12 Best Google Map WordPress Plugins 2021

Easily Integrate Google Maps With Your WordPress Site With These Map Plugins


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Google Map plugins make it super simple for WordPress users to integrate the maps into their site. Create a customized Google Map for your site with these Map plugins

Google Map is an unavoidable part of the sites that is location dependent. Google Maps make it very simple for online users to find local businesses.

Nowadays, most of the top quality WordPress themes come with a readily integrated Google Map system, so you don’t need to use an external plugin to add the map feature.

We have already listed some amazing local business directory themes here, all these themes offer you a built-in Google Map option to make it easier for the users to find the business locations.

Popular themes like Divi and other multipurpose WordPress themes offer you this feature readily integrated.

However, if your theme doesn’t have the Google Map feature readily integrated, then you can use any of these Google Map WordPress plugins to add this feature quickly.

Google Maps are a very important part of the event-related sites as well. Google Maps can be extremely effective and easy to guide your event attendees to reach your event location easily.

So, if you are managing any site that needs to display a map; be it in your contact form or any other location these plugins are going to be of great help.

Here is the list of top Google Map WordPress plugins that you can use to create Your Site

Top Google Map WordPress Plugins

WP Google Maps

This is a free Google Map WordPress plugin that you can use for your site. WP Google Maps with over 400k active installations this is one of the most popular map plugins.

You can use customize Google Maps on your posts and pages according to your need with the provided shortcode.

You can add an unlimited number of markers to your maps, you just have a hover on the section and add the marker.

You have nine different map designs to choose from. It also supports the Google street view features to make your maps more interactive.

You can set the width, height and zoom level for your maps according to your need. Overall, it’s a great Google Map plugin that covers all the features you expect.

WP Google Maps

Responsive Styled Google Maps

This is a premium Google Map WordPress plugin. It’s a complete solution for your location map requirement and offers you tons of amazing options so that you can make it look like an integral part of your site.

This is a mobile friendly, responsive and retina ready plugin to make your location maps look great on all devices.

You can create an unlimited number of maps and multiple markers on each map you create. The plugin offers you shortcode option, so you can place your map at any location of your site.

It offers you location buttons, over 50 color options to style your maps perfectly. You also have the icons to make it perfect.

Responsive Styled Google Maps


MapSVG is a premium WordPress map plugin and content manager. With it, you can create custom content and show it on a vector, image, or Google maps.

Use it to extend the Google Maps functionality with its powerful features. You can also combine vector maps with Google Maps and change the default Google Maps look by importing thousands of map styles from SnazzyMaps into this WordPress map plugin to create amazing maps for your visitors.

Take advantage of the extensive SnazzyMaps repository. Pick one of the several thousands of map styles and improve Google Maps to look better on your website.


Gutenberg Blocks: Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

With the WordPress 5.0 version, the Gutenberg Editor became a core part of WordPress. Now, you will need to use the blocks instead of the old style editor.

The Ultimate Addon for Gutenberg Editor plugin comes with a Google Maps block that makes the process easy and simple for the users to add a map to any post.

Here is an article to show you how you can use this plugin to add a Google Map to your WordPress post using Gutenberg editor.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Interactive World Maps

Another very powerful map plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can create as many maps you want for your site.

This plugin offers you tons of amazing features to customize the look and feel of your maps.

This plugin offers you the option to create and show a map of the entire world, a part of any state or multiple states in a single map.

It gives you the option to use color as your map marker. You can highlight your maps with amazing color bubbles to make it look attractive and at the same time make it easier for your users to understand.

You have the option to add a different call to action on the maps and when a user click on any section it can show a message or open an URL as per your settings.

This plugin offers you the option to customize the plugin and add amazing features to your site.

  • You can add amazing markers.
  • Style your map with a different background color.
  • You can create an interactive region color.
  • You have the option to set a different color for different regions.
  • Option to set custom height and width of the map.
  • Option to place the map at any location on your site.
Interactive World Maps

5sec Google Maps

One of the most popular premium Google Map plugins, 5sec Google Maps offer you great features and options to create professional looking maps for your site.

The map builder offered by this plugin comes with over 25 different options so create the perfect map for your business.

You can create multiple maps on a single page and set the markers to your map easily. You can place the maps anywhere on your site easily with the provided shortcode.

5sec Google Maps

Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps, another free maps plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin comes with over 100 different styling option for your Google Map.

In fact, you can use this plugin to add styling to your existing Google maps on your site. It also offers you the option to create your styling and use them through this plugin.

Please note, this is not a Google Map plugin in itself. This plugin can be used with any other Google map plugin to add amazing styles.

Snazzy Maps

Mapify.it: Customized Google Maps for WordPress

If you are managing a directory site, an event site or any other site that needs extensive use of the Google Maps, this plugin can be very effective.

You can add an image, gallery, custom graphics to any section of the map making it a lot more interactive.

You can also add tooltips and interactive pop-ups to your maps to offer more information to your visitors about a place.

In fact, this is a mandatory feature if you are managing a real-estate related website. This plugin integrates itself with the WordPress admin panel perfectly making it easier for the users to edit the maps.

Mapify.it Google Maps for WordPress


Powerful Google Map Plugin

A powerful and free to use the WordPress Google Map plugin from the Themeisle team. This feature-rich map plugin offers you amazing options to create and style your maps.

You also have a pro version of the plugin with some top quality features. You can create unlimited maps with unlimited markers.

You have the option to add custom layers to your maps to make it more interactive, you also have the option to add Google AdSense ads to your maps.

Powerful Google Map

Google Maps CP

Google Maps CP is a free Google Map plugin that you can use to insert maps on any post or pages. You can use the map on a single page with the marker or you can use it in a template with multiple posts with multiple markers.

In a template with multiple markers, when the user hovers on any of the markers it will highlight the respective post in the page.

Though it is a free map plugin, it offers you all the important options that you will need to create a geolocation-based website.

Top Features:

  • Use multiple markers on a page.
  • Customize the markers as per your need.
  • Use physical address or and point coordinates.
  • You can use the Google Map in multiple different languages.

This plugin comes with a premium version as well that will offer you more features and options. You can start with the free version of the plugin and then go for the premium version if you need more options.

Google Maps CP

Final Word

There are some other Google Map plugins as well that you can use for your site. However, the plugins mentioned in this list are enough to fulfill all your map related requirements.

We will be adding more good quality plugins to this list soon, so don’t forget to bookmark this list and share your feedback using the comment form below.


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