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Based on 219 user reviews, Document360 has an overall rating of 4.84 out of 5 stars.


Document360 Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Document360 is cloud-based, scalable knowledge base software that helps organizations create, collaborate, manage, and publish self-service content and documentation for their products or services, improving customer support and internal knowledge sharing.

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Value For Money
Customer Support

What is Document360?

Document360 is a cloud-based knowledge base solution designed for small, medium, and large enterprises in a variety of industries. Its primary function is to help organizations collect, collaborate on, and publish self-service knowledge bases for their products. This platform supports the creation of FAQs, API documentation, customer self-service resources, and internal documentation without the need for extensive training or reliance on technical experts.

What Is Document360 Good For?

Document360 excels at streamlining the process of knowledge management and documentation within an organization. It enables companies to efficiently create and manage FAQs, provide comprehensive customer self-help resources, and maintain an organized internal knowledge base. This tool is particularly effective in improving the customer service and support experience by providing accessible, user-friendly, and informative content.  As a result, more than 80% of companies using the software experience a reduction in customer support tickets, according to multiple Document360 reviews.

Who Should Use Document360?

Document360 is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations, across a variety of industries, looking to streamline their knowledge management processes. It is especially beneficial for companies looking to improve customer support through self-service resources, as well as organizations looking to maintain a collaborative and up-to-date internal documentation system. 98% of Document360 users report improved documentation efficiency. Well-known organizations such as McDonald’s and Harvard University use Document360 for their knowledge base needs, demonstrating its versatility and utility in a wide range of applications.

Vcita’s customer support infrastructure helps customers solve problems by providing comprehensive guides to key product features, workflows, and partner programs. They also provide answers to frequently asked questions while maintaining direct contact with customers via the status page and live chat.

Document360 Company Details

Document360 is a leading AI-powered knowledge base platform that was founded in 2017. Headquartered in Swanley, England, United Kingdom, the company is providing world-class authoring experiences for organizations around the world. It currently has between 200 and 500 employees who work together to serve both small and large enterprises.

Company Name: Document360 Limited

CEO Name: Saravana Kumar

Est Year: 2017

Employees: 200 - 500

HQ Location: Swanley, England, United Kingdom.

Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Product Marketing Executive

Document360 Demo & Media

Document360 Top Features

Knowledge Base Portal

An advanced portal with state-of-the-art editors, category managers, analytics, and more for editors, writers, and reviewers.

Knowledge Base Site

A simplified site for content consumers, with cutting-edge search. It is optimized for reading on any device for customers and employees.

Knowledge Base Widget

24/7 automated support team that delivers in-app help to customers at the right time and actively deflects incoming support tickets for SaaS products and websites.

API Documentation

Developers can automatically generate beautiful API documentation for internal and external consumers from API definition files


Provides rich insights to understand end-user engagement with the knowledge base for data-driven decisions


The all-in-one dashboard provides a complete view of all documentation.


Helps design and automate the documentation workflow process to produce high-quality documentation.


Facilitates the creation of SEO-friendly knowledge base articles to provide answers to customers searching for help on search engines.


Works hand in hand with existing help desk, analytics, commenting, chat, translation, and code repository products.

Business Glossary

Provides a single source of truth for all business terms to help maintain the business vocabulary.

Ticket Deflector

Reduces ticket volume and improves agent productivity by redirecting incoming customer support tickets.


Stores and organizes files, images, and media assets used in the knowledge base.

Platform API

Seamlessly integrates with other toolsets by providing full access to the knowledge base via platform APIs

Health Check Metrics

AI-powered health check metrics improve SEO, enhance readability, and increase content quality.

Pros of Document360

  • Continuous feature upgrades
  • Easy article creation and update
  • Easy image and video storage
  • Flexible and customizable portal
  • Excellent version control
  • Powerful reporting and analysis
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Multiple editor options

Cons of Document360

  • Cumbersome setup procedures
  • Does not support bulk document exports from Word
  • Editors lack advanced icons

Document360 Pricing

Document360 is one of the most popular AI-powered knowledge base software for customers and teams. The self-service platform helps various organizations create, share and manage knowledge bases, product documentation, manuals, SOPs, wikis and more.

