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Asana Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work and projects, facilitating communication, collaboration, and task management in one integrated platform.

Ease of Use
Value For Money
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What is Asana?

Asana is project management software designed to facilitate teamwork and improve productivity within organizations. It serves as a platform where tasks can be created, assigned, tracked, and managed efficiently. Co-founded by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, Asana has become a prominent tool in the project management space and is used by over 100,000 companies worldwide. The software integrates various workflow optimization features, including task management, deadline tracking, and team collaboration, all within an easy-to-use interface.

What is Asana good for?

Asana excels at streamlining workflows and improving team collaboration. It is particularly effective at organizing tasks, setting priorities, and maintaining timelines for projects of all sizes. The platform allows for the centralization of project information, making it easier for team members to access documents, communicate updates, and track project progress in real time. Asana’s flexibility and scalability make it suitable for a wide range of project management needs, from simple task assignments to complex project planning and execution.

Who should use Asana?

Asana is designed for a wide range of users, from individuals and small businesses to large enterprises. It is ideal for project managers, team leaders, and any professional responsible for coordinating tasks and managing team activities. The software’s scalability and availability of a free plan for up to 15 users makes it accessible to startups and small teams, while its advanced features and premium plans meet the needs of larger organizations and more complex projects. Whether managing day-to-day tasks or strategic initiatives, Asana’s user-centric design and versatile toolset make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to streamline their project management processes.

Asana Company Details

Asana, the company behind Asana, was co-founded by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, both former Facebook employees. They founded Asana with the goal of creating a versatile project management tool that improves team collaboration and workflow efficiency. Since its inception, Asana has grown to meet the needs of more than 100,000 companies worldwide, demonstrating its widespread adoption and utility in the marketplace. The company boasts a diverse and dedicated team in numerous locations around the world, demonstrating its global footprint and commitment to providing robust project management solutions. Founded on innovation and user-centric design, Asana continues to evolve, offering a range of plans for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises alike, ensuring scalability and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of organizations.

Company Name: Asana, Inc.

CEO Name: Dustin Moskovitz

Est Year: 2008

Employees: 501-1000

HQ Location: California, US

Dustin Moskovitz CEO Asana
Dustin Moskovitz
Co-founder & CEO
Justin Rosenstein Co-founder Asana
Justin Rosenstein

Asana Demo & Media

Asana Top Features

Workflow Builder

Asana offers a visual tool to create efficient workflows to organize work, streamline projects and connect teams.

Multiple Views

It supports the following views: Timeline (Gantt chart), Boards (Kanban board) and Calendar.

Real-Time Reporting

You can use Asana's dashboard to check real-time insights and reports from any project and team.

Project Management

You can manage projects on Asana by tracking progress, improving collaboration, prioritizing tasks and streamlining communication with team members.

Custom Fields

This feature allows you to go beyond tasks to include customizable field names, types and values, which you can further track.

Clear Communication

Asana helps communicate clearly through task comments, followers addition, status update, private messaging, and team conversations.


It offers a custom rules builder with over 70 rules and a pre-set rules gallery to automate processes and tasks.

Workload Management

You can look at an overview of workload by project and person on Asana with additional features like viewable project milestones, expanded timeline and capacity trendline.


You can standardize the intake process with the Asana form to make it easier for your clients and teams to request work.

200+ App Integrations

With over 200 app integrations, you can bring all your data and tools to the platform. You can also use its API to develop custom solutions.

Pros of Asana

  • Unlimited tasks, projects, messages and activity log 
  • Unlimited file storage (1000 MB/file) 
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Helps in data visualization 
  • Functional, numerous templates

Cons of Asana

  • Single assignee for tasks 
  • Limited exporting functionalities

Asana Pricing

Asana offers a completely free plan to start with. You can manage unlimited tasks, and unlimited projects and collaborate with upto 15 members. This is perfect for individuals and small businesses with low budgets.

If you need more resources, you have the option to go for premium plans.

Free Plan
Monthly Billing: $0/Month
Yearly Billing: $0/Month
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Unlimited file storage (100MB per file)
  • Collaborate with up to 15 teammates
  • List view projects
  • Board view projects
  • Calendar view
  • Assignee and due dates
  • Project Overview
  • Project Brief
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Time tracking with integrations
  • 100+ free integrations with your favorite apps
Premium Plan
Monthly Billing: $13.49/Month
Yearly Billing: $10.99/Month
  • Timeline
  • Workflow Builder
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Reporting across unlimited projects
  • Advanced search
  • Custom fields
  • Unlimited free guests
  • Forms
  • Rules
  • Start dates and times
  • Task Templates
  • Milestones
  • Admin Console
  • Private teams & projects
Business Plan
Monthly Billing: $30.49/Month
Yearly Billing: $24.99/Month
  • Everything in Premium +
  • Portfolios
  • Goals
  • Workload
  • Custom rules builder
  • Forms branching & customization
  • Approvals
  • Proofing
  • Lock custom fields
  • Advanced reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Advanced integrations with Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, Power BI

Asana Price Comparison

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Asana Detail

To make the best use of this easy-to-use project management tool, one must take care of a few different things, such as the organization having to decide how they are going to use Asana. Take a call on how Asana can be implemented for your use and why would you need Asana. 

