Best Ambigram Generators With Examples

Over 60 creative examples of Ambigrams that you can heck for your inspiration

Ambigram Generator

An Ambigram is a typographical word, art, or any other representation, which can be read as one or more words, not only in its form presented but also from another viewpoint, orientation or perspective.

You turn it upside down and it shows another word or sometimes, even the same words.

If you are a developer or a web designer, you might know how important a great Ambigram generator is to generate attractive and witty Ambigrams for your designs.

As a web designer or a developer, you can use Ambigram generator tools as it makes your work easy. Yes, an ambigram is interesting, but sometimes becomes a daunting affair when you have to create it without an ambigram generator.

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Different types of Ambigrams include rotational, reflective, and 3-dimensional Ambigrams, among which flip script or rotational ambigrams are the most popular.

We have listed out the best Ambigram Generators which you can find easily and these can give you the best results by creating a beautiful art form as per your needs:

If you are looking at this ambigram design collection as an inspiration for your new tattoo, you might like this collection of best tattoo fonts as well.

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Beautiful Ambigram Examples

Free Ambigram Generator – “Ambigram Font”

This is a very easy-to-use Ambigram generator which allows you to make the pair of letters look similar if you turn it upside down. You can get the best results if you use each word one by one and then generate your letter by placing the words together at the end.

Truly Science Ambigram Generator

Truly Science Ambigram Generator is a handy generator tool that comes with an online version as well.

It can be used by newbies and professionals alike as this generator represents a particular word in symbols. This online generator will be the best for tattoo artists, as well.

Make Ambigram

make Ambigram, as the name suggests is a simple and user-friendly Ambigram generator you can use to create Ambigram with various designs.

The tool is simple, all you have to do is to write the work and select the Ambigram type you wish to create, there are a number of options to choose from.

The tools can also be used through Android mobile app.

Online Ambigram Generator

If you want to make a simple ambigram design, an Online Ambigram generator can be great for you. Selecting the fonts and the size of the fonts with this online tool is the best feature of this generator. And if you want to flipscript, this can be the best substitute for that.

LOOM Woven With Grace & Artistry

As the name suggests, this ambigram generator would give your word a very graceful and artistic look. The output can be perceived the same way when seen from the upside or downside.

Ambigram Generator by Parascientifica

With the Ambigram Generator by Parascientifica generator, you can mirror any word or 2 words of the same length with space in between. And when you look at the word from any angle, they will appear to be the same.

Peta Ambigram

The Peta Ambigram generator not only turns the word upside down but also adds a minimalist and artistic design including leaves, flowers, and petals into your word to make it look attractive.

Ambigram by Radical Edward

If you want to put in more than 3 words, you can use this Ambigram by Radical Edward.

This ambigram not only turns the word upside down, but it also creates a particular design with the words that are written and the result indeed looks fabulous.

Raffles Cafe Ambigram

There are a lot of examples available in this one that you can use for your next project. From this Ambigram generator, the word looks similar when viewed from both angles.

It looks good in all the colors and also adds some minimalistic design to your word.

Saka Ambigram

The Saka ambigram generator makes your word looks very royal and gives it a rich look when viewed from any angle. The result looks good in all the colors and you might want to use a rough, or transparent background for it.

You can get a lot of examples of this Ambigram and use it as per your own requirements.

Tomorrows Ambigram

The Tomorrows Ambigram generator makes your word looks very beautiful when seen from any angle. The words are connected to each other and there are various examples that you can choose from and use.

Tattofonts Ambigram Generator

You can type two words of the same length into this Ambigram generator and you will get an Ambigram that looks exactly the same when viewed from upside or downside.


Simpsons ambigram generators can be used for creating ambigrams in wedding invitations. It will give your word a highly sophisticated look and will be pleasing to the eye. There are a lot of options to choose from and use for your invite.

Sarah & Greg

This is a beautiful example of an Ambigram generator that can make the same word look like two different ones when perceived from two different angles. This example works best for wedding invites or for a company that has 2 words in its name.


Traveling enthusiasts can also get their T-shirts or goodies done in an ambigram. The ambigram generator will make a word look similar when turned upside down.


This is probably one of the best examples of an ambigram. The words are written in white color and look similar when you turn them upside down. You can use this ambigram for getting good results.


This is a unique example of Ambigram Generator. The words are written in a circular shape and start repeating themselves, without any space, when the entire word finishes. It looks complex at first but gives a very attractive and alluring look.


This can be said as an extension of Fatality because apart from just one circle, this Ambigram contains various concentric circles inside the main circle. The words keep repeating itself in a circular manner and the same happens in the concentric circles.


This ambigram gives a bold and royal look to your word/design. There are a lot of examples that you can derive inspiration from and create your own ambigram.

Yin Yang Ambigram

This Ambigram gives your word a similar look when viewed from the opposite side in a beautiful way. The words are interconnected and you can use these examples for your next project or work.

San Francisco

This is a classic example of an ambigram which gives you similar letters when you see it at a 180-degree angle. The generator makes your design or word look attractive and appealing.

San Francisco Art


This example of ambigram gives a look at the stickers that you probably used during your childhood days. The font is very playful and gives a bold look. The word looks similar when viewed from upside or downside.

Dungeons and Dragons

This ambigram contains the letters which are interconnected to each other. The letters used here are quite different and two words can be read in one word using this ambigram. For instance, Dungeons can be read as Dragons, when the screen is turned upside down.


The example given here is unique from various ambigrams given in the list. The font is broad, bold and white in color. Any background would look good with this font.


