17 Best Call to Action Plugins For WordPress

Call to Action Plugins

The best call to action WordPress plugins that will improve the conversion of your site dramatically. When it comes to online business, small things can make a big difference.

People will come to your website because of your content. And through the content, you have managed to increase your traffic.

Great! But that’s not the end of it. The next bit is to make your visit to ‘take action.’

Whether you want to make your visitors subscribe, buy stuff, or share your work, you can’t achieve that with the content alone. You need a call to action; a means to make your otherwise passive audience into proactive customers and consumers.

Now a user will take action depending on whether you have made it convincing enough and also made it user-friendly and intuitive. For example, let’s say you want your users to subscribe.

Again, reading your content, they have also found your site to be helpful and want to subscribe. But due to poorly optimized call to action parameters, they fail to find the subscribe button, and you lose a potential conversion.

So now you understand the necessity of properly optimizing your website with a call to action functionalities. Luckily, if you are using WordPress, then this is easily manageable through the use of plugins.

You can use smart popups, timed popups, exit popups, and even opt-ins to increase email and content access.

Now the WordPress platform has thousands of developers actively developing thousands of apps. You can find a number call to action plugins for WordPress which you can potentially use. All these options can make you paralyzed to take action yourself.

And thus here are some shortlisted WordPress plugins that will motivate your audience to make that extra click. So without further ado, here is the Best Call to Action Plugins For WordPress.

Thrive Ultimatum

The Thrive Ultimatum works with one of the most effective and high converting marketing strategies the scarcity marketing.

When the users find that there is a limited amount of time or a limited number of products available for sale, it works and intrigues users to take action.

The Thrive Ultimatum is one of the most effective WordPress plugins to create a powerful landing page with a countdown timer.

Thrive Ultimatum

The Thrive Ultimatum plugin offers you drag and drop editor to make things easier for you. You can completely match the design of your site to make sure that you get a very high conversion rate.

The plugin comes with a number of ready design templates that you can use on your site. It also offers you different widget options, floating bars.


If you are a regular WordPress user, you probably know about Elementor. It is the most popular website builder with over 5 million active users.

Why are we including Elementor in this best call to action plugins list?

Well, you can use Elementor to create any kind of landing page with high converting elements without any coding.

Also, Elementor comes with its own popup builder. Yes, that’s right. You will never have to get any other email opt-in or a popup builder again for your site.

Popup Elementor

With Elementor, you will have complete design freedom to make sure that you are able to create something similar to any big authority site on the internet.

Elementor offers you ready design templates for landing pages, popups (plenty of them) so that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can select a popup design and get started.

It also offers you the option to create an offer with a countdown timer to let users know about it.

When you have a special offer for your users, you can display that with beautiful popup designs that are ready to use. You just have to edit the template and you are good to go.

Elementor Special Offer Designs


A very handy conversion rate optimization plugin, NotificationX can attract users to take action with the urgency and scarcity of marketing techniques.

It is one of the most popular marketing techniques that always work. It will give you the option to display eye-catching notifications that intrigue users to take action.

The plugin offers a number of different notification styles to choose from, over 30 different templates, and a number of powerful integrations to make sure that you are able to increase conversion on your site with the help of this setup.

The plugin will display notifications with the recent customers’ actions that will work as social proof to attract other users to take action.

The video below will give you a nice idea about how the plugin is going to help you.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin

Bloom Email Optin Plugin, as the name implies is an email opt-in plugin that you can use to convert visitors into loyal followers. You will have the option to choose between 6 different display types like an opt-in Pop-up, Opt-in Fly-ins, and so on.

You can also automate the popup and fly-in triggers based on time delays, the bottom of the post, after scrolling, after commenting, after purchasing, or after an activity.

Besides these you will also get 16 email marketing integrations, an elegant design approach with over a hundred pre-made templates, different opt-in orientations, customizable borders and edges, and even image orientation and unlimited color options.

Besides all these, there are also a whole lot of settings and options to give you a great level of control.

Read our review of Bloom Plugin


Social Warfare

As already mentioned social sharing is one of the most important calls to action these days, more the number of social sharing for your post the better ranking in search results as well as social traffic.

