How to Buy an SSL Certificate for Enhanced Security

SSL Certificate for Enhanced Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are no longer optional for any serious website. Google began flagging unencrypted websites that collected passwords or banking information in January 2017. Websites without SSL security are marked as “not secured.”

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of SSL certificates and how they can help enhance the public key infrastructure (PKI) security of your e-commerce business. 

What are PKI Certificates?

People describe Public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates in several ways. Consider PKI certificates similar to a driver’s license, or something that specifically identifies a particular person.

PKI, however, makes use of keys and certificates, though not the type of key you are likely familiar with. 

Online, a key is a long string of numbers used to encrypt data. There are two types of keys, public and private, but only one can read the data. These keys are separate. It’s difficult for a private key to be figured out using the information from a public key.

However, certificates issued by a certificate authority (CA) view the info. These certificates determine the people or device you’re trying to communicate with is who they say they are. 

When the certificate and associated device are identified, the device is deemed “authentic.” The system ensures the authentication of the certificate. 

Why SSL Certificates Matter

Buy SSL Certificate

SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information, such as login information and credit card numbers. Some hackers specifically target websites without SSL certificates because they can be easier to access and exploit. 

The visual clues that accompany an SSL certificate, the green padlock, and branded URL search bar inform online visitors of a website’s security at a glance. SSL certificates enhance PKI security. 

From visual security cues to behind-the-scenes gatekeeping, SSL certificates show the world that a business is serious about security.

How Do You Buy an SSL Certificate?

Many website items involve a simple point, click, and add-to-cart function. They don’t require any effort to install. That’s not the way SSL certificates operate. Although web hosting providers push SSL certificates, there are better options. 

Manually handling SSL certificates can become overwhelming as a business grows. It’s easy to let website upkeep and maintenance fall through the cracks. That’s where a certificate manager comes in. 

Certificate Manager Platforms simplify buying and managing SSL certificates. Rather than purchasing a high-quality SSL from a low-quality vendor, look for a reputable SSL certificate authority. 

What’s the reputation of the company? What kinds of services do they offer? Do they generally receive positive reviews?

Consider the quality of support and how you can get your questions answered. 

How Do You Configure Your Service?

Once you have your SSL certificate, you’ll need to update your service. Then, you’ll configure cipher suites. After that, you’ll configure your 2048-bit key exchange. 

Does it sound complicated? It can be. That’s only the beginning. You still need to protect your private key by generating the key on a protected computer with a hard-to-crack password. 

You’ll want to store your private key in a hardware device. If you discover your key is compromised, immediately revoke the certificate to prevent further access to your private data. 

Finally, you’ll put your HSTS or HTTP strict transport security into play. Many of the top million website redirect traffic to their HTTPS URL. It’s an essential ingredient to showcasing your dedication to protecting private data. 

Your SSL Certificates for PKI security could potentially boost your search engine optimization, too, according to Neil Patel

Enhance Your Web Security Today! 

Enhance your web safety with SSL certificates. It’s easy to forget that certificates need installation and renewal. Make it easy. Ensure your certificates are renewed on time to avoid downtime and security threats.

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