut, and it is non-fussy. The stationary shops, cycle shops, and Menswear are the bearers of this font which can be bought at 20 Pounds.

Muirside Font

Norwester: Modern Logo Font

A free font created by Jamie Wilson which has a combination of symbols, small caps, numbers, and sans-serif which is geometric and condensed.

If you are planning to get hold of this, then you can donate some amount and can also send Jamie ideas for the betterment of the font and for including more symbols, curling, etc.


Breakers Slab

Kostic created this font which is the companion of sans serif’s breakers and is legible in both headlines and texts.

Starting from Ultra to Thin, the range is varied, and each has its uses. Though the font is suitable for European languages it can support other languages as well.

There are some more characters like ligatures, glyphs (600), scientific figures, monetary symbols, etc. which lends more variations to the font. However, singly these fonts are sold at 22 pounds, but the whole set of six is available at 90 Pounds.

Breakers Slab


Lorena by Arnold Hoepker is a free font that is available in three forms- Regular, Medium and Bold. The font is neat and stylish has an arrow-like effect and is quite considerable for graphic designing.

There are alphabets, numbers, and symbols which make this font a useful set.

Lorena Font

Poiret: Trendy Logo Font

Designed by Denis Masharov, this is a sleek and decorative font that is stylish and filled with elegance. Geometric forms like curves and lines are juxtaposed together to create a design that can be used in making logos, headlines, graphic designing, etc.

The languages supported by the font are Cyrillic and extended Latin.

Poiret Font

Facunda Font for Creating Logo

Facunda is a free font that has five weights. The weights are – Regular, Italic, Alternate, Alternate Italic and Shadow. It has a linear effect which looks great in large size.

Thus all these variants are good for headlines and logos and will attract the needed attention. The set is complete with symbols, alphabets, and numbers.

Facunda Font


Atvice is another free display font for graphic design that has been created by Phillip Rosler.

The font which comes in all caps is a combination of narrow width and high contrast. The strict and solid attitude of this font is quite modern and effective. This font looks good on posters as well.


Polaris Logo Font

Polaris is a free font from the house of flood fonts which is open-type in nature and has quite a few variations. The font has a corporate and no-nonsense mood which makes it selectable as a logo.

Polaris Font


This font design was created by many heads and is regarded as a typeface for a gentleman. This is a free font with an exotic feeling, the alphabets used look quite stylish and will suit the posters.

Vagtur Font


This is a free font that has nine weights – thin, ultra-light, regular, bold, semi-bold, italic, black and heavy. Combining one with the other, interesting styles are created which are good for logos.

Aileron Font


Rene Bieder created this font with a gothic feeling for FontFabric. The family consists of Regular, Light, Black, Bold and Alternative. All these drew inspiration from industrial fonts that were popular in the late 19th century.

This font can oscillate between the modern world and timeless surroundings, doing justice to its varied uses. This font is free, but if you want to enjoy the full version, then you will have to pay $25.

RBNO2 Font

Sansus Webissimo

Sergiy Tkachenko was the designer who created this typeface which can win awards in a design contest for its unique write-up.

The languages supported are Latin and Ukrainian. This Webissimo font is available in various sizes depending on the drafts.

Sansus Webissimo


This is another creation by Rene Bieder which was made primarily to support neutrality. This is a nine-weight neo-grotesque family ranging from sharp and fine thin cuts to muscle-bound and strong heavyweights.

The alternative forms are useful for logos and headlines whereas the openness accounts for the comprehensibility of small texts.

Of all the members, Extra Bold Demo and Extra Bold Italic Demo are available free of cost, but the other versions cost $25. However, the entire range of 18 fonts can be bagged at $250.

Gentona Font

Rambla Alt STD

Martin Sommaruga designed this modification of the old Rambla. It has certain modifications without altering its main structure (Rambla is also available in my fonts).

It is condensed with a generous x-height and short ascender/descender. Such is the style that the font is capable of utilizing height, breadth, and space properly. You can either avail of this free or pay what you want.

Rambla Alt STD

Fenix STD

Designer, Fernando Diaz thought of a font that can be used simultaneously for long and short text without affecting the legibility.

The features of Fenix are rough strokes and strong serifs and it is base in calligraphy. This font also comes with the terms of either free or pay what you want.

Fenix STD

Futura Font

One of the most popular logo fonts Futura has created its own destiny. The Futura font is already being used by a number of popular brands to create their logo designs, FedEx is probably the top name followed by many others.

Futura Font


The font began as an inspirational work from Helvetica, and hence it is free for both commercial and personal use.

Jose Gomes, the designer from Germany’s Berlin, played with the textures and came up with three weights: bold, light and ultra-light as to him regular is too mainstream.

The alphabets, letters have a tribal feel and are quite attractive. Apart from the facility of free download, another exciting thing is that it works with all browsers including Internet Explorer.

The designer welcomes everyone to use his creativity and give constructive feedback.



Designer Jeremy Dooley created this font for a competition in Canberra and got its name from a suburb of the same place and Mt. Ainslie.

This is strictly a font representing Australia and is a blend of various styles: geometric, aboriginal art, the boomerang effect, etc.

It has many ornamentation supports like swashes, small caps, tilting caps, etc. and all these give rise to 42 different weights.

Several corrections happened regarding this font, and ultimately a final version was chosen that was legible and lucrative. The pricing is $24 each and $86.80 for the whole bunch.

Ainslie Font

Ending Note

If you search properly for logo fonts, then you will be spoilt for choices as there are numerous options and so surf through these thirty fonts and go for the font that expresses your idea and taste the best.

Here is another list of some of the top logo fonts for your inspiration.

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