15 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins 2020


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Instagram, as you might already know, is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has a huge user base which you can use to cleverly compliment your online business.

Social media has changed the online marketing is done, and if your business is not taking advantage of the popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to drive traffic; you are probably missing a lot of potential customers.

Which social site will be effective for your business will depend on the niche of your business. However, you must tray leveraging all the top social sites for your business.

If you are managing a media kind of blog or any other kind of online business where you post a lot of images, then Instagram will prove to be a great source of the traffic to your website.

Now, there are some ways to increase Instagram followers sharing your Instagram feed on your site can be a very effective way to increase conversion. We have created a detailed article about the best ways to increase Instagram followers here. 

Whatever the reason, integrating Instagram with your WordPress website can be a great means of bettering your content marketing strategy.

This being said, here we will be taking a look at Best Instagram Plugins for WordPress.

Best Instagram Widget WordPress Plugins

The Instagram Feed Pro

An amazing plugin for the Instagram lovers who want to show the photos of Instagram on their site with a great looking layout.

This is an Instagram feed plugin that will help you to showcase any of the Insta account photos on any WordPress site. The plugin offers you a great looking modern grid layout to showcase the images in style.

The plugin offers you amazing flexibility in terms of the content that you wish to showcase. You can show photos from any Insta account, with any hashtag or country etc.

You can showcase the mix of content from the different account on the same page or on different pages according to your need.

Other than the above-mentioned grid layout, the plugin also offers you an option to showcase the photos on a sliding carousel

The plugin offers you infinity load more option, lightbox option to view the photos, HTML5 video support, amazing shortcode option and a lot more.

The Instagram Feed Pro

Get The Plugin

Instagram Theater

Instagram Theater is a paid plugin with which you can create an Instagram gallery and portfolio for your WordPress website.

The plugin provides options to showcase the images through thumbnail grids, or lists, or even via full-screen mode.

All the images are taken from Instagram by multiple users or locations using hashtags which you can set up. One more thing to note about the plugin is that it is very stylish and good-looking, and also sports a responsive design.

instagram theater

Get The Plugin


InstaShow is arguably the most popular premium WordPress plugin for Instagram feeds. The plugin can be used to easily create attractive galleries of Instagram Images.

You will have your hands on over sixty adaptable parameters and ten color schemes to make the gallery look and feel as you like. Then there is the fact that the plugin is fully mobile-ready, and you have audiences coming in like moths to a fire.

Besides all this, you get control over the UI customization by including three navigation options, animation directions, animation speed and easing, popup speed, auto rotation and much more.


Get The Plugin

Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is one of the most comprehensive Instagram plugins in this list that will help you to make the best out of the popular social site.

With this plugin you will be able to showcase images from any account, the images you liked, your friends’ images, photos with a particular hashtag, photos with location and more.

This plugin offers you great options regarding the design of the feed. You can control the color of the photos, custom photo size, gallery size and a lot more.

Instagram Journal Plugin

Get The Plugin

Flexi Instagram Feed

A quality Instagram feed plugin that will help you to showcase your Instagram pictures in a modern and attractive way.

The plugin offers you multiple different ways and layout options to choose from. You have the beautiful grid-based design, carousel, Polaroid layout and more.

The plugin is simple and easy to get started with, the plugin will take you through the simple setup wizard to make the process easier for the users.

The plugin comes with multiple layout options and all of them works perfectly on any modern device including the mobile phones.

As Instagram is one of teh leading marketing platforms these days, it is important to make teh best use of the popular social media platform to grow your business, especially if you are into any fashion-related business, food blogging, lifestyle blogging or any similar niche.

Instagram Feed Plugins

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Alpine PhotoTile For Instagram

The Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram is a simple, yet comprehensive plugin for sharing your Instagram feed. It is one of the most stylish plugins in this category and comes with a plethora of customization options coupled with widgets and shortcodes.

Each format styling comes with five different layouts and a decent number of settings and configuration options to help you tweak the gallery design.

One notable feature of Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram is its shortcode-builder and a fully documented guide to help you set up an Instagram API. You will also have the option to link your Instagram page or a specific URL or even a lightbox slideshow.


Get The Plugin

Instagram Portfolio

The Instagram Portfolio plugin for WordPress is designed to incorporate a beautiful and customizable Instagram gallery onto your website.

The plugin supports both images and videos, and you can also include a header bar.

Now the plugin comes packed with over fifteen special effects, social share icons, lightbox, filtering and auto-scroll, and regular auto-updates. It is also totally responsive, and there is shortcode support which makes things all the greater.

Instagram portfolio

Get The Plugin

Auto-posting to Instagram

As the name suggests, this plugin will save a lot of time for you, and it can be a very important plugin for Instagram marketing.

With this plugin, you can auto-post images and videos from your WordPress site to your Instagram profile.

When you publish any content on your site, you can to log in to your Insta profile through a mobile device and then post your images which can be a time-consuming task; this plugin will save that time for you.

This plugin supports WooCommerce as well, so if you are managing an online shop using WooCommerce; this plugin will perfectly take care of your Insta promotion.

