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Doodle Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Doodle is an online scheduling tool that simplifies the process of finding the best time for a group of people to meet, by allowing participants to vote on preferred meeting times.

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What is Doodle?

Doodle is an online scheduling platform that specializes in streamlining the process of organizing meetings and events. Established in 2007 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Doodle allows users to select preferred meeting times with ease, significantly reducing the complexity and time spent on coordination. The platform is designed to facilitate quick and efficient scheduling decisions, eliminating the need for prolonged email correspondence.

What is Doodle Good for?

Doodle excels in simplifying the scheduling process for a wide range of activities, including business meetings, corporate events, and personal appointments, by offering a Doodle poll to select the best date and time. It is particularly useful for coordinating among multiple participants and finding a common time slot that suits everyone’s schedule. With features that allow for poll creation and easy sharing among participants, Doodle streamlines the decision-making process, leading to quicker consensus and finalized meeting times.

Who Should Use Doodle?

Doodle is suitable for a diverse audience, including professionals, businesses, and individuals seeking an efficient way to manage appointments and meetings. Its user-friendly interface and functionality make it ideal for team leaders, project managers, and event organizers who frequently coordinate meetings. Additionally, Doodle’s scalability ensures it is equally effective for organizing small group gatherings or large corporate events, catering to the needs of both private users and enterprise clients, with its premium version adding enhanced capabilities.

Doodle Company Details

Doodle, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 2007 and has since emerged as a key player in the online scheduling market. The company boasts a team size of 51-200 employees, showcasing its growth and stability in the tech industry. Under the leadership of CEO Julian Holguin, Doodle has committed itself to refining the efficiency of organizing meetings and events, highlighting the importance of scheduling polls for picking the right date and time. This innovation-driven firm has steadily gained traction, offering a solution that significantly reduces the hassle associated with scheduling, marking it as a pioneer in facilitating seamless meeting coordination. With its user-centric approach, Doodle continues to enhance collaboration and connectivity, propelling the company forward in the realm of digital scheduling solutions.

Company Name: Doodle

CEO Name: Julian Holguin

Est Year: 2007

Employees: 51-200

HQ Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Julian Holguin

Doodle Demo & Media

Doodle Top Features

Group Meetings

Automatically recognize the time zones of clients or colleagues to eliminate any misunderstanding.

Track Schedule

Configure reminders for automatic dispatch and circulate news to attendees via the control panel, utilizing Doodle's efficient date and time scheduling features.

Enhanced Customization

Personalize service level agreements, obtain advanced support and educational resources, oversee gatherings directly within the Slack environment, and incorporate a corporate symbol or identity.

Bookable Calendar

Enable prospective clients to book consultations. Modify configurations for various business meeting categories.

Security and Privacy

Ensure privacy protection by avoiding the storage of personal information such as calendar entries, events, and availability in the database.

Automation Calendar Tools

Utilize scheduling software to swiftly and effectively identify suitable times for meetings.

Interview Management

Arrange several meetings with applicants swiftly in just two easy steps.


Streamline and enhance workflows through integration with Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, and other platforms.

Custom Reminders

Make sure all members remember to participate in or reply to meeting alerts or inquiries by dispatching personalized reminder notifications.

Conferencing Integrations

Automatically include links in meeting invitations and refresh any existing links. 

Pros of Doodle

  • Offers a chance for rapid uploading of online learning videos for convenient retrieval
  • Furnishes a vast array of settings, personas, and accessories
  • Facilitates smoother cooperation among extensive groups
  • The platform is user-friendly and straightforward for novices
  • Permits user anonymity when inputting their timetable
  • Cons of Doodle

  • The survey offers few choices
  • Limited room for personalizing queries
  • The Doodle webpage may appear cluttered due to excessive advertisements
  • Doodle Pricing

    Doodle provides various subscription options to meet the varied requirements of our clients. Our Free plan allows users to easily add and modify meeting links in invitations. For those in need of sophisticated scheduling automation, our Pro plan comes for $14.95 per user each month, presenting an all-encompassing solution. Groups aiming to enhance efficiency and teamwork may select our Team plan, which is available at $19.95 per user monthly, with a prerequisite of at least 5 users. For larger organizations and teams desiring more personalized features, enhanced control, and dedicated support, our Enterprise plan offers customized services. With Doodle, organizing meetings becomes more streamlined and effective, enabling both individuals and teams to prioritize their most important tasks, especially when they need to schedule a convenient time.
  • Unlimited Group Polls
  • One Sign-up Sheet
  • One Booking Page
  • One 1:1
  • Google Meet and Zoom web conferencing
  • Pro
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Group Poll time slots
  • Unlimited Sign-up Sheets
  • Unlimited Booking Pages
  • Unlimited 1:1s
  • Custom branding
  • Microsoft Teams and Webex web conferencing
  • Team
  • Admin Console
  • Roles and permissions
  • Co-host events
  • Book on behalf
  • Activity reports
  • Enterprise
  • Priority support
  • Single sign-on
  • Onboarding & training
  • 99.5% availability SLA
  • Doodle Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support Doodle Offers?

    Doodle exemplifies the ultimate in efficient scheduling, enabling users to easily organize meetings and events, including setting up a Doodle poll for deciding on a date and time. Our user-friendly platform makes this process straightforward, liberating individuals and teams from the hassle of continuous email communications. Whether you’re a professional in search of automated options or a team aiming for greater efficiency, Doodle provides for your needs with various pricing options. Furthermore, with our comprehensive support options, including FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Email/Help Desk, and Live Chat, help is always available, guaranteeing a smooth experience from start to finish.
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    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation

    Doodle FAQs

    Doodle is a legitimate scheduling platform based in Zurich, Switzerland, established in 2007 and led by CEO Julian Holguin. It is a trusted tool used globally to simplify the process of scheduling meetings and events.
    Given Doodle’s ability to streamline meeting organization by eliminating the need for extensive email exchanges, many users find its services valuable. The platform offers quick and hassle-free scheduling, making it worth considering for both personal and professional use.
    Doodle provides integrations with a variety of other software, including Google Calendar and Calendly, enhancing user experience by allowing for seamless scheduling within popular calendar platforms and productivity tools. These integrations facilitate efficient scheduling and calendaring directly from the Doodle platform.
    Doodle is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering a straightforward interface that simplifies the scheduling process. Users can easily create and manage polls for meeting times without extensive technical knowledge, making it accessible to a wide audience.
    Doodle offers customer support through various channels, including email and an online help center. The platform provides resources and guides to assist users in troubleshooting and making the most out of Doodle’s features.
    Yes, Doodle can accommodate large groups for event scheduling, allowing organizers to efficiently manage invitations and responses for events of any size. This makes it a valuable tool for large-scale meetings, conferences, and events.
    Doodle stands out from other scheduling tools through its simplicity, efficiency, and the breadth of its integrations with other software. Its user-friendly interface and ability to streamline the scheduling process make it a preferred choice for many users worldwide.

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