10 Places To Promote Your Blog Post Immediately After Publishing

Places to promote blog post


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Where to promote your content immediately after publishing? This is a question that comes to all bloggers mind.

If you think your blog post will gain exposure only by publishing it on your website, it’s time you consider giving it a thought.

The internet is flooded with tons of articles that might be talking about the same subject as you. So unless you write something that is exceptionally good, do not be disappointed if it fails to gain your expected views or likes.

However, it’s not disappointing sometimes, if your high-quality post goes unnoticed too. You should understand that the internet has no special power to recognize if your post is high quality or not.

So whether your post is gaining popularity will also depend on how you optimize your post for search engines.

There are hundreds of guidelines that you need to follow to make your post SEO friendly. One crucial step that you need to take to ensure your post is gaining popularity is to share your post on certain platforms immediately after you publish it online.

It today’s post I will tell you 10 such places you definitely need to share your blog in after your post is published.

Before you proceed, don’t forget to to have a look at the post where we listed 78 places to promote your content.

Where To Submit Your Blog Post After Publishing

Stumble Upon

Just as the name suggests, Stuble Upon is all about stumbling upon some random post on the internet. The ‘Stumble’ button of this platform makes random posts appear on the reader’s timeline.

Sharing your post here can be a fantastic way to increase your readership as there is a lot of potentials to attract random people to read your post. And if your posts are interesting enough, people would not wait to stumble upon your posts to read them. They will definitely subscribe to your page to read your latest publish.

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Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities are another very important social networking medium where you need to share your posts immediately after they have been published on your website. These communities not only help you to reach out to the targeted audience but also helps you attract more traffic along with a good readership.

So try posting your unique content here to get more exposure.

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Linkedin Groups

Being a member of a Linkedin Group is a great way to reach out to people beyond your usual connection. Choose a group and that has members with the same interest as your niche. Come up with posts that will answer people’s queries and solve their problems.

Once your post is published, share it in these groups and stay connected with your members. Try keeping yourself active in the comments section by replying to the comments. This will help you promote your brand and develop a genuine relationship with your followers.

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Instagram is a great source to share your content through visual content. It is a fantastic platform that reaches out to hundreds of teenagers and young adults interested in demographics. You can, therefore, use this brilliant medium to build your connection amongst potential clients for your business.

Create a strong visual post of your content and share it on your Instagram account. Leave a link to the original post and see how your post views see a swell.

Also, check this article about the best tools to increase Instagram followers.

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Pinterest is another similar platform where your visual content can attract a lot of traffic. If you are good with graphics and can create a nice image to illustrate your original post, Pinterest can drive you a lot more traffic than you can imagine.

Just do not forget to leave the link to your original post before you hit the share button.

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Flickr is a brilliant platform to connect with millions of readership. It is a medium that hosts images and videos from thousands of websites out there. If your website is also into video publishing then this platform can be a great source for you.

However, you can use it even if you do not publish a video. Just share your images and leave the link to your original post there.

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Scoop.it is a fantastic source to help you grow your online presence within hours of your post being on the web. If you have only a single topic to share then scoop.it is available for free. However, it has options for you to upgrade your account if you want to share more topics. These fees start from just an $11 per month.

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BizSugar is yet another option for you to find a targeted audience for your post. BizSugar has helped many small and big business attract great traffic to their website and thus convert them to leads. So why don’t you too give it a try?

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Tribberr has also proved to be a great platform for bloggers who want to reach out to the targeted audience and build relationships with bloggers from across the globe. Sharing your post on this platform can prove to be a great idea for your content too.

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Email Your Users

What can be better than directly mailing about your new post to your followers? Emails are one thing that is sure to reach your followers. So obviously when the mail reaches your audience, the interested lot will definitely click on the link to check what’s new in it.

So concentrate on building a long email list of followers.

Email marketing



These are some of the places where you definitely need to share your post immediately after it’s published on the web. If you know of any other such platforms, do tell us through your comments below. We would love to hear from you. Until then, do visit us again for more of such content.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for including social media and commenting! I think a lot of people get caught up in “creating content,” but don’t necessarily realize that these things are PART of that creation process.

    Another thing we do as part of our ongoing SEO is to submit our content to StumbleUpon and Technorati. The more eyeballs who see it, the more likely it is to get linked to. Always a good thing.

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