5 Top Apps For Job Search

Job Search Apps

In an economic crisis and unstable market situation, it may happen that you need to search for a job.

Job search often takes a lot of time. Therefore, today, many interactive applications that help find positions with the required working conditions in several clicks are continually developing. Services show detailed information about the employer, an objective assessment of your chances in the employment market.

You can call on the ad, ask friends, or you just open a browser tab, type a search query — and start looking for a dream workplace. There are many advantages to online search.

You have enough time to write a catchy cover letter, the vacancy database is updated every day, you can check offers anytime and from anywhere, even lying on the couch or sitting in an office.

HR specialists and employers advise against hiding behind a CV on the web. Take everything into your own hands — come to the company personally and present yourself, write directly to the employer or send a video resume.

We have collected the best apps for finding a job. So, let’s take a look at the most popular job search services.

01. Indeed

It is the largest aggregator of vacancies from various sites around the world. The service contains millions of job advertisements from employers in 50 countries.


The app collects ads from multiple classifieds sites, company home pages, and press ads. Geolocation allows the app to automatically find job offers that are closest to you.

Employee reviews of employing companies are also published. The interface is simple and user-friendly. The service is quite popular among IT-seekers.

02. Monster

This is another international portal. When searching, it doesn’t show options for all countries and cities at once. Firstly, you need to determine the geography of future work and then look at the results.


The Monster app allows you to search for a job across millions of offers around the world. A lot of valuable articles, interviewing, and career advancement are regularly placed. On the website, you have the ability to hide your CV from the current business owner. The only drawback is the high level of spam.

All basic functions: searching, specifying parameters, and sending a resume are free. However, the service provides paid tools as well. For instance, you will have to pay to compare salaries or themed cover letter features.

03. LinkedIn

This is the biggest social network for professionals in the world. You just need to fill out your profile, provide information about your location, work experience, and education. After that, the application will select suitable job offers for you in your city.


People are not only searching for job openings but establish and maintain business networks, chat with co-workers and HR professionals from different organizations. Here, personal and professional achievements are published, as well as certificates, recommendations, etc.

On LinkedIn, you can post resumes and short articles with pics and rich formatting opportunities.

04. Glassdoor

On this platform, you can search for positions in most countries of the world. The app is focused on clarity. Besides presenting a list of positions, the main purpose of this service is to give the fullest description of the businesses.

Specifically, information about employers, personnel, salary reports, a way of conducting interviews, photos, and other details are published on the portal. All the data is given by existing or ex-employees.


In the search line, you can indicate the desired firm, position, and other criteria. It’s possible to clarify the work conditions, the date of posting the vacancy, and the salary bracket as well.

05. CareerBuilder

The CareerBuilder app allows users to search for a future workplace and analyze the job market. You can monitor the number of people who are applying for the selected position.

Observe the statistics of candidates and find out what salary they asked for and what level of education they have. The app would notify you if any of the employers viewed your profile.


The service is quite functional and easy to use. Monthly traffic is about 24 million unique job seekers. Most of the Fortune 1000 companies, the prestigious list of the best US firms, are represented here.

Tips for Job Seekers

Finding a job may seem a challenge and a stressful period for some people. Here are a few tips to make this process easier.

1. Create a separate email box for signing up on job sites. Having several accounts on different services, you run the risk of filling your mailbox with spam. A separate one will sort unnecessary notifications.

2. Don’t be limited to one app. Certainly, many job offers are available on Indeed, but not all employers use the same system. Try several services at once, but you shouldn’t create a profile on all job-seeking resources. 3-4 platforms are enough.

3. Make a resume for each position. Put yourself in an employer’s shoes and apply some personality and specificity in writing your CV. Don’t forget to mention your best qualities and skills, abandoning general phrases. Most candidates don’t receive a response from employers, largely due to the resume.

4. Concerning the topic of the CV, we recommend you make some effort and shoot a video CV. This is a short story about you. In the video, candidates explain why they should be hired and how they will benefit the company.

Usually, the video resume is sent along with a text CV to stand out from all the candidates. It is also worth noting that a remote video interview is now actively practiced. Therefore, we advise you to learn how to properly work with videos in any of the trusted online resources such as Movavi Blog.

5. Don’t forget to set up notifications by selecting and saving all search criteria. The speed of decision-making plays an important role. If you received an invitation from an employer, be sure to reply as soon as possible. It will only improve your image.

The applicants’ attitude to certain apps changes from year to year. Some services provide information about the employing company; for some, it’s not enough; others have more convenient search options. Some websites focus on job vacancies in specific industries. 

Today you can get a job and work experience remotely, and take part in remote project work. The job searching process won’t take a lot of time if you use mobile applications for this purpose. Good luck!

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