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[begindot_kkstarratings] Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons is a comprehensive project management tool designed to facilitate collaboration, task planning, time tracking and client communication for teams and service-based businesses.

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What is is a cloud-based project management software designed to consolidate various project elements such as tasks, files, notes, payments, time tracking, document approvals, and integration with third-party tools into a single platform. This tool is designed to facilitate collaboration between managers, team members, and clients to efficiently manage project components. It supports businesses of all sizes by providing functionality to manage tasks, process payments, track time, and more, ensuring streamlined project execution.

What is Good For? excels at providing a comprehensive solution for managing different facets of a project, from inception to completion, with a focus on ease-of-use and an efficient project management system. It is particularly effective at organizing tasks in multiple views (lists, calendars, schedulers, Kanban), facilitating seamless communication through built-in chat and video embedding capabilities, and handling financial transactions such as electronic payment processing and automated payments. This versatility makes ideal for consolidating management and communication needs into one accessible, centralized platform, with user reviews often highlighting its ease of use. 

Who Should Use is suitable for a wide range of users, from small businesses to large enterprises, seeking a unified program management and collaboration solution. It appeals to managers, team members, and customers who want to improve project efficiency through streamlined communication, task management, and financial processing. In addition, companies looking to integrate their project management with third-party tools like Zapier and automate payment processes with Stripe will find the tool to be an invaluable resource. Company Details is a dynamic software development company known for its innovative project management solutions for a wide range of businesses, from small businesses to large enterprises. Founded with a vision to streamline program management processes, the company has grown rapidly since its inception and is distinguished by its commitment to improving productivity and collaboration within teams and with clients. While the company has not explicitly stated its founding date or size, it has clearly positioned itself as a leader in providing cloud-based program management tools. Through continuous development and dedication to incorporating customer feedback, the company demonstrates a solid understanding of the evolving needs of its users and emphasizes adaptability and user-centric design in its offerings.

Company Name:

CEO Name: Matt Byrom

Est Year: 2011

Employees: 11-50 employees

HQ Location: Southport, GB

Matt Byrom, Founder Projectco
Matt Byrom
Founder Demo & Media Top Features

Project's project feature helps project managers create a project for each piece of work, with access to unlimited data storage and the ability to add an unlimited number of tools needed to complete each piece of work. It also offers unlimited custom fields, a variety of 3rd party tools, and all project views from lists to kanban and everything in between.


With Tasks, managers can keep track of everything by assigning people to tasks so it's clear who's responsible, while also creating subtasks with unlimited levels. To stay on top of things, managers can also start discussions with their team within each task, among many other features.

Invitation and Collaboration

Users can invite an unlimited number of people, including team members, clients, and anyone else involved in the project, while providing everyone with a simple login to see the data they have access to. This unlimited number of clients can have defined roles and permissions as the manager sees fit.

File Management also allows users to create unlimited folders to organize the files within each project with the 3GB of file storage that comes with the free plan. For easy viewing, users enjoy an in-app file preview and the ability to easily link Dropbox & Google Drive for easy file sharing.


With, users can collect payments as projects progress by requesting payment directly from clients. It also helps keep track of money owed by providing an overall view of all paid and unpaid payments, while offering tools to filter, sort, and group by anything. The tool connects directly to Stripe & PayPal to help managers take payments on projects without having to wait for bank transfers to be processed.

Time Tracking helps to allocate time, record actual time, track time spent on tasks and many more things to ensure efficient time management.

Integrations seamlessly integrates with other productivity and file management tools like Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, One Drive, Stripe, Zapier, and more.

Pros of

  • Multiple ways to view project activity
  • Simple interface
  • Colorful dashboard setup
  • Accessible via web and applications
  • Reply to email feature provides flexibility
  • Functional integration capabilities
  • Highly customizable
  • Employees are not required to log in
  • High quality and responsive support team

Cons of

  • Occasional software glitches
  • Missing feed of all activity
  • Limited templates to choose from Pricing offers a free version that includes 99% of its features without limitations. However, users who need more features, such as the ability to replace the branding with their brand images, can upgrade to the Pro version for 10 per creator user seat per month or $99 per year. Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Offers? users can reach the customer support team within one business day by using the support form available on the website. In addition to this direct customer support route, people who use or are thinking about using can connect with each other via the community forum where they can share tips & tricks, help each other solve problems, learn best practices & get to know the tool better.
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Yes, it is a legitimate cloud-based project management tool designed to improve collaboration between managers, team members, and clients by integrating various project elements such as tasks, files, notes, payments, and time tracking into a single platform. It supports businesses of all sizes by providing a centralized system for efficiently managing multiple aspects of projects.
While the company offers a free version, paying for additional features may be worthwhile for companies seeking advanced program management capabilities. The tool’s ability to centralize project elements, facilitate client payments, and streamline communication makes it a valuable tool for improving project efficiency and collaboration. 
The tool offers integrations with third party tools that enhance its functionality and allow users to connect to other software solutions they already use. Although specific integrations are not detailed in the information provided, the platform’s design for compatibility with external tools such as Zapier suggests versatility in its integration capabilities. 
It is suitable for a wide range of projects, including but not limited to creative projects, software development, marketing campaigns, and project planning and execution in small to large businesses. Its multiple task display formats, such as lists, calendars and Kanban boards, make it adaptable to different project types and management styles. 
The factual information provided does not specify the languages supported by To determine the available languages, users should consult the platform’s official documentation or contact customer support directly. allows users to invite clients to process credit card payments electronically and generates automated invoices, streamlining the payment process and ensuring efficient financial management within the management workflow.
Yes, supports customizable task views, offering formats such as lists, calendars, schedulers, and the Kanban framework, allowing users to organize and view tasks in a way that best suits their program management style. enhances collaboration by allowing users to chat with team members and clients within the platform, attach files with filtering options, and even embed video in comments, facilitating clear and effective communication across the organization. improves management efficiency by centralizing tasks, files, notes, payments, time tracking, document approvals and third-party tools in one place, making it easier for managers and team members to track project progress and collaborate effectively.
Yes, allows users to invite external clients to the platform not only to view project progress and collaborate, but also to process credit card payments electronically, increasing the transparency and efficiency of client interactions.

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