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Wufoo Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Wufoo is an online platform that allows users to create custom forms for surveys, registrations, and payments through a simple drag-and-drop interface, offering robust integration with various third-party services.

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What is Wufoo?

Developed in 2006, Wufoo is an online platform designed to create customizable forms, surveys, and payment integrations without requiring any coding knowledge. This tool allows users to easily collect data through a simple, easy-to-use interface. After being acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011, Wufoo serves over 3 million users worldwide and has become a prominent tool for data collection and analysis. It offers multiple pricing plans, including a free starter plan with limited features and more comprehensive plans for advanced needs, making it scalable for different user needs.

What Is Wufoo Good For?

Wufoo excels at simplifying the process of data collection for businesses and individuals alike. It is particularly effective for creating custom online forms, conducting surveys, and integrating payment processing into those forms. With its intuitive design and variety of templates, Wufoo is ideal for efficiently collecting insights, feedback, registrations, and payments. The platform supports use cases ranging from event planning and lead generation to customer feedback and online order forms, demonstrating its versatility in meeting diverse data collection needs.

Who Should Use Wufoo?

Wufoo is suitable for a wide audience, including small to medium-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, educators, and individuals looking for an easy solution to collect data online. Its easy-to-use platform makes it an excellent choice for users without programming expertise or those who need to quickly set up data collection forms and surveys. In addition, Wufoo’s flexible pricing plans cater to different budget needs, making it an accessible tool for startups and larger businesses looking for scalable data collection solutions.

Wufoo Company Details

Wufoo was founded in 2006 with a vision to revolutionize online form creation and data collection for businesses across all industries. Acquired by SurveyMonkey, a leader in survey software, in 2011, Wufoo has maintained its commitment to providing intuitive, customizable forms, surveys, and payment integration solutions that require no coding skills, making them accessible to a wide range of users. Trusted by over 3 million users worldwide, the platform showcases the company’s innovative approach to simplifying and streamlining data collection processes. Wufoo offers a variety of pricing plans to meet different needs, from a basic Starter Plan that is free with limited features, to more advanced plans such as the Pro Plan starting at $14.08/month and the Advanced Plan at $25.42/month when billed annually, ensuring scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Company Name: Wufoo

CEO Name: Chris Campbell

Est Year: 2006

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Tampa Bay Area, East Coast, Southern US

Chris Campbell

Wufoo Demo & Media

Wufoo Top Features

Intuitive Form Builder

Wufoo's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create custom forms.

Customizable Themes

Users can personalize form designs to seamlessly match their branding.

Conditional Logic

Advanced logic options allow dynamic form behavior based on user responses.

Payment Integration

Wufoo supports seamless integration with popular payment gateways to collect payments.

Data Export

Easily export form submissions in various formats for analysis and reporting.

Mobile Compatibility

Forms are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth user experience on any screen size.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with team members by sharing forms and managing permissions.

Spam Protection

Built-in CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA features help prevent spam submissions.


Receive real-time notifications of new form submissions via email or SMS.


Gain insight into form performance with built-in analytics tools and reporting capabilities.

Pros of Wufoo

  • Intuitive form builder interface.
  • Customizable themes for branding.
  • Advanced conditional logic options.
  • Seamless payment integration capabilities.
  • Mobile compatibility for on-the-go access.
  • Cons of Wufoo

  • Limited customization options.
  • Higher pricing for advanced features.
  • Steeper learning curve initially.
  • Occasional glitchy interface experiences.
  • Wufoo Pricing

    Wufoo offers flexible pricing plans to suit different needs. The Starter plan, ideal for beginners, is free but has limited features. For more robust functionality, the Pro plan starts at $14.08/month billed annually and offers unlimited forms and responses. Businesses that require advanced features such as payment integration can opt for the Advanced plan at $25.42/month, also billed annually. Wufoo offers scalable solutions for every budget.
  • 5 Forms
  • 100 Entries
  • 10 Fields
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Reports
  • 10 Forms
  • 1000 Entries
  • Max Fields
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Reports
  • 1GB Uploads
  • Unlimited Forms
  • 5,000 Entries
  • Max Fields
  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited Reports
  • 5GB Uploads
  • Unlimited Forms
  • 25,000 Entries
  • Max Fields
  • 20 Users
  • Unlimited Reports
  • 10GB Uploads
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    What Kind of Support Wufoo Offers?

    “Wufoo’s user support is comprehensive and accessible. Users can request assistance by emailing [email protected] or by calling their dedicated support team at +1 (888) 967-9466 during business hours. In addition, their extensive online knowledgebase offers helpful resources and guides to ensure that users can quickly resolve any questions or issues they may encounter.”
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    Wufoo FAQs

    Yes, Wufoo is a legitimate online form-building platform that has been simplifying data collection since it was founded in 2006. Acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011, it serves over 3 million users worldwide and provides secure and customizable form solutions for businesses and individuals.
    Wufoo is worth paying for because of its flexible pricing plans, customizable forms, surveys, and payment integration solutions that fit a range of needs. From a free starter plan with limited features to advanced plans with unlimited forms and responses, Wufoo offers value for both beginners and large businesses.
    Wufoo offers integrations with a variety of popular software, including payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, CRM systems like Salesforce, email marketing tools like Mailchimp, and project management apps like Slack and Trello. These integrations streamline workflows by connecting Wufoo’s form data to other business tools.
    Wufoo prioritizes security by employing robust measures to protect sensitive information collected through its forms. This includes using SSL encryption for data transmission and providing options for password-protected forms to ensure that users can collect data securely.
    Yes, Wufoo can handle payment processing within forms through its integrations with leading payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and This feature allows businesses to securely collect payments directly from their forms, simplifying the transaction process for both the merchant and the customer.
    Wufoo offers analytics and reporting tools that allow users to track form submissions, analyze responses, and generate reports in real time. This functionality helps businesses and individuals make informed decisions based on the data collected.
    Wufoo is highly accessible to non-technical users due to its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop form builder that requires no coding skills to create professional-looking forms. This accessibility ensures that anyone can design and deploy forms regardless of their technical expertise.

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