29 Best Google Slides Templates

A comprehensive list of professionally designed Google Slide Templates that you can use for your presentation.

Best Google Slides Templates

What Are The Best Google Slide Templates?

Here’s a comprehensive list of some attractive Google Slide templates that you can use to create your presentation.

A comprehensive set of Google Slide templates might just be the perfect addition to your business presentation.

Google has universalized its presence in all your professional aspects, and it is only justified that it comes out with its array of slides to enhance your business and marketing instincts.

This wide variety of highly functional and intuitive set-ups can unburden the apprehensions you had regarding your presentation and how it is going to work on the client.

We have put together a list of the best Google Slides templates for you to choose from and wow your target audience.

What Are Google Slides?

A product from Google, Google Slides is a platform to create beautiful presentations to tell stories in an attractive way. You can create an engaging presentation, collaborate with your team and get things done.

Google Slides

Google Slides can be a very handy tool to impress your colleagues or your clients with a beautifully designed presentation.

The Google Slides templates we have listed in this article give you the option to select a ready design for your presentation and make changes as per your need.

Let’s get started with the collection.

01. Swift Google Slides

The first and foremost slide adheres to the simplicity of monochromatic backgrounds, exuding a formal and professional appearance.

This complements your content by accentuating its display in clean and uniform lines. It is supportive of hosting several diagrams, graphs, and tables.

  • Widely preferred
  • Displays maps and charts effectively
  • Seamlessly structured
Swift Google Slides

02. TIKA Google Slides

TIKA is a beautiful creative template that you can use for your project. It’s a pack of 150 creative slides that is perfect for a number of different end products.

You can use this slide template pack for general business, eCommerce businesses, product promotions etc.

  • Over 150 slides
  • Attractive colorful design
  • Thousand Icons ready to use

03. Balaga

Amongst the many templates, Balaga is one of the most effective interfaces boasting a clean, categorized and compartmentalized template.

This will organize your content effectively, and help you pinpoint and explain precisely to your audience what you intend to convey. 

Subscribing to Envato Elements, you are granted free access to several tools such as high-resolution images, WordPress themes and videos.

  • Hosts three color schemes
  • Highly functional
  • Conducive for the presentation of business or marketing nature
Balaga Google Slide Template

04. Iconic Google Slides

For those of you who do not want to compromise on a little vibrancy or pizzazz for your presentation, while also ensuring it looks extremely professional- Iconic is your ideal suitor. 

This Google Slide comes with color themes that help accentuate your presentation and display your content effectively and place the right kind of emphasis.

  • Does not appear cluttered
  • Very corporate yet creative
  • Three color schemes
Iconic Google Slides Template

05. Fox

Highly functional and sleek in its structure, this particular slide will have you choosing this amidst the wide array of choices. And rightly so, because it houses several cutting-edge features and tools, inclusive of smooth animations and transitions. 

You can change the color schemes in accordance with the nature of your content.

  • Fast and free assistance
  • Customizable and extremely useful
  • Graphics by Vector objects
Fox Google Slides Template

06. Photography

Revelling its professional and clean framework, Photography is not just restricted to corporate meetings but can support all kinds of businesses. It has free and regularly scheduled updates to constantly propel your creativity. 

All of its slides are largely based on the mains slide, which is fully equipped with animations.

  • Resizable vector elements
  • More than 50 creative slides
  • An efficient categorization of content and imagery effectively
Photography Google Slide Template

07. Business Strategy

Its sheer efficacy is reflected in its 16:9 as well as 4:9 ratio, allowing you to resize your slides as per your content.

You can easily trap your audiences’ attention using it numerous tools that are inclusive of more than 700 unique slide templates available.

With around 40 backgrounds at your disposal, you will be able to design a contemporary look and vow to your clients.

  • 16 modern color palettes
  • Bright and dark versions are available
  • Sleek and sophisticated
Business Strategy

08. Be

After having seen scores of monotonous slides and the same old templates, Be seems like a breath of fresh air.

This template aims to give your presentation the personalized edge you want with its massive set up customizable options. It epitomizes the user’s creativity and coaxes you to exhaust your imagination.

  • Easily editable
  • Drag and drop your own images
  • Pre-installed fonts which do not require you to purchase additionally
Be. Google Slides Template

09. Suktala

This slide is excessively functional if your project entails the display large sets of images. It is ideal if you’re looking to showcase your photography, present your travelogue or anything that requires you to use as many pictures as possible. 

