100 Best Free Tumblr Themes

Free Tumblr Themes

This is a collection of best free Tumblr themes to make your Tumblr blog modern, minimal and user-friendly.

Tumblr, as you may already know, is one of the world’s popular microblogging services/social media networks which makes it easy for users to share short-form and media-type content.

You can use the platform to easily share images, text, links quotes, videos, and music.

You can also customize your blog and give it a personal touch to provide a better experience for your users as well.

Now, for the customization part, Tumblr themes are the best way to go.

A Tumblr theme will help you to improve the experience of your Tumblr blog. These free Tumblr themes bring in a lot of features, design styles, responsive interfaces, and much more.

You can also go about and edit the themes by adjusting the raw HTML codes that go into building them.

Now for this read, we have taken together a bunch of Tumblr themes that are available for free and can give your blog the desired makeover.

So without further ado, here is our pick of the Best Free Tumblr Themes:

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Yuki is a grid-based Tumblr theme designed for photographers and people who love photography in general. You can use the theme to create a home page filled with photographs thumbnails. A user can come in and click on one such photo to know more about it.

This is the ideal theme for people who use Tumblr mostly for the purpose of sharing pictures and photography content.

Free Tumblr Themes


Sugar Tumblr theme takes advantage of a Variable Grid Layout to showcase your content. If you want something that works just like your Lookbook, then this will be a nice pick.

The theme supports all six Tumblr post types, offers you beautiful color schemes, and then there are options for custom fonts, slideshows, profile cards, over 120 theme options, accent photo post, pagination formats, date formats and much more.

You even get access to features like Google Analytics, Disqus comments, Tag links, social links, social sharing and so on.


Pop Gallery Lite

If you wish to showcase your work in style, here is a great-looking free Tumblr theme with an option to showcase your work portfolio.

Though this is a free theme, you have the necessary options like mobile responsive, the option to change the color scheme, infinite Scrolling, social links, etc.


Wicked Minimal Tumblr Theme

Wicked is a beautiful minimal Tumblr theme with over 100k active installations. This theme is constantly evolving with new features so that you can use this theme on your site.

The theme is mobile-friendly, and the new version of the theme is ten times faster than the old version so it will offer a great reading experience to your visitors.

The theme is created with the best SEO practices in mind so that your content gets the edge over your competitors.

If you are using this theme for a photography site, you have an amazing improved experience with the image lightbox feature; you also have a direct Pin It option on the images.

The theme works perfectly on every modern browser. The theme offers you great design, minimal reading experience, SEO-optimized layout, infinite scroll option and a lot more.

Wicked Minimal Tumblr Theme


A beautiful and clean Tumblr blog theme a distraction-free interface to publish your content. The thing comes with a classic design to present your content in the most professional way.

This template is part of the Envato Elements subscription.

Clean Tumblr Theme


Ashely is a responsive Tumblr theme with a minimal design. The features offered in the theme are all content-oriented, and you also get access to a lot of customization features to help you with how the theme looks and feels.

The theme supports all six Tumblr post types, so you will not be restricted on that end. Overall, this is a nice multipurpose theme for your Tumblr blog if you are looking for customization and minimalist design as a priority.



A fully responsive, great looking, Bootstrap based Tumblr theme that offers you all post formats option, Instagram feed option, classic single layout option, custom images, Infinite scrolling and a lot more.

Cosmic Tumblr Theme


It’s a beautiful flat design that you can use for your Tumblr blog. It offers you huge customization possibilities to make sure that you can style your blog the way you like it. From color, and fonts to the header image; you can change as per your requirement.

Optica Tumblr Theme


Svbtle, if you remember well, was one of the major players in blogging platforms if you were one of those elegant types.

However, their free services have been terminated, so if you still want that look and feel for free, you will have to use Tumblr and install this wonderful theme.

The main features that you get include a responsive design, custom logo, a custom navigation menu, fluid embedded media like photos, videos, presentations, custom colors, and Google Analytics integration.

You also get Disqus comments; Facebook likes and Twitter shares, Socialico font for social links and Google web fonts support.


Effector Theme

A super flexible Tumblr theme with customizable sidebar & top bar options. You can also have the font of your choice so that you can fine-tune the look and feel of your site according to your niche.

Effector Theme


If you are a photo blogger, you will love this theme. This theme is custom-created for photographers to showcase their work in the most elegant and presentable way.

