30+ Part-Time Night Jobs to Make Extra Money from Home (Make $5K+)

Best side hustle ideas to help you make extra money during night

Night Jobs

Are you looking for the best part-time night job to make some extra money? Well, we have listed some of the top actionable jobs that you can start right away.

Taking up a night job can be worthwhile for two main reasons. 

  • If you are not a morning person and love being a night owl
  • No matter how much we have, earning some extra money will help us meet the growing financial needs. 

There are many pros and cons involved in taking a night job. Considering every aspect, we have compiled a list of the top night jobs that will end your search.

Standard working hours, i.e., 9-to-5 jobs, have become a corporate practice, but times are changing. While we have experienced a radical shift in the culture of remote work most businesses take place in the stand hours. 

What if a person finds a night job more suitable or wants to work extra to boost his/her? 

Don’t worry! There are plenty of gigs that can help you out. 

Some of them are listed below!

01. Start a Blog

This is the best time to start a blog, if you are an expert in any topic why not share it with the world. Or you can even learn new things are start writing about it.

The world is way more digital than it ever used to be. People look for information online for almost anything you can think of. That means you have a ready audience for any topic under the Sun.

Now, the question is how to start a blog?

The process is a lot more simpler than you probably think.

You will need

  • A domain name
  • Hosting
  • And a website building platform

So, you will need these 3 things to start a blog. You can go to Bluehost and get all these at one place. Bluehost is a leading and highly recommended hosting solution.

As you signup for a Bluehost plan, you will get your domain name for free (which otherwise will cost you around $15) and WordPress (website building platform) will be automatically installed for your site.

So, before you know your site will be ready.

We have a complete guide to start a new blog with images to help you with the process.

02. Proofreading

Do you feel like you can do better with the content that is given to you? 

If yes, then proofreading is an ideal job for you. 

With the increase in content publishers and millions of content pieces every day, the demand for quality proofreading professionals has gone off the roof.

You can make good amount of money just by proofreading content for others. You can easily find a proofreading job by making a search on the web.

Or you can simply turn to more specific platforms where content publishing and proofreading jobs are listed.

But before you list yoruself as a proofreader, you must have the skills needed to become a successful proofreader as the amount of money you make will depend on the quality of your work.

Here is the best place to get started and learn more about the proofreading job.

Proofread Anywhere is a great place to start learning more about Proofreading as a business. The best way to start earning money is by signing up for Caitlin’s Free Workshops around Proofreading.

03. Freelance Writer 

Freelancing writing is considered one of the best night jobs. It is not only a realistic option, given that you’re working in the daytime, but also a flexible option. 

You don’t have to be a certified journalist to do this job. Just the regular writing skills with a good amount of work to showcase can help you land pretty amazing clients. Freelancing sites such as Upwork and Peopleperhour are regularly looking for such freelance writers. 

Here we have listed over 80 sites to find freelance jobs. Don’t miss this article.

04. Virtual Assistant 

There’s a myth that Virtual Assistance requires daytime attention but that’s not always true. It depends on the work given by your client. If you manage to make a deal with your client to assign you the work in advance, it has the potential to be a high-earning flexible job. 

Your common responsibilities will include flight booking, hotel accommodations, data entry, scheduling meetings, etc. On average, a virtual assistant earns $15/hour.

05. Online English Teacher 

If you’re a native English speaker or have sufficient proofs to showcase your English proficiency, you can take up a job as an Online English Teacher. 

If you enjoy working with students, we’re sure that it won’t take much to improve your ratings and attract a lot more potential students. The only major drawback is the delayed onboarding time that is subject to background checks and interviews. 

You can apply on VIPKids and can earn anywhere between $13 and $23 per hour. 

06. Deliver Food for DoorDash 

Due to its low barrier of entry, being a food driver is gaining a lot of popularity, especially if you live in a busy city. By becoming a food driver for DoorDash, you do not only get a decent pay base but also a chance to earn bonuses. 