This professionally designed template is accessible on all devices and servers.

  • With 3D infographics
  • Easy to add icons and elements
  • Sleek and modern
  • Unique custom slides
Suktala Google Slide Template

10. Pitch Deck

This unique and distinctive slide template understands the need to create a functional pitch deck, especially if you have to create one from scratch. 

This interface allows you the liberty of a head start with its built-in attractive and extremely versatile deck sure that can impress your audience. 

In addition to this, you’re also awarded a comprehensive set of laudable features.

  • More than 100 unique slides
  • Free fonts to choose from
  • Inclusive of pre-animated slides
Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

11. Charity

Largely minimal yet seamlessly graceful, this Google Slide template can prove to be an attractive tool to advertise your ideas and showcase your perspective.

Its easily navigable interface allows you to make as many changes as you desire. 

The freely available fonts- Montserrat and Lato are classic typefaces that will give a professional edge to your content.

  • Free and regular updates
  • Documentation
  • Inexpensive and proficient support center
Charity Google Slides Template

12. Business Proposal

Crafted exclusively for important business meetings, Business Proposal is precise and houses as minimal visual effects in terms of themes and backgrounds as possible. 

Keeping the background ample yet as simple as possible- this slide is everything a corporate presentation needs and requires. It will help accentuate your presentation and complement your explanation, rather than overshadow it.

  • Several satisfied customers
  • Conducive for all kinds of businesses
  • Extremely professional
Business Proposal Google Slides Template

13. Aspire

Largely image-driven, this template can do a really good job of displaying your best work and adding more value with high-resolution pictures accompanying it.

You will be spoilt with choice with the massive display of unique and custom-made slides which will help you implore your creativity to the fullest.

  • Allows you to drag/drop images
  • 160 different slide templates
  • Easily modifiable
Aspire Premium Google Slide Template

14. Bilbao

This template reminds someone of a Korean pop theme. It caters largely to businesses in the creative industry, with its plush colors and dynamic backgrounds that will complement your artistic content. 

It would be a suitable fit for those of you encompassing photography, fashion or advertising content in these templates.

  • Free and regular updates
  • Pint ready with 3000dpi
  • More than 600 available icons
  • 100 plus creative slides
BILBAO Google Slides

15. Material

If you’re in need of propelling your business image to greater heights, we suggest you use the Material template to display your expertise while also conveying your message. 

This template is increasingly trendy I largely conducive for graphic designers and those employed in the advertising industry. This premium template although it seems daunting, is very easy to use and functional.

  • With multipurpose slides
  • Conducive for displaying maps and graphs
Material Google Slides

16. Clean

This sleek and devilishly modern template is the epitome of cutting-edge technology.

Its easily navigable template makes it functional, and the pandora box of unique custom slides and tools enhances its versatility; allowing the user to implore all of their creative options. 

You are also at the freedom to edit the built-in vector shapes and other icons.

  • Available with 5 color themes
  • Inclusive of puzzle tree diagram infographics
  • With Google map integration
Clean Google Slides Template

17. NORS

Acclaimed as the preferred business presentation template, its easy utilization is one of the many features that allures its customers. 

You can choose amongst a hoard of unique and custom-made slides that are available in this domain, and tailor your presentation in accordance with your content. It is designed to fully support the HD format

  • Around 600 free fonts
  • 130 creative slides
  • Fully editable in Google Slides
Clean Google Slides Template

18. Verzus

One of the few slides that include PDF documentation, this slide is powerful with its expansive design and wide choices of layouts and icons. 

It is inclusive of functional infographics, charts, maps and vector icons that enhance the engaging ability of your presentation. 

It has been deemed compatible for all kinds of subjects like app launches, marketing, company profile, investor presentations and so on.

  • More than 200 unique slides
  • Quick guide and assistance
  • Inclusive of mock-ups
  • Compatible with 2 aspect ratios

19. Proposal

Minimally sublime- the Proposal can be slightly challenging, and is widely preferred by those acquainted with regular presentation making. Hosting over 24 creative slides, this functional slide is clean and also vibrant. 

It is a common preference amongst E-commerce and product promotions.

  • Easily scalable
  • Supports both aspect ratios
  • PPTX for uploading to Google Drive
  • Full HD and retina ready
Proposal Google Slides

20. Marketofy

This highly functional and versatile slide is treasure chest brimming with new-age features, tools and widgets that will glorify your presentation; and indefinitely woo your client. 