This theme offers you some amazing features that will highlight the work of photographers. You have the horizontal scroll option to make it easier for visitors to check out your work.

The theme offers you Google & Typekit font support, a beautiful slider option for all photo sets, different post format support and more.

Laser free tumblr theme


Impulse is a three-column Tumblr theme designed for Writers, Photographers, and people in need of an online portfolio. You will get a responsive layout with the theme, and support for infinite scrolling.

Also, you will be getting plenty of theme options to help you customize most of the things. You will also be able to set custom post backgrounds if you want.

You can choose to show or hide archive links or any other random links on your site. Then you can also hide the description, title or global avatar if you want.



A top-quality free Tumblr theme that is as good as a premium Tumblr theme. It comes with a beautiful layout design and an attractive presentation.

It’s a fully responsive and mobile-friendly design that will help you to make your site look great on all devices. You have multiple column options in this theme that you can choose according to your requirements.

Astoria WordPress Theme


Hipster is a free premium theme to help out Tumblr bloggers looker for something professional and polished. It should be easily understood that you will get a set of premium-level features here.

Some of its notable features include sticky content, keyboard navigation for page content, Instagram integration and the ability to show your latest pics, a sidebar to show important details and much more to your viewer.

However, there is also a premium version to this which packs in a lot of other features as well.



Flora is another top-quality Tumblr theme with a beautiful and clean design you will love the overall feel of this theme.

The same as a part of Envato Elements, so you will get access to over nine hundred thousand other digital products along with this theme.

Flora Tumblr Theme

Three Tumblr Theme

A beautiful, premium-quality Tumblr theme with flexible column options. You can choose up to four columns for your site.

The theme also offers you sidebar options if you wish to show any widget. You have eight custom color options to choose from.

You have the post permalink options to make your posts SEO-friendly. You have infinite scroll options, super quick loading time and more.

Three Free Tumblr Theme


Susan is a beautiful-looking design that comes with a great-looking hero section where you can add your own image and make it look even better.

The theme comes with a modern column-based layout. It is one of the best theme options for photographers and travel bloggers.



As the name suggests, this is a clean and minimal Tumblr theme that you can use to create your Tumblr blog.

This is a fully responsive theme with tons of customization options to make sure that you can fine-tune the overall design of your blog.

The theme comes with a fully customizable header section, background option and content grid option so that your blog looks clean and reader-friendly.

Minimalism theme offers you social sharing icons that are ready to be used; you have infinite scroll options, sticky navigation and more.

Minimalism Tumblr Theme


Pation theme comes with a beautiful minimal design that will be perfect to keep the focus on your content. This theme comes with a great-looking grid layout where you can show random posts.

Featured like sticky navigation, amazing font options, great-looking hover styles, and social links make it a nice option for your content publication.



Revolve is a beautiful minimalist Tumblr theme that you can use for your blog. The theme offers you amazing customization possibilities to make sure that you can quickly change things around as per your need.

You can have a wide layout to showcase your content in a minimalized design. You can customize the header/sidebar layout for your site and look it look trendy.



Another beautiful free Tumblr theme with amazing customization options. You can change the layout, font, color options and more to change the overall look of the theme.

Belfort Tumblr Theme

Juggernaut Free Tumblr Theme

Display your images and other content in a great-looking modern grid style. It comes with a great Pinterest style design, and when you click on the images, it enhances the experience with the amazing bigger version of the image.

Juggernaut Free Tumblr Theme


A beautiful, simple and elegant Tumblr theme that you can use to create your blog free of cost. This theme offers you options such as social icons, infinite scrolling to make it engaging.

wordy free tumblr theme


Void is another great-looking grid-style Tumblr theme that you can use to showcase your content in style. It is a minimal modern design that will surely enhance your user’s experience.

void tumblr theme


Telpher is a free Pinterest-style Tumblr theme that you can use to create your blog. The theme is modern and trendy, and it offers you a very attractive layout to showcase your content.



With Empire theme, you can create a site with up to six columns. You have seven color combinations to choose from, a beautiful modern layout, fixed or moving header option.

It’s a great-looking Pinterest style design that will allow your content to show in a flexible and responsive grid layout. You also have the full-screen layout option to make things simpler.

This theme offers you some amazing community features such as like options, reblog options. It’s a very quick-loading Tumblr theme offering a great experience for your visitors.