So, you need to best tools to make sure that you can increase the conversion regarding social sharing of your articles.

This social sharing plugin, Social Warfare is used by many leading websites in the world because it works perfectly and comes with all the features aligned with the latest trends.

This plugin comes with some amazing features and options such as the option to showcase the top content as per social sharing, easy Pinterest Pin management, amazing interface, ready tweet option to increase your Twitter traffic.

Social Warfare is a fully responsive WordPress plugin, so your social sharing options will work perfectly on any device.


WP Notification Bar Pro

The notification bars can be effective in redirecting your visitors to the important content on your site. If you are looking for a quality notification bar plugin, this is one you must have a look at.

You can customize the design of your bar and use different types of call-to-action. This plugin gives you the option to link to any URL with a text or button link; you can have social media buttons, countdown timer, search form, etc.

You can style the notification bar with unlimited color options; you can fix the position of the bar, can have unlimited notifications, and a lot more.

WP Notification Bar


OptinMonster is one of the most popular email opt-in plugin bloggers and affiliate marketers. It is extremely important to create your email list from the very first day because the email list can drive traffic on demand and recurring revenue for your business.

OptinMonster offers all different types of email subscription options such as popup, full-screen email subscription, floating bar, inline forms, slide-in option, and more.


Many top business sites and pro bloggers are already using this tool as it offers everything that is trending and working currently.

You can link the email subscription forms to most of the prominent email marketing service providers.

It offers you tons of great-looking ready-to-use templates for your email subscription form, so you don’t have to be an expert to make the best out of this tool.

You can fine-tune the activity on your site by carrying out A/B testing to understand what works for your site the best.

You can have deep integration with personalization depending on your users’ behavior. You can also create an individual target page to increase the conversion further.

Other than the user behavior and page-level integration, OptinMonster offers you some different options to target your users. You can go for geo-location-based integration, device-based integration, etc.

If you are managing an eCommerce site, the OptinMonster plugin can help you at many levels to make sure that the cart abandonment reduces and you can have stable revenue from your business.

OptinMonster gives you the option to create great-looking offers for your users to increase the conversion for your business.

OptinMonster Plugin for eCommerce

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro can help you to boost your traffic conversion, create more subscribers and increase residual traffic and earnings. The plugin will help to increase your conversions by popping up call to action subscribe prompting during the user tries to exit the site.

You can also set other pop-up triggers, choose different popup animations, and so on. The plugin is also optimized for speed, supports unlimited colors, and is compatible with SEO plugins and caching plugins.

You will also get a variety of customization options and control over the plugin through the rich settings.

Besides all these, the plugin also offers complete integration with FeedBurner, Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MailerLite, Benchmark Email, MailRelay, Acumbamail, and so on.



Monarch is another amazing Social media plugin on this list of a call to action plugins. We have included this plugin because it is backed by one of the most popular WordPress teams, the Elegant Themes.

Another reason why we included this in this collection is that; this product is getting evolved with time and you can expect all the modern features to be included in the time to come and as the trend changes.

Also, when you buy this theme, you get access to products like Bloom plugin which is listed at the top of this article, and the most popular Divi Theme which is one of the most widely used Multipurpose WordPress themes available in the market.

Monarch plugin offers you a number of different placement options for your social sharing buttons, it also comes with a number of amazing designs for the buttons.

monarch social sharing plugin

Buttons X

Buttons X is one of the most comprehensive plugins to create call-to-action buttons. With this plugin, you can do almost everything you wish around the buttons.

You have the option to add more than 30 different animations to your buttons. You can convert your buttons into dropdown menus and so on.

You can create your button with a live preview to make sure that your call to action buttons are attracting and encouraging users to click on it.

If you need to add two buttons next to each other, you can make them look good by merging them together.

Buttons X

Opt-In Content Locker

One way to get more people to subscribe to your site would be by locking some of your content and making them available to subscribers only. With Opt-in Content Locker, you can do just that with absolute ease.