With the availability of dark and light themes, Marketofy can amply categorize your content based on the text, graphs and images; and professionally display it in a structured format.

  • Easy to edit slides
  • Supportive of models, graphs, charts and tables
  • Offer premium services like fast delivery and 24/7 support center
Proposal Google Slides

21. Business Development

This Google Slides template is largely simple and filled with easy structures and usable features.

It boasts a variety of over 4000 slide variations, more than what regular slides support it is also fully customizable and can be accessed on any device or through any internet server. 

It comes with a small digitized assistance brochure to help you get started.

  • Availability of free fonts
  • A4 print size ready
  • With 4000 vector icons
  • Designed based entirely on the master slide
Business Development Google Slides

22. Solanio

One of the Google Slides that reflects their company’s environmentally aware stance, the Solanio is known for its “organic” image. 

With lots of green and tinges of ecological colors, this template has been significantly used for the promotion of green technologies, waste management policies and organic produce in terms of food and cosmetics.

  • Go-green with 25 different slides
  • Boasts a white and green color theme
  • Efficient, fresh and modern
Business Development Google Slides

23. Palamon

This particular Google Slide is very image-based or pictorial rather than text-centric.

The pre-made custom slides extensively use background images to explain your point, and minimal text to suffice your claims. 

If you’re looking to tell a story or explain a sequential set of events, this slide would agreeably be a good choice.

  • Visible font and functional design
  • Effectively conveys ideas
  • Easily customizable with professional features

24. Helicanus

As quirky as the name is, the slide template is equally if not more vibrant. It has a very classy and sophisticated edge making it seem like a classic piece of art or information. 

The stripes adorning the sides of the slides add to this edgy atmosphere and help in viewing the entire slide as a full composition.

  • Often used for luxury clothing and perfume brands
  • Compatible with Google Sheets
  • Allows you to include tables and graphs
Helicanus Google Slide Templates

25. Yellow

Exuding a strict and formal aura, Yellow is easily accessible and can help you gain your target audiences’ drifting attention. Its seamless and elegant design can leave an impression on your clients, and help them soak up the displayed information. 

Its wide expanse of infographics, icons, and the inclusion of statistics helps propel visual learning.

  • Suitable for educational modules
  • Highly customizable slides
  • Sharp and modern templates
Yellow Free Google Slides

26. Magazine

This Google Slide will help make your presentation look like the front of a vintage magazine cover- vintage and fancy. 

However, this template isn’t for every industry and works wonders only for fashion, photography or journalism content.

It will beautifully host your array of graphs, tables, and charts and add value to your speech.

  • Easily customizable
  • 15 pre-made slide
  • Compatible with Google Powerpoint and KeyNote
Magazine Google Slide

27. Elementum

Reflecting agility and versatility, Elementum has an inconspicuous black and yellow color theme.

This brings a subtle charm to your presentation, accentuating the carefully crafted details and functional icons. 

It is widely impressive and looks sleek. In addition to this, it is also compatible with Google Sheets and other allied applications.

  • More than 15 custom-made slides
  • Built-in tables and charts
  • Perfect for NGOs and charity organizations
Elementum Slide

28. Free Business Google Slide

To appease your extremely business crowd and corporate clients. It houses a distinctive blue and green color palette which is extensively complementary and eye-catchy as well. 

This enhances the credibility of your content and helps you to effectively deliver your message. The presence of a world map template and other icons provides additional help.

  • Easily editable colors and images
  • More than 20 unique slides
  • Easily exportable to PDF, JPG
  • Around 80 functional icons
Free Business Google Slide

29. Conceptual

This soft blue background with conceptual outline illustrations effectively captures your client’s attention; and the subtle animations coupled with maps and charts can help deliver your message. 

Highly adaptable, Conceptual is sparsely attractive and the soft themes bring out the content’s vitality.

  • More than 80 icons, along with a world map
  • 16:9 aspect ration
  • 25 unique and creative slides
Conceptual Google Slide

Final Word

Apart from being highly professional and flexible, these Google slides will also help you implore your creative liberty and let your imagination run wild.

It accredits your content and adds credibility to your explanation; through the wide variety of icons and tools through which you can tabulate data to suffice your argument.

Put your thinking cap on and abandon all the doubts you had about your presentation falling flat on your audience- because Google Slides has you covered!

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