Empire Free Tumblr Theme

Candice Free Tumblr Theme

Another beautiful free Tumblr theme that comes with a full-width as well as the boxed layout option. It is a great theme for an image as well as text content that you can show a great-looking layout.

Your users will have a great experience on your site with the Candice theme as it offers you a rich typography option with built-in fonts as well as Google Fonts (over 600 options to choose from).

Candice is a fully responsive design making sure that your site looks great on mobile devices as well as desktops.

You can incorporate different commenting systems such as Facebook, Disqus, etc. to improve the overall experience. Social media is readily integrated into the theme to help you drive traffic.

Candice Tumblr Theme


A modern, elegant and minimal Tumblr theme that you can use to create your site. If you wish to create a product showcase blog, this theme is one of the best options for you.

It’s a fully responsive design with an option to select your font from a wide range of Google Fonts.

Indy Tumblr Theme


A great choice for content-rich and image-heavy sites. The theme offers you an infinite scrolling feature so that your users keep engaged with the endless content.

Chale Tumblr Theme


A powerful modern free Tumblr theme with a great design. The theme offers you a header slider option with a caption to attract your visitor’s attention immediately.

It’s a fully responsive modern design that is perfectly optimized for mobile devices.

Queis Free Tumblr Theme


Liberation is a minimal grid Tumblr theme that you can use for image-based blogs. It’s a very simple yet powerful Tumblr theme with over 75k active install.

So, the number says it all. You can use this theme for your site and publish your content in style.

You can customize the look and feel of your site by changing the number of columns for your site; you have seven color options to choose from.

It’s a very quick loading SEO-friendly design that will surely enhance the user experience on your site.

Liberation Tumblr Theme

Art She Said

A beautiful minimal Tumblr Theme that you can use for free. The design is clean and simple and it will offer you an elegant interface to showcase your content nicely so that your audience can enjoy your content without any distraction.

Art She Said


Another beautiful option when it comes to Tumblr theme, you can play around with the header and sidebar design of this theme.

You can have a header at the top and a wide content layout as well as a header in the sidebar along with widgets.

It is a very clean, minimal and timeless design that will make your site look great on all devices.

Stamp Tumblr Theme


A beautiful minimal Tumblr Theme with a modern and mobile-friendly layout.

Eclipse Minimal Tumblr Theme


Verbage is a minimal and clean design for the content creator. If you wish to have a complete focus on your content, this is a great theme option for you.

You can use this theme for photo blogging as well as high-text content-rich blogs. It will make sure that your content is perfectly optimized for the best results.

The theme offers you a social media options, Google Fonts, custom images for the footer, header and background to make sure that you can style your site easily.

Verbage Minimal Tumblr Theme


Simplify Tumblr theme is targeted towards startups who are looking towards Tumblr to help them announce new features, new products, and other general announcements.

The theme has a very sleek and modern feel to it, making it the perfect go-to for writing, news, and similar information.

Apart from this, you get other options such as a cool navigation menu button to the righter corner of every page which translates well on both mobile and desktop versions of your website. You also get a Disqus comment and Google Analytics integration.



Syndex is a highly optimized Tumblr theme to make sure that your content becomes viral easily. The users can reblog and like your content right on the homepage of the theme making sure to drive a lot of traffic back to your site.

Syndex Tumblr Theme


A great-looking grid-based Tumblr theme that you can use for your site. It’s a very attractive yet simple and minimal design.

No matter what your content type is, this theme will surely do a great job and optimize your content for maximum viewership.

This theme can be a great design option for the viral content sites that are created to display amazing, funny images and drive tons of traffic.

OhMyGrid Minimal Grid Tumblr Theme


Observer is a simple Tumblr theme that you can use for your site. It is a fluid theme that will make your site look great on all devices.

This theme is designed to keep the focus on your content. Your text or images will be nicely highlighted to make sure that your audience has a great experience on your site.

You will have complete freedom to customize the design, style, font, header image for your site to make sure that you are able to make your site the way you want while keeping it simple.

Observer Tumblr Theme

Travel Pro

Travel Pro is a beautiful modern Tumblr theme that is part of the Envato Elements subscription. You get access to this theme and close to 900k other themes, templates, graphics and design elements just for $16 per month, which is a great deal.

You will love the overall feel of this theme. It is a top-quality Tumblr design from every aspect. The theme comes with a big hero slider and rich typography followed by your posts.