The software is available to all businesses, regardless of size. Individual business owners, writers, or editors can start with a free plan. This plan provides access to a single workspace, a public knowledge base, and a maximum of two users.

In addition, as business needs evolve, Document360 allows users to add more functionality..

Let’s take a look at all the pricing plans available.

Yearly Billing: NA
  • Public knowledge base
  • 2 Users included
  • 1 Workspace included
  • 50 articles
  • 1 GB storage
$ 149 per project/month
Yearly Billing: NA
  • Public knowledge base
  • 3 Users included
  • 1 Workspace included
  • Unlimited articles
  • 50 GB storage
  • Custom Domain with SSL
  • Custom Branding
  • Customize Site - Home page
  • Drive (media management)
  • AI-Powered Search
  • Article Templates
  • SEO Management
  • Cookie Consent
  • Article Bulk Action
$299 per project/month
Yearly Billing: NA

Everything in Standard and…

  • Public knowledge base
  • 5 Users included
  • 1 Workspace included
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript
  • Custom Pages
  • Analytics
  • Smart Bars
  • Review Reminders
  • Article Redirection
  • Recycle Bin
  • Glossary
  • Link Analyzer
  • Knowledge base Widget
  • Global Find & Replace
  • Snippets & Variables
  • Feedback Manager
  • Ticket Deflector
  • Back up & Restore
  • Notifications
$399 per project/month
Yearly Billing: NA

Everything in Professional and…

  • Public knowledge base
  • Private knowledge base
  • 5 Users included
  • 1 Workspace included
  • Readers
$599 per project/month
Yearly Billing: NA

Everything in Business and…

  • Mixed (Public + Private)
  • 10 Users included
  • 1 Workspace included
  • Security Groups & Roles
  • Single Sign-on (SAML, JWT, OpenId)
  • IP Restriction
  • Auditing
  • Custom Email Domain
  • Localization
  • Workflow

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User Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 219 reviews)

Doc360 Is a User-Friendly and Intuitive KB Platform

May 25, 2024

The team and I searched for the right knowledge base platform solution for many weeks. After we tested Document360 and met with their support team, we knew we had found the one for us–one where you do not have to be a developer to use the product. Some things I love about Document360: – Comprehensive analytic reports from the number of article views to article ratings and user feedback. – Easy to create, edit, and publish articles. – Intuitive UI. – Flexible and customizable landing page. Doc360 is also equipped with many templates so you don’t have to start from scratch. – Glossary makes it easy for readers to understand new concepts. This eliminates the need to reintroduce a concept across multiple articles. – I’ve received feedback from readers that searching for articles and finding information is easy. – Easy to tag articles for better visibility. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Jessika K.
Jessika K.
Review Source: G2

Document360 is an incredibly robust knowledge base platform with excellent customer support services

May 25, 2024

Document360 is so easy to use and has incredibly robust functionalities that make it easy to set up a knowledge base, import and configure articles, track usage statistics and best practices, and search for information across the entire body of articles. Prior to Document360, my company used two other knowledge base platforms, and we had so many pain points with those platforms. Article updates were tedious and time consuming, which caused publication delays and wasted time on the part of the technical writers. Document360 eliminated almost all of the pain points and enabled us to provide options to customers that we couldn’t even envision with our previous providers, such as article categories and nesting, automatically created clickable table of contents of multiple header levels, embedded PDFs, and password protection at the article level. The article import process from Word is easy and doesn’t require much cleanup. The robust search functionality was an absolute game changer because it allows us to quickly identify articles that require updating based on their mention of a particular term or phrase. It also allows our customers to find information on our product’s functionalities by simply entering a word or phrase on our main page. We really appreciate that the search functionality is comprehensive — as in, if you enter a word, it will return every single article that mentions that word, regardless of where in the article the word appears. The customer support at Document360 is also excellent. Whenever we find a bug or area of concern, the support team is highly responsive and works to quickly resolve the problem, regardless of how big or small it is. We also appreciate that Document360 is always developing and releasing new features — and that these features are really useful and well envisioned. For example, Document360 just released a feature that allows you to globally find and replace a particular term or phrase, including the ability to view and approve or reject each instance of the term or phrase in each article in which it appears. This feature is useful for when our product changes its terminology, but the changes are applicable only to some parts of our article body. We spent years searching for a knowledge base platform that would enable us to spend more time writing and updating and less time wrestling with the platform, and Document360 definitely is it — and it is very reasonably priced as well! It also has a free trial period that was very useful for helping us to understand its functionalities and decide to purchase. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Abigail B.
Abigail B.
Review Source: G2