It comes with its own set of settings as well. You can select the categories that you would like to promote on Instagram; if you don’t select any category; all your posts will go there.

You also have the option to select your schedule to post on Instagram which is another very important setting option.

AutoPosting to Instagram Plugin

Get The Plugin

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

Another very useful free Instagram widget plugins that you can download from teh WordPress plugin directory and use on your site.

The plugin is perfectly compatible with all WordPress themes. So, you don’t have to change your theme to showcase teh Instagram posts.

You can use this plugin to display posts from any Instagram account, not just your own account.

You have the option to showcase upto 12 images from any Insta account.

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

Get The Plugin

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social a comprehensive social media plugin for WordPress which includes many more social media platform including Instagram.

Through the use of this plugin, you would be able to easily place a copy of your Instagram feed directly onto a page of your website in the same way it appears on its respective website variant.

This is a very flexible plugin that allows you to show feed on other social sites like Facebook, Twitter along with Instagram

You will be able to create an unlimited feed and showcase them anywhere on your site with the shortcode or widget.

feed them social

Get The Plugin

Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram is a free plugin that you can use to show Instagram feed with the hashtag and public account images in a great looking carousel and grid design.

Once you install this plugin, you will be able to able to display Instagram images anywhere on the site with the provided shortcode or the widget.

This plugin offers you amazing flexibility regarding how you want to showcase the images. You can show more than one feed on the same page.

You will also have complete control over the look and feel of the grid; you can manage the space between each image so that it looks neat.

Instagram Widget WordPress

Get The Plugin


Intagrate is an Automatic Instagram Image publishing plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin is highly flexible and rich in features.

For example, you have the option to include an unlimited number of Instagram accounts, multiple streams, video integrations, comment integrations and so on.

Some of its other impressive features include the ability for image moderation, scheduled posting, hashtag filtering, full content control, Google Map Integration and loads more.


Get The Plugin

WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget is arguably one of the simplest and intuitive Instagram plugins in the WordPress market. The plugin simply functions like a widget which lists all your latest photos on Instagram or any other user.

Now to configure the feed you simply have to enter the Instagram username along with the number of posts you want the widget to showcase.

One thing that you have to note here is that the plugin doesn’t come with much customization options or any other feature for that matter.

Hence the perfect audience or demographic for this plugin would be users who like to design the outputs themselves and are simply looking for a plugin to handle the mechanics of displaying the photos simply.

WP Instagram

Get The Plugin

Instagram Slider Widget

The Instagram Slider Widget is a free and responsive plugin which can help you to showcase Instagram images on your WordPress website.

There is a limitation however of 12 latest images if you are referring to a public Instagram user or 18 images from hashtags.

Few notable aspects of the theme include the fact like there is no API key needed and that all the Instagram images are imported in the form of WordPress attachments.

You can also have the plugin display the images in the form of a slider of a thumbnail.

instagram slider widget

Get The Plugin

Enjoy Plugin For Instagram

With Enjoy Plugin For Instagram set up on your WordPress website you can showcase Instagram images or videos in Carousels or Grid View.

The plugin also allows you to publish the Instagram images in your pages, posts and even sidebars with the use of shortcodes and sliders.

Everything is also responsive which takes care of your worries about how your site will look on a mobile device.


Get The Plugin

AccessPress Instagram Feed Plugin (Free)

AccessPress Instagram Feed is a basic free WordPress plugin which allows you to include your Instagram feed pictures without the annoying widget box and cluttering image descriptions.

The plugin removes all the clutter now gives you the raw image and the option to include some layout options, sliders, lightbox, etc. to showcase your Instagram images.

There is also a paid version for the plugin, but the extra features that you would be getting with the extra money are rather gimmicky and nothing new.


Get The Plugin

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed, as the name implies, gives you the ability to include the Instagram pictures of any non-private Instagram account on your WordPress website, either in a single feed or multiple different ones.

Now even though the plugin is free, it comes with a plethora of features that can help enrich the overall experience.

Some of these notable features include built-in shortcodes, infinite load more option, a follow button for to the Instagram profile, beautiful headers, and complete control over customizability options like height, width, number of photos, images size, background color and so on.

instagram feed

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Instagram Badges

Instagram Badges, as the name implies, is a WordPress plugin which can be used to add Instagram pages to your blog or website. Now you can use the badges to link to your Instagram profile and henceforth promote it.

This is the entire use-case of the plugin, and there aren’t any more convoluted settings or options.

If Instagram is an integral part of your life, then you should find good use of the plugin to bring more traffic to your Instagram profile.

instagram badges

Get The Plugin


Instapress is another free yet customizable WordPress plugin to help you display Instagram pictures on your website. The plugin can help you showcase the Instagram photos in the sidebar or on your posts and pages as required.

You also have control over the number of images you want to be displayed as well as the size of the images and the ability to keep or discard the Instagram title.


Get The Plugin

In Conclusion:

So this was our list of the best Instagram plugins for WordPress. Do let us know how you liked using the plugins.

Also if you are using an Instagram plugin with your site which you think deserves a mention then go ahead and do so in the comments section. Your fellow readers will benefit from the options.


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