The design looks very attractive and you can enhance it further with some breathtaking photos.

If you are a travel blogger or a photographer, you will find very few designs like the Travel Pro theme that offer you such a clean yet attractive design to narrate your experience.

Travel Pro Tumblr Theme


A minimal and clean free Tumblr theme with a fully responsive design. You can use this theme to create your site and present your content in a distraction-free layout.

The theme offers you multiple layout options, you can have a simple column layout as well as a multi-column split design.


Retrospective Grid layout Theme

Another great-looking clean and minimal design. This theme is a perfect fit for the photoblogs that will offer a great experience to your visitors. The grid layout of the theme is user-friendly, and the single pages are also nicely created.



Persona is a beautiful personal blogging theme for Tumblr users. This theme comes with an elegant design and a clean interface.

The theme comes with nice customization options; you can change the font of the theme. Everything is minimized and well-optimized to make sure that your users have a distraction-free experience on your site.

Persona Tumblr Theme


Infinity is a modern grid-based design with highly customizable features. You have eight custom color options to choose from.

You can completely customize the look and feel of your site. You can choose the number of columns; you can add a sidebar, optional border for your images and other content.

Infinity Tumblr Theme


Salvia is a very professional-looking Tumblr theme. It is a well-designed, clean and minimal Tumblr design that will enhance the overall reading experience.

This is a feminine theme that is a great option for female bloggers who wants to publish their content on the Tumblr platform.

Salvia Minimal Tumblr Theme


A beautiful, clean and minimalistic Tumblr theme that you can use to post your content in a professional design. The modern grid design of the theme will help you to showcase your content in an attractive design.

Logbook Free Tumblr Theme


If you are looking for a simple and clean Tumblr theme, here is a great option for you. The Basic theme comes with a beautiful design, minimal feel, and an SEO-friendly layout.

The theme offers you a fully responsive and retina-ready design that will help you to create a perfectly optimized site that will work nicely on any modern device.

The Basic theme offers you an image zoom option if you are using this theme for a photoblog, this feature will be very useful.

You have the color options to style your blog perfectly, you have the Pretty Notes option, custom pages, Google Analytics support, Disqus comment option and a lot more.



Oscars is the ideal Tumblr theme for freelancers. You can use it as a simple blogging theme or a personal blog to share some thoughtful stories and articles.

Everything you put on your blog will not go unnoticed as the theme brings in modern design coupled with high customizability to help you make your blog as visually appealing as possible.

All the basic features that one comes to expect from a Tumblr blog are all bundled in with the theme of a comments section, analytics integration, social media integration, and much more.



Minimalism Tumblr theme offers a high-quality option for brands, individuals and other creatives looking forward to expanding their online presence. You will get to share your image-based content in a minimalistic and professional approach.

Notable features of the theme include features such as content grid management, custom header, custom background color, and image options, a mobile-ready layout, social media images, infinite scrolling, a sticky sidebar navigation menu and much more.



The Elise Tumblr theme offers you multiple layout options to choose from. You can showcase your content in the most elegant way with this theme.

Elise Free Tumblr Theme

Illustfolio 4

A simple yet attractive Tumblr theme for the illustrators and photos. Though the theme is clean and minimal it does offer you customization possibilities.

You can change the color, font to style your site. The theme supports all types of posts to make sure that you can quickly add your content and publish it.

The theme is fully responsive and offers you social sharing buttons to maximize your reach.

Illustfolio 4 Clean Tumblr Theme


A great-looking minimal Tumblr theme that you can use for your blog. You can use this theme for free.

The theme comes with a fully customizable design so that you are able to make changes to the design as per your requirement.

You have the option to choose between light and dark versions of the design as per your requirement.


Osprey is a great-looking free and highly customizable Tumblr theme. You can customize the look and feel of the theme with seven different color options to choose from.

You can set the design by changing the design between two or three columns. It’s a fast-loading Tumblr theme with an infinite scroll option.

It offers you a permalink option, an amazing border option for the post, image border option, optional multi-size posts.

Osprey Tumblr Theme


If you need an attractive free theme, here is Shiyori Tumblr theme, a multi-layout design to make your site look more interactive and trendy.



Skyfall Tumblr theme is another one for the photographers. It transforms your blog into a beautiful and high featured gallery of sorts to help you display your latest works quickly.

The front page will showcase only image posts which if clicked will display the corresponding content through a lightbox.

