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Expensify Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Expensify is a cloud-based software application designed to streamline expense management processes by automating expense reporting, receipt tracking and corporate card reconciliation for businesses and individuals.

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What is Expensify?

Expensify is a payments super-app designed to simplify financial management for individuals and businesses worldwide. It combines features such as corporate cards, expense tracking, next-day reimbursement, invoicing, bill payment and travel booking into a single platform. With over 10 million users benefiting from its free features, Expensify automates the expense management process, making financial tasks efficient and easy, according to various honest reviews. The app supports seamless integration with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, making it more useful for users and easier for approvers to manage and reimburse expenses.

What is Expensify Good for?

Expensify excels at automating the entire pre-accounting process, including expense management and receipt tracking. It is particularly useful for effortlessly generating expense reports, thanks to its one-click report generation feature. This feature saves users countless hours that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry. In addition, Expensify is valuable for managing company expenses and finances on the go through its easy-to-use mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Who Should Use Expensify?

Expensify is designed for individuals managing finances, small business owners, team managers, and accountants responsible for client bookkeeping. Its wide range of features make it an ideal solution for users who want to streamline their expense reporting, enjoy fast reimbursement processes, and efficiently handle various financial tasks through one platform. Whether managing a small team or overseeing the financial operations of a larger business, Expensify offers tools and functionality tailored to simplify money management for a wide audience.

Expensify Company Details

Founded with the goal of simplifying expense management for individuals and businesses, Expensify, Inc. has established itself as a leader in financial applications. Since its inception, Expensify has grown significantly and serves over 10 million users worldwide with its innovative financial solutions. The company focuses on providing a comprehensive payments super-app designed to meet a variety of financial needs, including corporate card management, expense tracking, invoicing and travel booking – all integrated within a single platform. Expensify’s dedication to streamlining money management processes has positioned it as a key tool for small businesses, teams and accountants, simplifying their financial operations and increasing efficiency. By offering a suite of free features, Expensify demonstrates its commitment to accessible financial management solutions and differentiates itself in the competitive landscape of financial technology companies.

Company Name: Expensify

CEO Name: David Barrett

Est Year: 2008

Employees: 51-200 employees

HQ Location: San Francisco, CA

David Barrett, Expensify Founder and Chief Executive Officer
David Barrett
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Schaffer, Chief Financial Officer, Board Member, Expensify
Ryan Schaffer
Chief Financial Officer, Board Member.

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Expensify Top Features

Expense Management

Expensify enables employees and managers to track, organize, submit, approve, reconcile and reimburse expenses in 75% less time than managing expenses the old-fashioned way.

Spend Management

Expensify expense management software makes it easy to track and approve expense reports, keep track of vendor invoices, create and send invoices, automatically record payments, book cost-effective business travel, and more.

Expense Reports

Expense reports are essential for tracking business expenses. With Expensify, employees can easily create and submit reports on the go, and administrators can quickly approve reports.

Company Credit Card

The Expensify Visa Corporate Card Gain gives users control and visibility over company spending while saving the team time and money.

Receipt Scanning App

Exemplify's receipt scanning app also offers convenient filters and analytics, cloud-based storage, seamless integrations, and robust bank-level security.

Bill Pay

Expensify's Bill Pay feature provides a quick, easy and convenient way to pay a bill automatically (and usually online).


Invoicing software enables teams to automatically create and process invoices, collect payments, and do much more online

Expensify Travel

Expensify Travel is a corporate travel management tool that allows users to book accommodations, schedule flights, assess travel risks, track mileage, and more.

Pros of Expensify

  • Effective reporting features
  • Makes credit card statement reconciliation very easy
  • Amazing customer support
  • Seamless integration with other functional applications
  • Intuitive scan and capture capabilities
  • Drag and drop feature for receipt emails
  • Launches easily

Cons of Expensify

  • Lack of year-end analysis capabilities
  • Learning curve
  • Does not support some corporate cards

Expensify Pricing

Expensify allows anyone to send and receive money, share bills, and chat with colleagues through its New Expensify product line. However, for small groups or businesses that need a workspace to manage expenses, they offer either a Collect or Control plan that can meet their individual needs. Let’s examine some details about these plans below:
$5 per user/month
Yearly Billing: NA
  • Unlimited SmartScans and distance tracking
  • Expensify Cards with Smart Limits
  • Bill pay and invoicing
  • Expense approvals
  • Third-party card feeds and reconcilation
  • ACH reimbursement
  • QuickBooks and Xero integrations
  • Gusto and Zenefits sync
$9 per user/month
Yearly Billing: NA
  • Everything in Collect, plus:
  • NetSuite and Sage Intacct integrations
  • Certinia and Workday sync
  • Multiple expense approvers
  • Admin-enforced controls
  • Custom insights and reporting
  • Budgeting

Expensify Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Expensify Offers?

The Expensify customer support team provides world-class support to over 12 million customers worldwide through a variety of support lines, including the 24/7 Concierge Line, which serves as the first line of support. The Concierge can be reached through the Expensify app and typically responds within minutes. In addition, Expensify provides dedicated onboarding experts to help new users get started, connect their cards and bank accounts, configure integrations, and more. As they continue to use the service, they’ll also have access to day-to-day product specialists who act as account managers. For more personalized support, Expensify customers and the Accountant Steering Committee have also created a self-serve Knowledge Hub filled with useful information about Expensify. Finally, the service offers dedicated support for questions regarding users’ Expensify Wallet transactions, transfers or statements.
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Expensify FAQs

Expensify is a legitimate payment super app used by over 10 million individuals and businesses worldwide to manage money through features like corporate cards and next day reimbursement.
Considering its wide range of free features, including next-day reimbursement, invoicing, bill pay, and expense management automation, Expensify offers significant value and is worth considering for those looking to streamline their financial processes.
Expensify offers seamless integrations with leading accounting software, including Xero and QuickBooks, enhancing its usefulness by syncing with these platforms to streamline the pre-accounting and expense tracking processes.
Expensify is highly reliable for expense tracking, offering an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies receipt collection and automates real-time expense reporting, reducing manual entry and potential errors.
Expensify simplifies expense management through its mobile app, which allows users to easily capture receipts. The app then automatically extracts relevant information, categorizes expenses and integrates them into expense reports, effectively minimizing manual data entry.
Expensify automates the expense reimbursement process by allowing users to digitally submit expense reports, which are then quickly reviewed and approved for next-day reimbursement, streamlining workflow and improving efficiency for companies and individuals alike.
Expensify supports international transactions by allowing users to record expenses in any currency, which the software then converts using real-time exchange rates, facilitating seamless expense reporting for global businesses and travelers.
Expensify offers customization options to meet the specific needs of different teams or departments within an organization, including customized expense approval workflows and policy compliance features to ensure consistent and efficient cost management.
Expensify ensures data security by implementing industry-standard encryption technologies, secure servers and rigorous compliance measures to protect sensitive financial and personal information from unauthorized access.
Yes, users can book travel through Expensify, including flights, hotels and car rentals, directly from within the app. This feature centralizes travel booking and cost management, making it more convenient for users to manage their business travel expenses.
The Expensify Card integrates directly with the Expensify app, allowing expenses made on the card to be automatically captured, categorized and added to expense reports. This integration facilitates real-time expense tracking and improves financial oversight for companies, making it easier to submit expenses and for approvers to manage them.

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