10 Tips to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing

Technology is everywhere. The ubiquitous nature of technology is mainly due to the tools that carry the same to every nook and corner of the globe.

Smart mobile phones that have taken the market by storm today are one such tool. Mobile phones have become high utility value products in the past decade owing to their capability to perform almost every activity in a jiffy.

Smart mobile phones that have taken the market by storm today are one such tool. Mobile phones have become high utility value products in the past decade owing to their capability to perform almost every activity in a jiffy.

This quality makes mobile phones a high-yield strategy rather than just a tool that helps us to make and attend voice calls. When properly strategized, mobile phones are capable of building huge business empires.

Understanding the concept of mobile marketing from a business point of view can add a lot of value to existing brands and newer ones.

People who are new to marketing their businesses through mobile strategies must clearly understand the technicalities involved in the same. We present here ten tips to improve Mobile Marketing Strategy.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

01. Mobile-friendly content matters the most

When you want to adopt a mobile marketing strategy to increase your brand visibility, the first and foremost area that needs your attention is the user-friendliness of the content you prepare. Ensure the content you send out for promoting your business is mobile-friendly.

Irrespective of whether the prepared content is for a simple SMS or use on websites, let it be short and precise. Your message will have a far-reaching effect when people who read the same on their Mobile instruments feel comfortable doing the same.

Non-mobile friendly content that does not get contained within the width of the mobile screen irritates the customers making them close the page without reading the message. This will topple down all your plans about marketing your brand through Mobile technology.

02. Mobile Ads offer a strategic advantage

Mobile Ads play a significant role in branding and business development. Some prominent types of mobile ads are:

  • Banner advertisements that gets displayed in Mobile phone screens
  • Mobile-friendly Websites
  • Ads that are displayed while downloading applications
  • Ads that pop up while playing games on Mobile Phones

Many of these mobile ads pop up in between activities performed in the mobile instruments. Care must be taken to avoid overdoing the same since these may be considered as interferences, irritating customers.

The success of many E-Commerce sites and increased sales through the Internet is mainly due to such mobile ads which keep reminding people about brands and offers. Businesses can use Mobile Ads to communicate about their offers and discounts from time to time.

These act as influencers, making Mobile users place orders instantly over websites. Mobile Ads, when properly used can add a lot of value to your branding efforts.

03. Optimize Google AdWords

Google AdWords are one of the best tools for implementing your Mobile Marketing strategy. While they enable capitalizing on customer searches, the high level of digital presence it offer to your business is mind-boggling.

The huge mobile optimization opportunities Google Adwords offers will help you to segment the mobile searches as well as to manage the Mobile ads in a segregated manner. Use Google Ads to decipher the efficiency of the other Mobile marketing strategies you adopt for promoting your business as a brand.

04. QR Codes can be a brilliant marketing strategy

QR Codes is the concept of the day, found in almost every product in the market. Using these QR codes, a customer can land on the web page that describes the product or service you are interested in.

QR Codes can be created easily using the many free tools available for the purpose, such as a QR code generator. Use QR Codes to promote your products and services in a simple yet powerful manner.

05. URL Shorteners helps to brand

Remember, mobile users would see all your marketing efforts on screens that are smaller in size when compared to computers. If you want to make your customers visit your website again and again, then having URLs that are short and memorable is important.

Use URL Shorteners like Bitly which will reduce the length of your URL making them more appealing to the customers. Short URL’s attract massive traffic to your site which can be leveraged to the business advantage in an efficient manner.

06. Optimizing the newsletters

Old habits seldom die. Newsletters which once played a crucial role in branding a product or business still do their job in a perfect manner. Many business houses use newsletters to project their strengths and value additions to customers.

The only difference between yesterday and today is the device through which these newsletters are accessed.

Today, most of the target audience view newsletters on their mobile phones. Ensure that the newsletters you create are mobile-friendly so that the message you send through the same to your target audience reaches them in the same spirit.

Newsletters are amazing tools to capture as much information about your business as you want them to. Hence, designing them in a prudent manner will make it one of the best mobile marketing strategies. Use tools like MailChimp and Aweber to create and send wonderful newsletters.

07. Leverage Social Media for business advantage

Social Media has become an integral part of the modern man’s life today. Not a single day passes without visiting the Social Media sites. The number of Social Media users is overflowing and still growing every passing day.

Leveraging the various efforts taken by such Social Media to retain and increase traffic to their websites would be high levels of business prudence. Businesses that want to brand themselves on Social Media sites must ensure that they do it in a Mobile friendly manner. Remember, Mobiles offers the greatest advantage of accessing Social Media sites even when we are on the move.

08. SMS have retained their place

With loads and loads of Social Media interactions happening through the various kinds of services, SMS’s are still in vogue. Small Businesses, in particular, use the SMS tool to convey information about their business to the targeted audience in their database. With so many service providers on the competitive run, SMS remains highly cost-effective.

The main advantage it offers is to tap the right set of customers when the database is updated in a periodical manner. The only glitch that needs to be handled is to kindle the interest in people to click on SMS, so they understand what is being driven to them.

It is the responsibility of the business people to bring in this interest in them by offering period-based discounts, Festival specials, exclusive offers on past track record and limited quantity or closure sale offers.

09. Let your website have a responsive design

Developing a website that uses responsive design is one of the major requirements when you strategize to brand your business using Mobile technology. Many website development programs come with a plethora of ready-made templates that are coded to be fully responsive. All websites that

All websites that use fully responsive designs are mobile-friendly. Not building a website that uses responsive design may end up making the customer zoom in and zoom out the pages when viewed from the mobile instrument. This fiddling will irritate them, killing the very purpose of marketing through mobile phones.

10. Approach your website holistically

The first point to be ascertained honestly is if you want a website that is non-mobile friendly. It is better not to have a website than to have one that is non-mobile friendly.

The worst part is that you will be spending your energy and time making a non-mobile-friendly website work on mobiles. This is absolutely dangerous particularly when your business strategy is to have your website as the base for all your advertisement and branding activities.

Make your website mobile-friendly right at the first instance instead of building a website initially just to announce your business and updates. As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression.

Ensure you make an impact on your prospective customer right in the first instance through your mobile-friendly website.

Non-mobile friendly website may crash your customer base instead of building it. Today, a maximum number of users browse websites only through their mobiles and tablets.


In the typical mobile-driven world we are living in today, marketing your business or brand using mobile marketing strategies is highest level of prudence. The crux, though, is in doing it in the proper manner even if it takes a little bit of extra time. Any hastiness shown in this aspect may topple down all the marketing efforts strategized.

Do thorough research before venturing into mobile marketing. Probably, you can consult experts in the area before you make any concrete decisions about the same.

This would help you avoid falling after initiating the activities. A clear understanding of the nitty-gritty in mobile marketing will save a lot of energy and time which are priceless in a typical business environment.

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