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Runn Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Real-time resource management platform. Features integrated time tracking, forecasting, and robust support for efficient project planning and execution.

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What is Run?

Runn is a comprehensive project and resource management software that helps organizations deliver projects on time and within budget. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Runn operates on a global scale, serving customers across three continents. The platform is dedicated to improving project planning and budget monitoring through features such as real-time resource management, integrated time tracking, and forecasting capabilities. With customizable pricing, Runn is affordable and scalable to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. It also offers seamless integration with tools like Harvest, WorkflowMax, and Clockify, as well as a flexible API for connecting to other programs.

What is Runn good for?

Runn excels at streamlining project management and resource allocation processes, making it an ideal solution for ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. Its real-time visibility into resource management helps teams make informed decisions, reducing over-allocation and increasing productivity. Integrated time tracking and forecasting capabilities enable accurate project planning and budget monitoring, ensuring financial health and project success. Runn’s ability to integrate with existing tools enhances its utility, making it a versatile choice for improving operational efficiency.

Who should use Runn?

Runn is designed for organizations of all sizes that want to improve their project planning, resource management and budget monitoring processes. It is especially beneficial for project managers, team leaders, and decision-makers in industries where efficient management of multiple projects and resources is critical to success. Companies that operate on a global scale and require a fully remote platform to integrate lifestyle into their culture will find Runn especially useful. In addition, organizations that are looking for a customizable, scalable solution with the ability to integrate with other software will benefit from using Runn.

Runn Company Details

Runn, the company behind the innovative project scheduling and resource management software, was founded in 2018. Based in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Runn has expanded its reach across three continents, highlighting its global presence in the technology industry.

With a fully remote work culture, the company integrates lifestyle into its work ethic, which has contributed to its rapid growth and agility in software development. Runn stands out for its dynamic approach to software improvement, working closely with customers to quickly incorporate feedback.

This customer-centric approach has been instrumental in shaping Runn’s software to effectively meet diverse project management needs. With a focus on delivering projects on time and within budget, Runn tailors its pricing model to ensure it is accessible and scalable for organizations of all sizes.

Company Name: Runn Fast Limited

CEO Name: Tim Copeland

Est Year: 2018

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Australasia

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Tim Copeland

Runn Demo & Media

Runn Top Features

Real-time resource management

Allocate resources efficiently and track their usage in real-time to ensure project success.

Integrated time tracking

Easily track billable and non-billable hours within the platform for accurate project costing.


Use data insights to anticipate future project needs and make informed decisions.

Project Planning

Visualize project schedules and tasks to ensure successful planning and collaboration.

Collaboration tools

Improve team communication and collaboration with integrated commenting and note-taking tools.

Access controls and permissions

Maintain data security by assigning appropriate access permissions to team members.

Multiple billing rates

Allows for multiple billing structures to appropriately reflect project expenses and revenues.

Third party integrations

Work seamlessly with third-party technologies to improve workflow and data management.

Customizable reports

Customize reports to meet unique project needs for in-depth analysis and insight.

Employee Scheduling

Effectively manage personnel schedules and availability to guarantee maximum resource utilization and project timeliness.

Pros of Runn

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Flexible time management options
  • Powerful resource management
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive activity overview
  • Cons of Runn

  • Difficult terms and concepts
  • Limited color options for readability
  • Problems with names containing accents
  • Limited real-time connection to Workday
  • Lack of customizable features
  • Waiting for additional features
  • Runn Pricing

    Runn’s pricing is customizable to each user’s needs, ensuring affordability and scalability. Runn improves project planning and budget monitoring by providing real-time resource management, integrated time tracking, and forecasting capabilities.

    Users can easily connect to Harvest, WorkflowMax, and Clockify, and the API allows for integration with additional programs. Runn’s pricing reflects its commitment to enabling effective resource management for organizations of all sizes.

    Runn Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support Runn Offers?

    Runn provides users with robust support through a variety of channels, including email, live chat, and detailed documentation.

    Their proactive customer support team responds quickly to inquiries and provides customized assistance. In addition, Runn regularly updates its knowledgebase and provides video tutorials to ensure that customers can take full advantage of the platform’s features and effectively resolve any issues.

    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

    Runn FAQs

    Runn is a legitimate software company, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Aotearoa (New Zealand). It operates on a fully remote basis across three continents, focusing on improving project management and resource allocation for businesses.
    Given Runn’s customizable pricing model, real-time resource management, integrated time tracking, and forecasting capabilities, it is a valuable tool for companies looking to improve project planning and budget monitoring. As such, Runn is worth paying for, especially for companies that want to manage their projects on time and within budget.
    Runn offers integrations with Harvest, WorkflowMax, and Clockify, increasing its usefulness in project planning and budget monitoring by synchronizing data across these platforms. In addition, Runn’s API facilitates further integrations, allowing users to extend its functionality based on their specific needs.
    Runn emphasizes rapid feedback implementation and customer collaboration as part of its service model. The company’s commitment to working closely with customers to constantly improve the software suggests a high level of reliability in customer support.
    There are no ongoing discounts or promotions for using Runn directly. However, given the company’s focus on affordability and scalability, potential users can contact Runn’s sales or customer service teams to inquire about any available offers or discounts for new or scaling users.
    Runn is designed to improve project management efficiency by providing real-time resource management, integrated time tracking and forecasting capabilities. This focus on current data accuracy ensures that users have reliable information to make informed management decisions.
    The factual information provided does not mention a physical Runn device, as Runn is emphasized as a software solution focused on project management and resource allocation. Therefore, the question of durability does not apply to Runn’s software offerings. 
    Runn improves project budget monitoring through its real-time resource management and integrated time tracking features, enabling users to keep a close eye on project expenses and budget allocation throughout the project lifecycle.
    Runn supports remote teams by operating on a fully remote basis and by providing features that facilitate remote project management and collaboration. This allows remote teams to efficiently plan, execute and monitor projects.
    Runn is focused on moving fast and releasing updates with speed and agility. The company is committed to actionable feedback and improving Runn on a daily basis, suggesting frequent software updates to improve user experience and functionality.

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