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Calendly Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Calendly is a scheduling software that enables efficient appointment setting, event coordination, and calendar management through automation and integration with popular calendar services, designed to streamline the process of finding the perfect meeting time.

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What is Calendly?

Calendly is a software application based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, designed to simplify the scheduling process. Founded in 2013, it provides an intuitive platform for individuals, teams, and organizations to easily set meetings and manage calendars without the common back-and-forth communication typically associated with scheduling. Its automation features allow for efficient appointment booking, making it a revolutionary tool in time management and coordination efforts.

What is Calendly Good for?

Calendly excels in streamlining the meeting scheduling process, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to arrange appointments. It is particularly useful for automating meeting slot availability, sending invitations, and managing RSVPs, thereby enhancing productivity. Moreover, Calendly integrates seamlessly with other calendar services, ensuring a synchronized and updated schedule. This capability makes it an invaluable tool for improving organizational efficiency and personal time management.

Who Should Use Calendly?

Calendly is designed for a wide range of users, including professionals seeking to minimize administrative tasks, sales teams aiming to expedite the appointment-setting process, educators coordinating with students, and organizations looking to simplify meeting arrangements amongst team members. It benefits anyone requiring a systematic approach to managing appointments and meetings efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Calendly serves as an essential tool for individuals and teams focused on maximizing productivity and streamlining scheduling processes.

Calendly Company Details

Calendly, established in 2013 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, continues to evolve, aiming to enhance its ease of use into 2024 and beyond. It is a modern scheduling platform that is aimed at revolutionizing how individuals, teams, and organizations coordinate meetings. With a robust team of 501 to 1000 employees, Calendly has been under the leadership of CEO Tope Awotona since its inception. The company has rapidly grown to become a key player in the scheduling software market, leveraging its intuitive interface to eliminate the cumbersome back-and-forth traditionally associated with scheduling appointments. Calendly’s commitment to innovation and simplifying the scheduling process has enabled it to empower users across the globe, helping them to optimize their time and focus on priority tasks.

Company Name: Calendly

CEO Name: Tope Awotona

Est Year: 2013

Employees: 501 - 1000

HQ Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Tope Awotona
CEO & Founder

Calendly Demo & Media

Calendly Top Features

Calendar Integrations

This feature automatically verifies availability against other calendars to prevent overlapping appointments.

Website Embedding

This feature enables your clients or customers to easily and swiftly schedule appointments.

Customized Branding

Customers can completely personalize their reservation page by incorporating their company logos and color schemes that match their brand identity.

Complete Data Privacy

Calendly's unified control panel, equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO) and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) capabilities, enables users to securely manage their calendars.

Time Zone Detection

This function eradicates misunderstandings among individuals across various time zones, making it easier to schedule meetings.

Customizable Event Types

This feature allows you to tailor the number of meetings that can be scheduled in a day and their spacing, should you wish to prevent scheduling them consecutively.

Handy Notifications

This feature allows you to tailor the number of meetings that can be scheduled daily and their spacing, providing the option to prevent consecutive meetings from being arranged too closely.

Routing Forms

Calendly provides customizable forms featuring screening questions.

Insightful Analytics

This feature enables you to view insights such as preferred meeting times and formats, in addition to the tally of events that were either canceled or rearranged.

Wide Range of Integrations

In this functionality, whenever an individual arranges a meeting with you via Calendly, the details of the event are seamlessly integrated into ClickUp. 

Pros of Calendly

  • Calendly facilitates the arrangement of client meetings according to their availability and the company’s schedule
  • It features robust integration, allowing for the straightforward adjustment of availability and preferences, essentially streamlining the process of scheduling meetings. 
  • It simplifies the organization of various interview formats, reinforcing its position as a versatile tool to schedule meetings.
  • Calendly provides functionality to automate the sending of reminders and follow-up messages to participants through workflows.
  • Characteristics that assist with pre-meeting reminders/suggestions
  • Cons of Calendly

  • Utilizing the tool might be challenging because of its complexity
  • There are limited options for personalization
  • Lacks the capacity to synchronize with various calendars
  • Calendly Pricing

    Calendly presents a variety of pricing levels designed to accommodate different needs related to scheduling. The Free level is aimed at beginners, offering essential scheduling capabilities at no charge. For individuals with more complex scheduling needs, the Standard level provides additional features for $10 per participant each month. Groups in search of more powerful collaboration and automation features may choose the Teams level, which costs $16 per participant each month. On the other hand, large organizations looking for premium solutions can take advantage of the Enterprise level. This top-level tier starts at $15,000 annually and includes enhanced security, administrative oversight, superior support, and procurement suitable for enterprise environments. Each pricing level is crafted to grow with the user’s requirements, delivering effective scheduling options for single users, teams, and large companies alike.

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    What Kind of Support Calendly Offers?

    Calendly places a high priority on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing a wide array of support services designed to meet any needs or questions users may have. Support can be accessed via our Email/Help Desk, where our committed support team is quick to reply to inquiries, guaranteeing issues are resolved promptly. For immediate responses to urgent questions, users can also choose to communicate with our support agents through Chat in real-time. Our Knowledge Base is available for those seeking to solve problems on their own or requiring detailed guidance, offering a wealth of articles, tutorials, and troubleshooting tips. Additionally, our FAQs/Forum area allows users to find solutions to frequently asked questions or to connect with our active community for advice and shared experiences. Committed to providing superior support experiences, Calendly ensures that users have a variety of resources at their disposal to enhance their experience with scheduling, including an extensive customer support network.
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    Calendly FAQs

    Yes, Calendly is a legitimate scheduling platform established in 2013 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, beloved for its ease of use and free version. It has grown to support a wide user base around the world, providing an intuitive interface for automating the scheduling of meetings.
    Calendly is worth paying for due to its ability to streamline appointment scheduling, minimize email back-and-forth, and integrate with various calendar services. Its value is enhanced for users looking to optimize their time management and improve productivity in personal, team, or organizational contexts.
    Calendly offers integrations with a variety of software platforms, facilitating seamless scheduling within users’ existing workflows. These integrations include but are not limited to calendar services (Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365), video conferencing tools (Zoom, Microsoft Teams), and various CRM and payment platforms, enhancing its utility for a broad spectrum of professional use cases.
    Yes, Calendly is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of scheduling appointments and managing calendars. Its design focuses on user experience, making it accessible for individuals, teams, and organizations to adopt and integrate into their daily operations without extensive training or technical expertise.
    Calendly automatically adjusts for time zone differences, ensuring that meetings are scheduled at the correct local time for all participants. This eliminates the common issue of time zone confusion and simplifies scheduling for international meetings.
    Yes, Calendly supports the scheduling of group meetings, allowing multiple invitees to select a common time slot. This feature is particularly useful for organizing team meetings, webinars, and events that require the attendance of several participants.
    Calendly offers a range of customization options, including personalized booking links, the ability to set availability preferences, and the option to integrate branding elements into the scheduling interface. These features provide users with flexibility and control over their scheduling experience, thanks to Calendly’s emphasis on ease of use.

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