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Sage Intacct Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management software that provides comprehensive accounting, cash management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, project accounting, fund accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting functionalities to businesses of all sizes.

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What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management software developed in 1999 by David Thomas and Odysseas Tsatalos. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company specializes in providing innovative accounting solutions. The software facilitates streamlined accounting processes, provides real-time financial insight, and supports automation for businesses. Designed for more than 14,000 organizations worldwide, Sage Intacct is recognized for improving financial management, efficiency, and business growth across multiple industries with scalable pricing and advanced functionality.

What Is Sage Intacct Good For?

Sage Intacct is highly effective at managing accounting operations, providing accurate and real-time financial insight, and automating complex financial processes. It excels in areas such as core financials, revenue recognition, and project accounting. By leveraging Sage Intacct, companies can achieve streamlined operations, improved decision-making, and scalable financial management to support their growth.

Who Should Use Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is ideal for organizations of all sizes seeking innovative and efficient financial management solutions. Its target audience includes financial managers, accountants, and CFOs across multiple industries who are looking for scalable, cloud-based accounting software. Organizations that are poised for growth, require real-time financial insight, and want to automate their financial processes can benefit from Sage Intacct’s offerings.

Sage Intacct Company Details

Founded in 1999 by David Thomas and Odysseas Tsatalos, Sage Intacct is a pioneer in cloud-based financial management software. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has positioned itself as an industry leader through its commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive financial solutions. Over the years, the company has earned the trust of more than 14,000 organizations worldwide, which has contributed to its growth and prominence in the marketplace. Sage Intacct’s industry recognition reflects its commitment to improving financial management and accounting processes for businesses of all sizes, facilitating efficiency and expansion. The company’s focus on developing scalable and customized pricing options demonstrates its versatility and customer-focused approach, ensuring that a wide range of businesses can benefit from its offerings.

Company Name: Sage Intacct, Inc.

CEO Name: Steve Hare

Est Year: 1999

Employees: 251-500

HQ Location: San Jose, California, United States

Steve Hare

Sage Intacct Demo & Media

Sage Intacct Top Features

Advanced Financials

Sage Intacct provides comprehensive financial management capabilities, including general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Customizable Reporting

Tailor reports to specific business needs with intuitive customization options for insightful analysis.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Sage Intacct with other business systems for streamlined data flow and process automation.


Grow your business with confidence using a scalable platform that adapts to changing needs and complexities.

Multidimensional Visibility

Gain deeper financial insight with multi-dimensional reporting that provides a holistic view of financial performance.


Increase efficiency and reduce manual errors by automating repetitive tasks such as invoicing and reconciliation.


Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and industry requirements with built-in compliance capabilities.

Real-Time Insights

Access real-time financial data and metrics for informed decision making.

Collaboration Tools

Foster team collaboration with shared access to financial data and collaborative workflows.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected and manage your finances on the go with mobile accessibility to key features and functions.

Pros of Sage Intacct

  • Robust financial management capabilities.
  • Customizable reporting.
  • Seamless integration with other systems.
  • Scalable platform adapts to growth.
  • Real-time access to financial data.
  • Dedicated customer support available.
  • Cons of Sage Intacct

  • Steeper learning curve for beginners.
  • Additional modules may incur extra costs.
  • Dependency on internet connectivity.
  • Higher pricing for advanced features.
  • Sage Intacct Pricing

    Sage Intacct offers scalable pricing based on business needs, starting at $400 per month for core financials. Additional modules for advanced functionality, such as revenue recognition or project accounting, are available at additional cost. Implementation and support fees vary based on company size and requirements. Contact sales for custom quotes and to discuss specific needs for a comprehensive pricing package.

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    What Kind of Support Sage Intacct Offers?

    Sage Intacct provides extensive support for users through multiple channels. Access online resources such as knowledge base articles, user forums, and training materials. In addition, you can receive assistance from dedicated customer support representatives via email or phone. Response times vary depending on the severity of the issue. 24/7 support is available for urgent issues.
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    Sage Intacct FAQs

    Sage Intacct is a legitimate cloud-based financial management software company founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Jose, California. Trusted by more than 14,000 organizations worldwide, it is known for delivering streamlined accounting processes, real-time insight, and automation.
    Sage Intacct is worth paying for, especially for companies looking to improve their financial management with scalable pricing starting at $400 per month for core financials. The software’s ability to provide real-time insight, automate accounting processes, and offer scalability to meet business needs justifies the investment.
    Sage Intacct offers integrations with a variety of other software solutions to improve business operations. These include CRM systems, payroll services, and various third-party applications designed to streamline workflow, financial reporting, and data management for overall business efficiency.
    Sage Intacct supports multi-entity management by allowing companies to manage multiple entities, currencies, and global consolidations in one system. This feature simplifies financial operations and reporting for businesses that operate in multiple locations or jurisdictions.
    Sage Intacct can be customized for specific industries, offering specialized solutions and functionality tailored to the unique needs of industries such as healthcare, nonprofits, professional services, and more to ensure that businesses have the most relevant tools for their financial management.
    Sage Intacct employs robust security measures, including data encryption, secure data centers, and adherence to strict industry standards, to protect user data and ensure the integrity of financial information.
    Sage Intacct facilitates regulatory compliance by providing features that ensure financial reporting meets applicable standards and regulations. This includes automated processes for revenue recognition, audit trails, and adherence to accounting standards such as GAAP, helping companies stay compliant.

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