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The Infographic tools mentioned in this collection will help you to create a stunning visual presentation for your brand and make sure that you can grow your brand like a pro.

Sometimes even though you take all the pain to craft out your best content for your readers, you may be surprised to find out that you still have to struggle to get a good readership. this might leave you wondering for the reason.

But do you believe that the problem is with your writing?

Well, unless you are extremely bad with grammar and have a really bad English that becomes difficult to get across the table, I do not believe a content writer can be that bad. If that might be the case, you would surely not try to write and attract readers.

So what is the problem? Did you consider the point the fact that people might not want to read the post because they might not have enough time or the desire to read through it?

What do you do in such cases? A great way to indulge your readers into reading what you have written is by creating infographics.

Infographics are a visual representation of content that can turn any dull, and complicated content into something more interesting and inspiring for your readers.

By creating an infographic, you give a gist of your entire content and with the help of interesting elements and content that will instantly catch your reader’s attention.

In this post, I will tell you about some amazing tools that will make creating infographics a lot more easier for you. But before we move on to that section, let’s look into some other factors that are making infographics a seemingly important part of marketing.

Creating Infographics Now Made Easy

Why Do You Need Infographics?

There are many reasons why infographics are a must for your business to in today’s competitive market. If you want to position yourself as an expert, then start investing your time in creating some infographics. Here are some factors how infographics will help you boost your business.

  • You will attract more target audience with your infographics
  • You can make your content go viral in less time
  • Your content will be better comprehended by your readers
  • You can acquire more backlinks to your site
  • You can create brand awareness for your business

Having said that let us now look at some tools that will help you create stunning infographics for you in no time at all.

#1. Canva

Canva has always been my favorite tool, no matter in what aspect of designing you want to use it. Take my word. This brilliant tool is something that will never disappoint you at all.

With Canva, you can create your infographics like a pro. It is an online image creating tool that helps you craft out amazing infographics for your business. It comes with hundreds of fantastic templates that you can pick according to your business needs.

This might include a pre-built template for your Twitter header, social media, a presentation and a lot more. It even offers stunning pre-built templates for infographics as well.

The best part is that it is not mandatory for you to go with the pre-built color, font, and elements that it comes with. Every single part of these templates is editable. So you can choose your colors, fonts, elements, images and whatever else you want to include in your design.

This tool is free for use, but you can also upgrade it to the paid version to make use of its paid elements.


Visit Canva


With Visme you have everything that you need to talk to your readers with a visual edge. This brilliant tool comes with amazing features that will help you create an infographic in no time at all.

Although this tool is also into creating presentations, it is more inclined towards creating amazing infographics.

Visme comes with countless fonts, images, icons and lot more. It even gives you the option to add a video to your design. Isn’t that cool? And guess what. You can also record your voice directly in the editor.

Besides you can even animate things to simplify your content to your readers. Like Canva, this tool is also absolutely free. So without paying a single penny get set to rock your infographic designs.


Visit Visme

#3. Venngage

The next tool on our list is another brilliant tool that will make you feel like an expert designer. Venngage is a free tool that comes with different eye-catching designs to help you create something really fancy and engaging.

Be it a simple poster, a promotion banner, a report or a nice looking infographic packed with information, Venngage is the right tool that you need for your business.

It makes designing so easy and quick that you will not be able to forget it everytime you are up to designing something.

Even with all its prebuilt designs, you will find many other elements that you can directly pick and add to your design.

Overall its a really fancy tool that you will always love using. With this, you can come up with all your designs in less than 30 minutes time.


Visit Venngage

#4. Google Charts

Bring out the infographic to perfectly match your sites look and feel with this brilliant tool. This is a perfect tool for anyone who is into creating a lot of charts for their business.

You can use the various chart designs to make your design look great and fancy. You can even connect your data in real time and make Google Charts the perfect infographic generator for your website.

Google Alert Chart

Visit Google Charts

 #5. BeFunky

BeFunky is a user-friendly tool that helps you create striking designs with all its templates and design elements. You can easily select a template, customize your theme with images and icons, and then beautifully personalize the infographic by adjusting the text, colors, and layout.

Once you are satisfied with your design you can simply save and export it for your users. You can use the basic elements of this tool for free. But if you want to be an advanced user you will have to upgrade its free version.


Visit BeFunky

#6. Animaker

This tool is slightly different from all the others mentioned in this post. This tool is dedicated to designing motion infographics for your business. So why not bring in some more entertainment to your site by creating a few motion infographics for your website.

This tool comes with tons of features to make your design cool and striking. You can make up to 5 two minute videos for free with this toll every month.

Now that sounds interesting. Doesn’t it?


Visit Animaker

#7. Picktochart

Here is another smart tool to create mindblowing infographics. You can pick different sizes and formats for your design and build the design that you always wanted to create.

With this tool, you can either pick a pre-built design and start using it directly just by replacing your content or create a whole new design by starting from the scratch.

Just get started by selecting a nice design and then start adding all the element you want to be in your design. Finish it by adding your own content and giving it a final touch of perfection by synchronizing the color, font, and images.

And that’s it. Your design is ready to go.

Picktochart Infographic Tool

Visit Piktochart

 #8. Infogram

This is another amazing tool that deserves to be on this list. It comes with tons of amazing features to make your designing experience easy and effective for your business.

This tool lets you add graphics, charts, maps and even upload pictures and videos to your design. You can add your content and style it as per your business requirements.

This tool is also free for basic users. You can upgrade it and become an advanced user by paying just an amount of $19/month.

Infogram Infographic Tool

Visit Infogram

#9. Snappa

Snappa comes with a free infographics maker that is stuffed with tons of amazing designs. This tool is created especially for people who do not have any designing knowledge. With Snappa, you can craft out an extremely captivating design in less than 10 minutes.

Its simple drag and drop interface makes working with it a lot easier. You can also avail its stock of free images to make your design stand out in the crowd.

You can start using this tool for free as a beginner and then upgrade it to pay $10/month if you think its needed to boost your business.

snappa infographic tool

Visit Snappa


If you are looking for a tool t create an infographic resume, is the perfect tool for you. It has an amazing user-friendly interface which is made even easier when you connect it to your LinkedIn profile.

This makes it automatically generate some of your LinkedIn information in your design.

Visit Vizualize


So now that you know why to use infographics and how to create them, I am sure you will take out some time from your busy schedule to come up with some amazing ones.

And once you are done doing it, do leave a link to your site in the comment section below. Let me and my readers have a look at your beautiful creation.

Until then keep visiting us for more amazing content.

10 Best Infographics Tools for Creating Engaging Design
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