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Here is a collection of best CPM advertising networks for bloggers. So, if you run your own blog, you can use these CPM networks to make a good amount of money.

Monetizing your blog and getting real money out of it sometimes becomes quite difficult for anyone due to unusually narrow pay-outs which will ultimately lead you to find more sources to generate revenue and print dollars.

Now, getting money from affiliates and CPC can get quite competitive so you must always keep experimenting with your website for different modes of advertisement.

CPM must be applied to a website with a lot of traffic. If traffic is not an issue, try out any of these 10 CPM networks to monetize your blog.

Top 10 CPM Networks

What is CPM?

CPM is the cost per thousand. It implies the pay-out companies give for every thousand impressions. US-based blogs usually receive about $4 per 1000 impressions!

Here are some of the best-rated revenue generating CPM networks to get you started:

No1. Propeller Ads

Let me tell you something about PopellerAds that it will always accept your application and get your blog monetized. It is easy to setup, simple to use and can be very effective as it gives heavily optimized ads.

One big reason for choosing Propeller Ads is that it accepts everyone with a blog/website. No matter who you are; if you just started, it’s all cool with them. You have low traffic no problem!

Propeller Ads offers multi-channel advertising. Payments are made via Payoneer with which it’s super easy to transfer dollars anywhere you want.

Propeller Ads


No 2. AdMaven

AdMaven is leading pop-under network with 15 billion impressions on a monthly basis. It provides various monetization methods such as the lightbox, pop ads, and interstitial. It usually takes 24-hours for a new account to get verified, up and running.

Users are also able to bypass ad blockers which help you get more revenue. It supports all kinds of blog/website including adult websites and traffic from any global location is accepted. They also offer a bit higher margin than their competitor friends in the game.

AdMaven supports payment methods such as Payoneer, Wire transfer, PayPal and even Bitcoins are applicable as payment modes.



No 3. UberCPM

One of the reasons for choosing UberCPM is for its instant approval even for small and new blogs. It is one of the most effective and simplest advertising networks. It comes with a single ad unit code which you could use on multiple websites.

UberCPM allows only three adverts on a single page, but again you can put the code anywhere you like. If you are looking for good CPM network with not many complications, this is surely for you. Payments are made via PayPal and issued on the 2nd of each month.



No 4. Amazon CPM Ads

For you to get started with Amazon CPM Ads, you need to register as an affiliate on (US), and this is quite an effective CPM Ads network. As the brand being Amazon, it provides a great customer support and even helps you to setup your Ad Business. They provide a lesser fill rate than others which is a con.

Amazon CPM Ads are for selected affiliates only, or you need an invite to join their CPM program. Revenue generated is far more than other competitor’s, and it keeps going up. Payments are made via Wire Transfer and PayPal.

Amazon CPM Ads


No 5. Adsterra

Adsterra network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions. It is one of the fastest growing CPM networks which offers different monetization ways.

Here, you have the option to do targeted advertising and ROI based campaign which can help you make certain more revenue. Adsterra is known for providing unique and smart ways to monetize for both Desktop and Mobile device. Approval is done within 48 hours, and they have good customer care support via email and Skype.

Adsterra CPM Network


No 6. Buy Sell Ads

Buy Sell Ads is highly trusted monetizing solution for your blog/website. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to get you verified and setup. It offers users with great quality ads with heavy customization.

It offers you with a wide range of choices for your adverts. Approving Buy Sell Ads account is quite difficult as you need to have a good quality website with decent design; if you miss out in any of this, your application might get rejected.

Buy Sell Ads


No 7. AdBuff

AdBuff calls itself the Alternative of AdSense. If you are looking for high-quality CPM Ads, then this is the right choice. To get approved, you need to have a minimum of 2000 unique visitors per day with quality content. They also have Android/iOS app to help you with revenue progress and planning.

AdBuff provides you with almost 100% fill rate which is another reason for choosing them. Payment modes include PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Bitcoin, with a minimum payout of $100.

AdBuff CPM Networks


No 8. HillTopAds

HillTopAds is another great monetization solution with high or medium traffic. They use anti Ad Blockers which makes sure you get paid for your traffic more efficiently.

Getting started with HillTopAds is quite simple, and you can even submit more than one website for approval. The interface they provide with is quite materialistic and user-friendly. The minimum payout is 50$ and modes of payment being PayPal and Payoneer. They don’t charge transaction fees.

Exponential CPM Networks


No 9. Exponential

The best thing about Exponential is that they provide you with quality CPM Ads, offering high revenue Ads with 55% of revenue going to publishers. Getting your blog monetized with Exponential ad network itself counts that your blog/website is awesome.

They follow very strict standards while certifying like the minimum requirement is having 500,000 unique visitors per month, having highly targeted relevant and regularly updated content for which publisher is directly responsible, and an attractive and professional design.

The minimum payout is 50$ and payment mode in Net45.

Exponential CPM Network


No 10. Google AdSense

Google’s own ad network, AdSense, is the most efficient trusted and high revenue oriented Ad network. It has the best rates in the industry, and it also provides good rates for Indian traffic.

As good may it sound but getting yourself with AdSense approved account is a tough job. The quality of the content they provide for their CPM Adverts is really one of the best and highly targeted generating more efficient revenue.

Google Adsense



If you’re a beginner, start with AdSense and as the traffic improves, move to other CPM networks.

10 Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers for 2017
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