All you have to do is buy yourself a vehicle and get ready for an excellent nighttime side hustle. 

07. Earn Money Through Swagbucks 

What if we told you can earn money by simply watching videos and answering surveys? 

Yes, Swagbucks has made it that easy and it is all legit. While there’s no limit to the amount you can earn from the platform, you’ll be paid in free gift cards or cash. These gift cards would apply to top brands such as Amazon and Starbucks

Here is a list of best survey sites that you can use to make more money.

08. Bartending 

If you have sufficient experience, bartending is a job where you can earn extra bucks during the night shift. Although the hourly wage rate is highly volatile, there is always a potential to earn considerable tips. 

All you’ve to do is apply to the local bar near you immediately and start working on the weekend nights. 

09. Rideshare Driver 

You’d be familiar with the steep surge pricing policy of the rideshare cab companies on the weekend nights or during popular nights. By becoming a night-shift Driver for Uber, you’ll have a chance to stand on the opposite sides of such transactions. 

By fulfilling the vehicle age requirements and having at least a year of driving experience, you can earn up to $20 per hour. 

10. Rent Out Your Space 

Airbnb is creating a lot of buzzes these days as anyone who wants to avoid expensive hotel stays can find easy accommodation in someone’s house. If you’ve got an extra room in your house or an extra space, consider listing it on Airbnb

This way, you earn extra money through unutilized extra space and get a chance to meet new people. 

11. Bookkeeping 

Bookkeepers are responsible for organizing a business’s financial records and if you think you have the necessary bookkeeping experience, try this job for extra cash during the night hours.

This high paying job with plenty of availability in the market can yield up to $20/hour. You can apply on job boards such as Flexjobs

12. Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website and are doing a successful job by drawing a huge amount of traffic to it, you can make a comfortable living through affiliate marketing. 

In affiliate marketing, you’ll have to plug a product or service on your website with a unique link that would yield commission every time a visitor purchases through that link.

You don’t have to be active during the night or day hours, you just need to find some time to make the best out of affiliate marketing. 

Don’t miss this article about the 30 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

13. Car Valet 

This night job is specifically for busy neighborhoods that host plenty of fancy parties. The only requirement for this job is to be friendly and you can end with plenty of considerable cash tips. A little extra incentive would be to drive some of the most expensive cars. 

14. Create Logos 

If you’re a graphic designer or good enough to use Photoshop, you can make decent cash for yourself by designing logos for other businesses.

By designing graphics for other people’s websites, you will not only make cash during the night time but also earn yourself quite a reputation as a Graphic Designer. 

You can look for various freelancing sites to connect with your clients. 

Here are a few article for your inspiration

15. Submitting Business Names 

We’re sure that you’d be hearing about this job for the first time but you can make money by helping businesses name themselves. There’s a mediator company called Squadhelp that provides a platform for creative minds to give the best name possible to the businesses. 

16. Sell your Photos

If you’ve got an eye for nice pictures, try making reasonable cash by selling these photos on various stock photo websites.

You can join the global community of stock photo websites such as Shutterstock and earn every time your content is downloaded by one of their customers. Shutterstock also provides the required support and tools. 

17. Store Stocker

Restocking is a night job and if you want to earn yourself a stable income during the night hours, Store Stocker can be a pretty reliable job. Big-box retailers such as Walmart and Target always look to hire store stockers. 

While a full-time store stocker earns more than $30,000/year, you can work part-time to earn as maximum as you can. The bonus of working as a store stocker during the night hours is that you don’t have to fulfill the customer service requirements. 

18. Sell Items 

One of the easiest ways of earning cash is to sell your used items on eBay or Craigslist. These items can include furniture, household appliances, electronic gadgets, etc. 

You can turn to sell items online into a professional business. All you have to do is take good photos and write a good description and you’ll be able to collect a small commission on every sale. 

19. Manage Social Media 

If you think you’ve got a knack for social media and can manage someone’s social media account easily, you can offer management of social media platforms for your local businesses. In turn, they will pay you a contracted monthly fee. 