I like it

May 25, 2024

I began with Trail and used their products. I continue to upload all of my WIP reports and any updates that need to be communicated with my team utilizing Document 360. I also value your excellent customer service whenever I need it. Keep up the great work, and please know that everyone in my professional network has my highest recommendation. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Stanly S.
Stanly S.
Review Source: G2

The best knowledge base builder around!

May 25, 2024

On one hand, the tool is simple to get into and start using and on another hand it is very complex with a lot of functionalities and metric that help me get around work easier. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Tomasz C.
Tomasz C.
Review Source: G2

It was a great experience.

May 25, 2024

Embedding Tableau dashboards and adding users. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Desire M.
Desire M.
Review Source: G2

What Kind of Support Document360 Offers?

Document360 has a robust support infrastructure that ensures customers get the help they need, when they need it. They offer 24-hour support on weekdays and on-demand support on weekends. Users can get help by submitting support tickets, reviewing available documentation, or speaking with an agent via live chat. Additionally, those who want priority access to expedited support services and response times can opt for Document360’s Premium Support offering. This offering provides a dedicated support professional to provide personalized assistance.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Premium Support
Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

Document360 FAQs

Yes, Document360 is a legitimate cloud-based solution used by small, medium, and large organizations across multiple industries to create, collaborate, and publish self-service knowledge bases for their products. It is trusted by well-known organizations such as McDonald’s and Harvard University.
Document360 is worth the money because it enables organizations to create FAQs, share customer self-service resources, maintain internal documentation, and more without requiring technical expertise or training. Its ease of use and the value it brings to knowledge management make it a worthwhile investment for companies looking to improve their documentation processes. Document360’s software has helped companies reduce onboarding time by up to 50%.
Document360 offers integrations with various software tools to enhance its functionality. These integrations include, but are not limited to, content management systems, customer service software, and collaboration tools. The specific software integrations available are designed to streamline workflows and improve the efficiency of managing and accessing knowledge bases.
Yes, Document360 is hosted in the cloud, allowing users to access and manage their knowledge base from anywhere with an Internet connection. This cloud-based platform facilitates collaboration among team members and ensures that the knowledge base is always up-to-date and accessible.
Document360 uses several methods to ensure security and privacy, including regular security audits, strong data encryption, and the implementation of robust access control mechanisms. These measures are designed to protect user information and prevent unauthorized access.
The creation and maintenance of Document360 is managed by the software’s development team, which is responsible for continuously improving the platform based on user feedback and technological advancements. Document360 users, such as companies and organizations, are responsible for populating and maintaining the content of their knowledge bases using either the Markdown, WYSIWYG, or advanced WYSIWYG editors. They can always count on support when they need it, as over 95% of customers rate Document360’s customer service as excellent.
Yes, Document360 supports multilingual knowledge bases, allowing organizations to create and manage their documentation in multiple languages. This feature allows organizations to cater to a diverse global audience by presenting their content in the user’s preferred language. 
Document360 can be customized to match corporate branding, allowing organizations to align the look and feel of their information repository with their brand identity. Customization options include changing the theme, logos, and color schemes to provide a seamless user experience. 
Document360 handles version control and document history by automatically saving revisions and changes made to items. This feature allows users to track edits, roll back to previous versions if necessary, and maintain a comprehensive history of documentation changes. 
Yes, Document360 can be accessed from mobile devices, giving users the flexibility to view and manage their knowledge base on the go. The platform’s responsive design adapts to different screen sizes, providing an optimal viewing experience on smartphones and tablets.

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