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Optimizing images on your site is very important in order to make your site perform well.

Crafting your website is like writing a book. Along with all the text, you also have to put in media files. And depending on the media files and their size, the load speed of your site will get affected. This is quite intuitive in consideration to videos. 

We all know that having videos on our site will decrease the load speed. But often we fail to evaluate the same for the pictures that we use.

Images are not light file types. And that goes more for high-resolution image files. This is surely a problem. However, this doesn’t call for compromising on the number of images you intend to use. In fact, use as many as you like, but get them OPTIMISED.

So if you are using WordPress, here we will be discussing some powerful image optimization plugins which can compress the images and also help out SEO. So without further ado, here are the 8 Best Plugins to Optimize Images.

Best Plugins to Optimize Images in WordPress

WP Smush

WP Smush WordPress plugin is filled with tools and options to help you compress JPG, GIF and PNG images. You can do all the actions individually or in bulk.

The plugin will strip the metadata from JPEG files, Optimize the compression, convert GIFs to Indexed PNG, Strip off the unused colors from the indexed images and so on. All these will help to lower the size of the images which will lead to improved to load speed.

There is also a feature which automatically optimises all the new images you publish on your website.

WP Smush




ShortPixel WordPress plugin offers an easy to use interface with multiple features that help to optimise and compress all the images you have on your website. However, you will have to get the API key by subscribing to ShortPixel before using the plugin.

Every subscription comes with 100 free credits which get renewed each month, and so you will have the ability to optimize 100 images per month. Though that might not seem like enough, it is decent for the average blogger.

Other features of the plugin include backup and restore solutions, bulk image optimization, a meter that indicates the percentage of how much optimization has been done on a particular image and so on.

Furthermore, if 100 credits seem low, then you can go for some of their subscription plannings which will give you the liberty to optimise over 10,000 images if you want.




EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress plugin helps you with image optimization, as the name implies. The plugin offers you powerful features like the function to optimize your entire media catalog or automatically optimise newly uploaded images.

One thing to note here is that the images have to be either JPGs, PNGs or GIF files. Overall, this is a great plugin for image bloggers.

Another notable feature of the plugin is that it starts to optimize the images using your server and doesn’t bother with third-party services. This makes the optimisation process lightning fast, even if you have a large media library.

However, if you want, you can use their cloud optimisation solution as well to help you with optimising your images.




CW Image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer WordPress plugin is based off the previously mentioned WP Smush. However unlike WP Smush which uses Yahoo! Inc. services, CW Image Optimizer, takes use of Linux littleutils image optimization tools. This makes sure that your images will never leave your server.

So if you want the fluidity of WP Smush and want to work on your own server, then this is the ideal plugin for you.

CW image



Compress JPEG & PNG images

TinyPNG is one of the widely used and well-known image optimization services. I have been using their services myself for a long time and it offers you quick option to reduce the size of your images that will help you to make your site quick and save your server resources.

Don’t get confused with the name of the service, it is not only for PNG images but you can it for the JPEG images as well.

You can use their WordPress plugin and compress upto 500 images every month for free which is a good enough number of the smaller blogs, but if you are managing a big media site, you can go for their premium option to increase the number.




Kraken Image Optimizer

Kraken Image Optimizer WordPress plugin is another image optimization plugin which can help you compress JPG, PNG and GIF files using its API. Much like ShortPixel, here too you will have to register a free account with them over at

The plugin offers a varied range of options. For example, you can alter between an intelligent lossy compression profile or enable a lossless option.

There is the option to specify values for the JPG images. You also have the flexibility to establish a maximum resolution for your images. There is also another handy feature which helps you to choose which image attributes you want to keep.





Imsanity is a WordPress image optimization plugin which can resize your insanely large image files into sane and ideal proportions. The plugin is very light, doesn’t weigh in with unnecessary features and is free to use.

However, these are this handy feature which lets you set a maximum limit on Width, height, and quality. This can be helpful, as now you won’t have to manually resize them at the time of uploading and prevent your page from breaking.

There is also the option to convert BMP files into JPG. This improves the image scalability.




Lazy Load

Here we are discussing a solution that improves the load times for your website which can get hampered due to large images! One of the solutions is to compress the images. Another one is Lazy Load.

As the name implies, Lazy Load WordPress plugin offers lazy loading functionality to improve your site’s load time. To use the plugin, there is no setup involved; everything works right out of the box.

Lazy Load



SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images WordPress plugin is used to optimize your images for the SEO and doesn’t help with image compression. Making your images compatible with the SEO is also a part of image optimization which is very crucial and can help you better your search engine ranking.

The plugin helps you to set up proper ALT, and TITLE attributes to your images that allow you to boost your SEO score. The web crawlers used by search engines can’t see your images, and so they use the ALT and TITLE attributes to guess what the images are about. So you can see the importance of having this.

SEO friendly images


In Conclusion:

So these were some of the best image optimization plugins to help you on your WordPress website. If you are using any one of these, then do comment below to let your fellow users know about your experience with them.

Also, if you are using another plugin for the purpose which you believe is good enough to have made a list, then to highlight the plugin in the comments sections. This will provide more insight to your fellow readers.

8 Best Image Optimization WordPress Plugins
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