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Bubble PPM Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Bubble PPM is a comprehensive project and portfolio management software that helps organizations effectively prioritize, plan and deliver projects through advanced analytics, collaborative tools and customizable workflows.

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What is Bubble PPM?

Bubble PPM is a cloud-based project and portfolio management software developed by Bubble, a leading provider in the field. It enables organizations to manage their project portfolios with confidence, providing real-time insights, integration of best practices for innovation, and comprehensive reporting and delivery tools, making it an effective portfolio management tool. This software facilitates the effective selection and execution of project portfolios while addressing the complexities of distributed and collaborative workforces, improving efficiency and productivity through a single integrated environment. 

What is Bubble PPM Good For?

Bubble PPM excels at helping organizations select the right portfolio of projects and execute them reliably through strategic planning and portfolio management tools. It is particularly adept at managing distributed teams and projects by providing real-time visibility into project performance and resources. The software’s built-in best practices for innovation streamline project management processes, and its comprehensive suite of reporting and delivery tools ensures that all stakeholders have the information they need to make informed decisions. Overall, it is designed to improve the planning, management and delivery of a wide range of initiatives, including innovation, new product development, engineering and IT projects.

Who Should Use Bubble PPM?

Bubble PPM is intended for use by organizations of all sizes that want to improve their portfolio management processes. Target audiences include project managers, portfolio managers, executives, and teams responsible for innovation, new product development, engineering, and IT initiatives. Organizations that manage multiple projects simultaneously and require real-time visibility into project performance and resource allocation will find the software particularly useful. Organizations seeking to integrate best practices into their project management processes and improve overall efficiency and productivity will find the software especially useful.

Bubble PPM Company Details

Bubble, the company behind Bubble PPM, is a leader in project and portfolio management. Founded in 1999, Bubble has been dedicated for over two decades to delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions designed to improve the planning, management and delivery of various projects and initiatives. Headquartered in Cambridge, with additional offices in London and Vancouver, the company has a significant global presence. Bubble’s expertise in facilitating improved efficiency and productivity is recognized across industries, particularly in areas such as innovation, product development, engineering and IT. Through its ongoing commitment to excellence, Bubble has successfully served a diverse clientele, providing them with tools to manage complex projects in an integrated environment.

Company Name: Bubble®

CEO Name: Peter Robin Hoyland

Est Year: 1999

Employees: 51-200 employees

HQ Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Peter-Hoyland Bubble PPM Director
Peter Robin Hoyland

Bubble PPM Demo & Media

Bubble PPM Top Features

Strategic Planning

Bubble PPM's strategic planning tools provide a single source of truth for an organization's entire project portfolio. This allows managers to see and set the direction of travel by defining requirements, assessing priorities, and optimizing investments to achieve growth.

Portfolio Management

Bubble PPM's full suite of reporting and analysis tools ensure better performing, higher value project portfolios by providing real-time portfolio visibility for informed decision making.

Project Management

With Bubble PPM, project managers can see the big picture as well as the details. The tools help identify what's needed to move projects forward, what the roadblocks are, and what doesn't need to be addressed.

Resource Management

Bubble PPM provides a comprehensive suite of resource management tools to help deliver projects faster and make the best use of resources. They provide a true balance between resource needs and capacity, so teams only take on the projects they know they can deliver.

Custom & Sector Solutions

Bubble PPM's industry specific PPM software configurations and customizations help companies and industries that require industry-specific workflows, tools, and functionality succeed.

3rd-Party Platform Integration

Third-party platform integrations allow data to be shared securely and automatically between connected systems.

Pros of Bubble PPM

  • Flexibility
  • Unique templates optimized for product development
  • Intelligent view of entire portfolio
  • Fast reporting functionality
  • Responsive customer support
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Seamlessly imports data from Excel
  • Robust analytics
  • Scenario planning and simulation

Cons of Bubble PPM

  • Limited dash color options
  • Constant updates and changes
  • Limited third-party tool integrations

Bubble PPM Pricing

Bubble PPM places great emphasis on being informative and efficient. As a result, their products are priced only after a prospective user participates in an in-person demo. These demos allow customers to see as much or as little of the system as they need. Customers can choose from any of Bubble’s primary areas of interest, which include, Strategic Planning, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Energy Sector PPM – iRIS, and others.

Bubble PPM Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Bubble PPM Offers?

Prospective and active customers with one or more inquiries have access to different categories of Bubble PPM support services. These include a download portal with a variety of Project Portfolio Management resources. They can also soak up insights from over 20 years of innovation consulting and software development experience via the platform’s Innovation Blog. Prospective and active users can contact the customer support team directly via phone, email, or support tickets for help with signups or product issues.
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Bubble PPM FAQs

Yes, it is a legitimate project and portfolio management software developed by Bubble, a leading provider founded in 1999 with offices in London, Cambridge and Vancouver. It is designed to provide real-time insights, built-in best practices for innovation, and a comprehensive suite of reporting and delivery tools to improve project portfolio management. 
Bubble PPM software is worth its price because it improves the efficiency and productivity of project portfolios by providing real-time insights, built-in best practices for innovation, and a comprehensive suite of reporting and delivery tools. Its integrated environment supports the reliable execution of select project portfolios and addresses the complexities of a distributed and collaborative workforce. 
The software provides integrations with various other software to streamline processes and facilitate seamless project and portfolio management. These integrations allow users to connect the software to other critical tools used within their organizations, with the specific software integrations available tailored to optimize project management workflows and data exchange. 
The software is designed to be accessible to every team member, including those outside the core project teams, and to function as a comprehensive PPM software. It provides features that allow broad access and collaboration across departments, ensuring that all stakeholders can engage with project data and insights, promoting inclusivity and comprehensive project oversight. 
The software facilitates project progress monitoring through its real-time insights and comprehensive reporting tools. These features enable project managers and stakeholders to track progress, identify potential issues early, and make data-driven decisions using project management tools. The software provides a clear view of project timelines, resource allocation, and milestones, supporting effective project management and delivery. 
The software’s resource capacity management methodology includes advanced tools that enable comprehensive planning, tracking and optimization of resources across all projects, demonstrating its strength in resource management. This includes the ability to visualize resource allocations, identify over- or under-utilization, and adjust plans accordingly to ensure optimal resource utilization and alignment with project timelines and objectives.
The software supports project selection decision making by providing tools and analytics that assess project viability, strategic alignment, and potential returns. It enables decision makers to compare and prioritize projects based on data-driven insights, ensuring that the selected portfolio aligns with organizational goals and maximizes value.
The software can be customized to meet specific organizational needs, offering flexible configuration options and the ability to customize features, workflows and reports. This customization ensures that the software aligns with each organization’s unique processes, project management methodologies, and reporting requirements.

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