Also, if more than one item has been uploaded to the post, then users can also have access to browse through them from the home page.


Orange Pop

Another great option for Tumb bloggers. If you are a fan of orange color then you will like this theme. However,  you always have the choice to switch the color scheme of your blog as per your wish.

It’s a minimal good-looking theme with a clean design and all the important features that you will need to create a perfectly optimized Tumblr blog.


Writing Pad

Writing Pad, as the name implies is a Tumblr theme targeted for writers looking to use their blog to showcase their work. It comes with a design and aesthetic appeal which makes it ideal for writing-based content.

Design-wise it offers grunge-like background with typography running a slight tilt as if resembling an entry from the journal. You can easily transform this into your online journal.


Ten Toes

Another beautiful, minimal-free Tumblr theme that you can use on your blog. The theme is clean and attractive.

The interface is user-friendly, and you can quickly click on any image and start browsing more by just clicking on the right or left arrow.

You can easily increase your share content as the users will be able to share your images right from the homepage of your site.

Ten Toes Free Tumblr Theme


And finally, an ending of our list is Harbour, a sort of multipurpose theme for Tumblr which supports all post types and lots of user interfaces and customization options.

It also comes with a responsive design making it mobile-friendly. The design quality of Harbour is so good that often people confuse it with a quality WordPress blog.

Overall, if you want to have a blog that showcases a different type of content and also looks very professional and polished, then this is an excellent option to consider.



An amazing Tumblr design for image-rich sites. If you are a photographer, this theme will make your work stand out.

It comes with a big grid system that makes each image look stunning. This theme is fully responsive making it super attractive on small screen devices.

It’s a very lightweight and SEO-friendly design that will surely put your content perfectly on the search engines.

ImNotWordy Tumblr Themes


A clean and minimal Tumblr theme with a beautiful interface to highlight your content perfectly. This is a fully responsive Tumblr theme that will make your blog look great on all devices.

Editorist Free Tumblr Theme


Tumblr is all about minimal designs and designs that give users to consume your content without any distraction. Here is a theme for photobloggers that offers a great-looking clean layout that showcases your content in the most elegant way.

Wallstocker Tumblr Theme

Other Basic

If you are looking for a very basic design for your Tumblr site, here is a great option for you. This theme doesn’t offer any fancy elements; you only have a beautifully clean interface to highlight your content.

Other Basic


Another beautiful, clean and highly optimized Tumblr design that you can use to create your content. The theme comes with a modern and trendy navigation option.

You also have the option to have a menu in the sidebar of the theme if you need it. You have normal pagination as well as an infinite scrolling option.

Fireheart Clean Tumblr Theme


Glump is a very clean and simple free Tumblr theme. It offers you a minimal layout to present your content in the traditional Tumblr style.

This can be a great theme for the hobby content writers to write stories, poems and to use as a personal diary to write down their daily activities and goals.

Glump Tumblr Theme

The One

The One is another free Tumblr theme that comes with a traditional Tumblr-style layout. A beautiful, clean design to present your content and offer a great reading experience to your visitors.

You can use this theme to publish your own content or to reblog great content that you find on the internet.

The One


Monarchy is a clean and beautiful free Tumblr theme that you can use to create your Tumblr blog. The theme comes with a simple two-column design. You will have the content section in the right and a left sidebar.

You can customize the theme as per your need, you can change the color scheme and the font for your site.

Monarchy Tumblr Theme

FAQs About Tumblr Themes

01. What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that you can use to publish your short blog posts. It is also considered a social networking site. Tumblr is popular among photobloggers and creative designers.

02. Is Tumblr Free to Use?

Yes, Tumblr is free to use. You can create your own profile and start posting your content. You can also follow other users who share content around your niche.

03. Can I Use Tumblr to Drive Traffic to Other Blog?

Why not. In fact, many creative designers share their content and drive traffic to their main website. Like all other social networking site you will have to be active on Tumblr and share your content regularly to get a good amount of traffic.

04. What is The Best Replacement of Tumblr?

It depends on your objective. If you are looking forward to creating a blog and make from it, WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform. If you just need another social media platform to share your creative content then Instagram or Pinterest are the best options.

In Conclusion

So this was our list of some of the best Tumblr themes you get for free. Do let us know which ones you liked here.

And also, if you happen to know some other great theme that got left out then do let us know in the comments section.

You will be helping out your fellow readers with more options in the process.

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