No matter where you live or what time you go to your full-time job, you can easily earn good cash by working as a Social Media Manager. 

20. Answer Questions Online

If you’ve got a high-level education skill such as in law, medical, economics, or accounting, you can get paid by helping others to answer the questions. 

Sites like Chegg and JustAnswer pay you for answering for their customers. Make sure your answers are right and students rate your well. 

21. Create an Online Course

Creating and selling online courses is a booming business in the growing knowledge economy. As the demand for online courses is increasing, you can make the most of your idle night hours in developing an online course. 

Platforms such as Teachable and Udemy guide you to develop a successful online course. Then you can sell this course on your website or a third-party website to earn a substantial amount of money. 

Here are a few articles related to online courses you shouldn’t miss

22. Walk a Dog

If your neighborhood is filled with dogs and you tend to love them, there’s no better night job than walking a dog for you. Platforms such as Wag make it possible for you to build a steady stream of clients that can help you earn some extra income. 

For a night shift, it would be best for you to tune into their pre-scheduled appointments instead of on-demand appointments. 

23. Babysit

You might think babysitting is an ideal job for high schoolers but the fact that adults aren’t restricted can be your opportunity to earn some quick cash. 

You can start by providing these services to your family or neighbors or you can take the help of sites such as Care.com. On such sites, you can post your services and earn cash by providing a top-notch experience. 

24. Start a Food truck

Although to be able to start a food truck you’ll need a substantial investment, it can turn out to be pretty fruitful for you. The food truck business is growing significantly and based on your research, you can end up quitting your full-time job too. 

All you have to do is find suitable places for you during the night hours and prepare some delicious food. 

25. Resume Help

If you’ve got a knack for writing astounding resumes, you can earn yourself quick cash by helping others build their resume. You can use sites like LinkedIn to brag about your resume writing skills or offer part-time work for ResumeEdge

ResumeEdge provides professional resume writing services to their audience. You might need to show your prior experience in writing and editing resumes. 

If you are starting a resume related business, here is a list of top fonts for resume that you can use.

26. Create a YouTube channel

If you think YouTube is jammed with plenty of content and channels, you’re in for a mistake. As long as your content is engaging and is driving traffic, you’ll be able to earn a respectable amount of money. 

Although you might not be able to earn from the very beginning, you’ll still have the potential to do significant numbers. 

Here are a few articles about YouTube channels

27. Be a Social Media Influencer

You can easily make use of the internet to make some good money by building a brand around yourself. If you have the potential to provide good content for your social media followers, you will earn a good income.

On Instagram, you can earn money through sponsored posts or by becoming an affiliate partner. 

Here is a list of 16 Best Twitter Influencers Tools.

28. Transcribe Audio and Video files

If you want to make fast money, all you have to do is transcribe audio and video files. 

Scribie is a great platform that can help get up and running. 

Scribie will provide you a platform where you have to type out what the audio file says. You can earn anywhere between $5 and $25 per hour. The biggest advantage of this job is that you’ll have flexible hours at your disposal. 

29. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

If you know how a search engine like Google works, you can earn yourself some quick cash. By becoming a search engine evaluator, you’ll be given a list of keywords and instructions for searching. 

All you have to do is make a report on the outcome of your search results. To get started, find yourself a gig on Appen

30. Nighttime Security Guard

With a low barrier of entry and a wide range of job availability, a Nighttime Security Guard is the perfect night job that doesn’t require any education degree. 

By becoming a Security Guard, you can earn $14 per hour. The only drawback is that there is limited room for growth. 

31. Hotel Front Desk Clerk

If you want to work in hospitality and have good communication skills, you can easily apply for Hotel Front Desk Clerk jobs. Although you’ll get a stable wage rate, you’ll still earn less than freelancing and other gigs. 


Whether you have daytime commitments or are trying to increase your salary, night jobs will prove to be useful. 

We hope you’ll find one of the night jobs on the list and make some extra money. 

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