Lock all the important and alluring content on your site with a simple shortcode [optinlocker]…[/optinlocker]. This will force your visitors to submit their names and email address to get access to your locked content.

All the user-submitted data will get saved in the database and then can be resubmitted to MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, and many other email campaigning tools. You can also export all the saved data as a CSV file and use that with other newsletter systems.

This is the main gist of functionality that the plugin has to provide. You will also get a lot of control over these features through the plugin settings.

Opt-in Content Locker

Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons give you the ability to share on over 35 major social media networks. You will get your hands on 18 different automated display buttons, seven shortcodes, 22 templates, and about 12 like, follow and subscribe buttons.

Choose the one which you think will resonate with your visitors and lead to more social sharing of your content. The plugin comes with eight premium modules including one involving after-share actions and social share analytics.

The plugin is an extended integration of the Multiple E-commerce Plugin for WordPress.

Easy social share button

Hello Bar

Hello Bar probably is the most user-friendly and simple call-to-action tool for your WordPress website. The plugin can help you create a top bar, modal pop-up, full-page call to action, or triggered slider bar.

To use the service, you will have to sign up on their website, create a call to action and then download and upload the WordPress plugin to your site. You will not have to indulge in further setting options or anything else.

After you have installed the plugin on your site, it will start working flawlessly. With the service, you will get options like driving traffic to a selected page, newsletter subscription, Social media links, and also A/B testing.

All your subscriber data will get sent to your email lists in AWeber, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp.

Hello Bar


PopupAlly is easy to use newsletter subscription plugin with great reviews thanks to its powerful, customizable templates. The plugin is available in a free form, and a paid one. With the free version, you will be getting popup forms with exit intent, popup forms after a time delay.

It will even allow you to embed your newsletter subscription form at the bottom of your posts. It also supports integration with Aweber, MailChimp, Madmimi, Getresponse, Infusionsoft, and all other email marketing systems that come with HTML opt-in code.

With the pro version, you will get much more control over the design, analytics, and hands-on about nine different types of call to action including top bar, sidebar, triggered box, and the likes.



With MailMunch you may create beautiful opt-in forms which can allure your readers into becoming subscribers to your blog or website.

Some of the features that you will find with Optin forms include a variety of form types including pop-ups, embedded, top car, scroll box, and sidebar.

You will also be getting some beautiful themes with which you can make your email opt-in popups look amazing.

Apart from this, you will also get A/B testing and analytics to view email subscription analytics and statistics for all times. You can also apply some targeting settings to provide rules to display opt-in forms based on pages, categories, or posts.

Overall, the plugin supports integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, and a few more.

call to action plugins

Mango Buttons

If you are looking for a modern call-to-action button plugin that is free to use, here is the plugin you need.

Mango Button plugin offers you some trendy button designs that will surely impress your visitors.

This CSS3 button plugin is fully responsive to make it look great on all devices including mobile phones, tabs, etc.

The best part is that you have a simple and easy-to-use visual editor to design your call to action button with over 500 icons to spice it up.

Mango Buttons

Shortcodes Ultimate

With the WordPress 5.0 changes, the requirement of the shortcode plugin has gone down than before, because the elements like button, text background color, etc. are already incorporated with the Gutenberg editor.

However, if you are still looking for a quality shortcode plugin that can manage a lot of things, Shortcodes Ultimate is the most preferred plugin for you.

This shortcode plugin comes with a number of different modules that you can add to your pages with just one click.

The plugin offers you over 50 different shortcodes, you have unlimited color options to style your text and other components so that you can create a great-looking interactive post on your site.

The basic plugin is free to use, you can download that from the WordPress repository and you have a number of premium add-ons that will help you to take your site to the next level.

Shortcodes Ultimate


Your high-quality content reeling in massive traffic to your website can be regarded as a waste if it is not amounting to anything. But with these plugins, you can take advantage of this traffic and turn these potential consumers into your loyal customers.

So do install these plugins to your site and see if you notice positive changes. If you have already used any of these plugins, then please write in the comment section, how you liked using them.

Also if you know of any other plugins better than the ones listed here then do cite them out in the comments. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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