One of the secrets to success for Asana in the project management software market is that it is highly secure and requires no other additional security configurations at all. It uses the latest TLS 1.1 protocol and hosts data in highly secure data centers in the US. 

Design Your Workflow

Use Asana to design a highly optimized workflow to improve your teams’ efficiency to make sure that you never miss a deadline again.

No matter what kind of business you are managing, be it a sales or marketing team, HR team, or any other vertical, Asana will fit perfectly into your need and make sure that you have a perfectly optimized workflow.

All your planning, discussions, requirements, and all other details will be in one place.

Starting with the core objective of your organization, you can align all your planning and project details towards the main objective.


Successful Project Management

Asana is one of the most comprehensive team collaboration and project management software. So, starting from project planning to final delivery, you can manage everything from this single platform.

You will be updated with the status of your project at any point in time so that you can easily manage changes to work allocation and other management-related issues right on time.

You will never miss a deadline again.


Save Time, Automate Tedious Processes

There are certain processes in a workflow that are tedious but important. With Asana, you can automate a number of regular processes so that you can save a lot of your productive time to focus on more important tasks in the project.

You can convert common processes into a custom template so that you don’t have to repeat similar kinds of processes every time.

Asa readily offers you a number of templates that are created for all different kinds of projects that you can use so that you don’t have to start from scratch.


Different View Types

When you plan a project, the view makes a big difference and makes it easier to understand. Asana offers you multiple different views such as list view, board view, timeline, etc.

If you have planned a project in a spreadsheet in the past, you can import those spreadsheets and convert them to a beautiful timeline design that is a lot easier to understand for a new team member.


Remote Team Management

Working with a remote team is the new normal. Most businesses hire team members from all different locations in the world and collaborate online to discuss and get things done.

Asana offers you all the features and options to manage a completely remote team and keep everyone on the same page by using the tools offered by Asana.

Discussing any aspect of a project with multiple team members from different parts of the world was never so easier. With Asana, you can discuss, comment, and update the status so that all the team members working on a project get updated instantly.

You don’t have to move between different tools and apps to update and message other team members, you can get all that done within the Asana dashboard.

Complete Productivity Management

Asana is a great productivity management app that comes with a number of different tools to help you enhance the overall productivity of your team.

keep a To-Do List

Create a simple and easy-to-use to-do list by using the Asana platform so that none of your team members miss anything important. You can create a to-do list and assign tasks to your team members.

Forget the Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are confusing at times. You can keep all the information and meeting notes in a project plan which is a lot more productive and simpler way.

Use a Template

Asana offers you a number of ready-to-use a template that is created for different kinds of projects. So instead of starting from scratch, you can use a template to save time.


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What Kind of Support Asana Offers?

Asana comes with a lot of educational content around the product to guide users. They have an active forum and community where you can find answers to your questions. You can also contact the support team at all times if you face any issues.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Asana FAQs

Asana is a legitimate project management solution trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide and co-founded by respected former Facebook employees. It operates from multiple office locations with a dedicated staff to ensure reliable service and support.
With robust features and an easy-to-use interface that streamline workflows and facilitate efficient collaboration, Asana is worth paying for. We offer a free plan for individuals and small businesses, as well as flexible premium plans tailored to meet the varying needs of organizations, ensuring value for money.
Asana offers integrations with a wide range of software applications to enhance functionality and streamline project management processes. This integration capability allows for a seamless workflow between Asana and other tools, although specific software integrations are not detailed in the fact sheet.
Asana is designed to support projects of various sizes, including large enterprise projects. With premium plans, organizations can access additional resources and features to efficiently manage and scale their large projects.
While specific security measures were not detailed in the fact sheet provided, as a leading project management solution used by many organizations around the world, Asana is expected to employ industry-standard security protocols to protect user data and ensure confidentiality and integrity.
Although specific training resources were not mentioned in the factual information provided, as a user-centric project management tool, Asana is likely to offer comprehensive training materials such as tutorials, user guides, and webinars to help new users navigate and get the most out of its features.

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