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NextGen Healthcare Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

NextGen Healthcare is a comprehensive healthcare management software that offers integrated electronic health records, financial management, and patient engagement solutions for medical practices of all sizes.

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What is NextGen Healthcare?

NextGen Healthcare is a comprehensive healthcare services and technology provider, established in 1974 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It focuses on delivering innovative solutions aimed at enhancing patient care and streamlining healthcare processes. Under the leadership of CEO David Sides and backed by a team of 2,800 professionals, NextGen Healthcare has established itself as a leading entity in the healthcare industry, dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction.

What is NextGen Healthcare Good for?

NextGen Healthcare excels at offering a wide range of services and technologies tailored to the healthcare sector. It specializes in solutions that improve patient care outcomes, enhance the efficiency of healthcare operations, and address the dynamic needs of healthcare organizations. Key areas of focus include electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and patient engagement tools, all designed to facilitate seamless healthcare delivery.

Who Should Use NextGen Healthcare?

NextGen Healthcare is ideally suited for healthcare organizations seeking to optimize their operations and improve patient care quality. This includes hospitals, private practices, and other healthcare facilities looking for advanced technology solutions to address their operational challenges. Professionals within the healthcare industry, such as physicians, nurses, and administrative staff, will find NextGen Healthcare’s solutions beneficial in simplifying their daily tasks and enhancing overall patient satisfaction.

NextGen Healthcare Company Details

Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NextGen Healthcare is led by CEO David Sides. The company employs 2,800 dedicated professionals focused on the development and delivery of advanced healthcare solutions. Specializing in the creation of innovative services and technologies, NextGen Healthcare aims to improve patient care and streamline healthcare processes. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, NextGen Healthcare has positioned itself as a key player in the healthcare industry, continually adapting and expanding its offerings to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

Company Name: NextGen Healthcare

CEO Name: David Sides

Est Year: 1974

Employees: 2,800

HQ Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

David Sides
President & CEO

NextGen Healthcare Demo & Media

NextGen Healthcare Top Features

Patient Portal

This feature is essential for small hospitals with few staff. It assists nurses in reducing paperwork, making patient support smoother. This portal allows patients to access reports, appointments, and medical documents anytime, from anywhere.

Optimized Appoinments

This system helps optimize appointments, allowing for more patients to be seen in a day.

Clinical Summaries

As a feature of NextGen, doctors can swiftly access clinical summaries within the EMR, saving time on reviewing extensive medical reports.

Electronic Prescription

The e-prescribing tool within the EMR, which assists in identifying prescription combinations, dosage discrepancies, and patient allergies.

Dashboard Interface

Clean and minimalist interface, prioritizing easy navigation, especially for busy doctors.

Specialty Focus

NextGen is designed to accommodate diverse practices, offering unique features and tools to manage operations based on specific needs.

Claims Management

This feature simplifies the entire billing process, from insurance verification to scrubbing claims for errors and sending automated billing statements, preventing revenue loss from denied insurance claims.

Care Coordination

Enhance patient care coordination by identifying and effectively communicating patient diagnoses and requirements within NextGen.

Health Information Exchange

This feature efficiently integrates information across systems and locations, facilitating the exchange of health information for enhanced healthcare delivery.

Population Health Management

This feature aggregates patient data from various sources for analysis, empowering healthcare providers to engage patients, reduce costs, and enhance healthcare quality through valuable insights.

Pros of NextGen Healthcare

  • A cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) platform – allowing access from anywhere while ensuring secure storage of information
  • Compatibility with both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Real-time eligibility verification – providing healthcare providers with instant access to patient insurance information
  • Helpful support team that assisted in the smooth setup of the software
  • User-friendly application

Cons of NextGen Healthcare

  • Lack of new features and incomplete integration between the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Electronic Practice Management (EPM) systems
  • Inconsistency in user experience between the web browser and the mobile app
  • Incomplete integration across multiple suites

NextGen Healthcare Pricing

For precise and up-to-date pricing details, it is recommended to directly reach out to NextGen. Their representatives can provide comprehensive information tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances.

NextGen Healthcare Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support NextGen Healthcare Offers?

NextGen EHR software extends support through various channels, including phone assistance, email correspondence, online form submissions, and a comprehensive FAQ section.
Email Support
Live Chat
Social Media
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Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support

NextGen Healthcare FAQs

Yes, NextGen Healthcare is legitimate. Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NextGen Healthcare is led by CEO David Sides and employs over 2,800 professionals dedicated to advancing healthcare solutions and technologies. The company is recognized for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry.
NextGen Healthcare is valued for its innovative services and technologies that improve patient care and streamline healthcare processes. With a focus on streamlining healthcare operations and improving patient outcomes, many find NextGen Healthcare’s offerings to be a worthwhile investment. For specific pricing details and to assess the value based on your needs, we encourage you to contact NextGen Healthcare directly.
NextGen Healthcare offers various integrations with other software to enhance its functionality and usability within the healthcare environment. These integrations are designed to create a seamless workflow, improve data management, and ensure comprehensive care coordination. For detailed information on available integrations and compatibility with your current systems, we encourage you to contact NextGen Healthcare representatives directly.
NextGen Healthcare improves patient care by providing innovative technologies and services that streamline healthcare processes, increase the efficiency of care delivery, and improve patient engagement and outcomes. Their solutions support a wide range of healthcare activities, from clinical operations to patient management.
Yes, NextGen Healthcare can be customized to meet the specific needs of a healthcare practice. The company offers a range of customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different healthcare environments, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.
Yes, NextGen Healthcare is designed for small practices. The company offers scalable solutions that can adapt to the size and scope of small healthcare practices, helping them improve patient care, increase operational efficiency, and remain competitive in the healthcare market.
NextGen Healthcare implements robust security measures to protect patient information and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations. These measures include data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to protect sensitive healthcare information from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

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