Shark Attack

As the name suggests, this example of ambigram gives a feeling of the teeth of a shark. Every particular letter has a sharp ending that suggests the teeth by which a shark attacks. The word can be perceived similarly when viewed from different 180 degrees angle.


The Baltimore generator is inspired by the font of the writings that were done many decades back. The word is written two times and is separated by a straight horizontal line. You can use this example for your next work/project.

The Stone Rose

This bold white-colored ambigram shows three words that can be read as similar to the original text. There is also a pretty minimalistic rose made at the center of the words to give it an artistic look.

Pankaj Ambigram

This ambigram gives a handmade look to the word. The words may not be connected to one another but the brush strokes at the end of each word make it look highly artistic.

The same word is perceived when you see it upright. You can definitely use this handmade ambigram for your next project.

Antique Dribble

This is a unique ambigram generator. The words are modified in a different way, which might be difficult for some people to read. But yes, it comes in an English version. There are a lot of examples to take inspiration from, according to your needs.

Deep Guy

This modified version, Deep Guy, adds a little contrast to your text or art, without taking away the originality. There are a lot of examples that you can use for your next project.

Celebrate Legendary

Are you a fan of Roger Federer? Then you must have an idea about this Ambigram Generator.

When Federer was declared the top-ranked tennis player in the world, a personalized ambigram logo was created which was inspired by the deck of playing cards. You can definitely use this one for your next project or work.

Ambigram Matic

Ambigram Matic was the world’s first online ambigram generator. With the generator, you can upturn any word, entire sentence or different words but with the same length. This is a very handy generator that can help you do your work in seconds.

Ambigram Wedding Invite

If you want to create a unique wedding invite, then you can use this Ambigram. It gives a very sophisticated and artistic look to the invitation card. Though time-consuming, it is worth it.


This ambigram generator lets you see the same letters and the same meaning of the word when it is turned upside down. You can choose from a lot of examples and use this generator for any of your projects.

AND Ambigram

This is an astounding, rotational ambigram generator. Up or down, any way you look at the word generated from this, it will be similar, yet done in a beautiful way.

Ambigram Chris Inclenrock

The Ambigram Chris Inclenrock generator gives your word or art form a loose and hand-lettered look while maintaining proper balance. You have various options to choose from for your next artwork or project.

Emily Ambigram

This ambigram generator is best suited for letters and words. You can read the exact words when you turn it upside down. Have a look at the examples provided on the site and you can use some of them in your next project.

Enigma Ambigram

The Enigma Ambigram is quite a unique generator that creates your words in a very clever way, probably something that none of the other generators can do. You can insert any word and see how beautiful it turns out when you rotate it to 180 degrees.

Jump Ambigram

You can find examples for Jump Ambigrams in a place where you can possibly see the word from downstairs and upstairs, for example in an office or on a mat or a pencil. It looks beautiful in every color.

Erza Brand

If you have a company and you want to generate a rotating ambigram for your brand, then you can use this generator and you can use it on your website as well. The words look exactly the same when seen from any side.

All In Ambigram

This ambigram generator gives a very beautiful and very sophisticated look to the word that is inserted. When you upturn the screen, you can see the same logo in the same way.

Kiloy X Karl

This is a very interesting ambigram generator because it shows two words when turned upside down in the same word. For example, when seen normally, you can see Kiloy and when you turn the screen, you can see Karl. This can be used by brands that have two words in their brand name.


This ambigram generator is a bit different and more of an abstract ambigram generator. A word can be viewed as the same when seen from any side, up or down, and looks beautiful in all colors. Hey, it can especially be used for quotes or wall hangings.

 Hope Faith AMBIGRAM

This ambigram is very complex, yet looks pleasing to the eye. This generator can be used for a tattoo design by tattoo artists because one way it says Hope, and the other side, it says Faith.

Mistica Logotype 3d

Apart from being your regular ambigram generator, this generator gives your word a three-dimensional look. It adds on to the beauty of the word that is being displayed and makes it look magical.

Number 27

This ambigram generator gives a very beautiful and sophisticated look at the number that is inserted.

When you upturn the screen, you can see the same logo or number in the exact same way. There are various examples to choose from and you can surely use them on your next project.

Number 27 Ambigram

Ambigrams for Necklaces & Tattoo

If you want to give your tattoo a unique look, then this ambigram generator can work quite well for you.

Further, you can also use this generator for necklaces and all you need to do is have a look at some of the examples and choose the best one according to your needs.

1984 Rotational Ambigram

A fancy rotational ambigram design with the number 1984. You will love the design idea if you are planning t create a design with the same type of year number.


These are the 50 best ambigrams that you can choose from, for your work or your design. Add these to your designs and enhance the visual appeal to the next level.

FAQs About Ambigram

01. What is an ambigram?

An ambigram is an artistic form of representing a word that remains the same when you look at it from another direction. A word written in the ambigram form will read the same even if you make it upside down.

02. Where can I use an ambigram?

It depends on your requirements. Ambigrams are popular among tattoo lovers, you will also see ambigrams on t-shirts designs. However, you can use ambigram design for almost any creative design as you like.

03. How to create an ambigram tattoo?

An ambigram tattoo will help you to show a different message with one tattoo or the same work in a nicely designed creating way. You can use an ambigram generator to first see how your design will look like and then go for the tattoo design.

04. Is there any online ambigram design tool?

Yes, there are online ambigram designing tools that you can use to create your own ambigram design. You can find a few options in this article.

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