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Based on 2 user reviews, Chargebacks911 has an overall rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars.


Chargebacks911 Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Chargebacks911 is a specialized chargeback management solution that helps online businesses prevent chargebacks, minimize losses, and recover lost revenue through a comprehensive suite of services that integrate patented technologies, machine learning, and human forensics.

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What is Chargebacks911?

Chargebacks911 is an original chargeback management solution designed to help online businesses prevent chargebacks, minimize losses, mitigate risk, recover lost revenue, and improve the customer experience. Unlike generic, error-prone strategies, Chargebacks911 provides customized, comprehensive solutions that handle the entire chargeback management process. Utilizing a unique combination of patented technologies, machine learning, and human forensics, the service ensures long-term, sustainable ROI for its clients. Founded by former merchants, Chargebacks911 understands the daily challenges businesses face and provides proactive, dynamic solutions to address emerging industry threats.

What is Chargebacks911 Good For?

Chargebacks911 is particularly effective at managing and preventing chargebacks. Its services help online businesses minimize financial losses, recover lost revenue, and mitigate fraud risks. The platform is designed to improve the customer experience by providing customized, comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business. With a proactive approach to industry threats, Chargebacks911 excels at freeing up valuable resources for merchants so they can focus on retaining customers, increasing sales, and growing their businesses. Its use of patented technologies, machine learning, and human forensics ensures accurate and effective chargeback management, resulting in long-term, sustainable ROI for its clients.

Who Should Use Chargebacks911?

Chargebacks911 is ideal for online businesses of all sizes and industries that need to effectively manage and prevent chargebacks. It is especially suited for eCommerce, travel, retail, digital, and institutional sectors. Businesses looking to minimize losses, recover lost revenue, mitigate fraud risk, and improve customer satisfaction will benefit from Chargebacks911’s customized, comprehensive solutions. The platform’s ability to handle multiple payment options, sales methods, and reason codes makes it versatile and adaptable for any business looking to improve its chargeback management processes.

Chargebacks911 Company Details

Chargebacks911, the original chargeback management solution, was founded by former merchants with a deep understanding of the daily challenges businesses face. Headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, Chargebacks911 is a subsidiary of Global Risk Technologies and employs over 300 people worldwide. The company specializes in helping online businesses prevent chargebacks, minimize losses, mitigate risk and recover lost revenue through a combination of patented technology, machine learning and human forensics. Chargebacks911 provides customized, comprehensive solutions for various industries, including eCommerce, travel, retail, digital, and institutions. By offering scalable services tailored to each company’s needs, Chargebacks911 enables merchants to focus on customer retention, revenue growth, and business expansion while staying ahead of potential fraud and industry threats.

Company Name: Chargebacks911

CEO Name: Monica Eaton

Est Year: 201

Employees: 201 - 500 Employees

HQ Location: Clearwater, Florida

Monica Eaton CEO at Chargebacks911
Monica Eaton

Chargebacks911 Demo & Media

Chargebacks911 Top Features

Response and Representment

Chargebacks911 helps users recover revenue lost to invalid chargebacks to drive long-term growth.

Intelligent Source Detection

With Chargebacks911, users can strategically identify & address chargebacks based on their true source.

Merchant Onboarding Audits

With Chargebacks911, users can identify and eliminate merchant errors that could trigger chargebacks.

Refund-based Prevention (Alerts)

Chargebacks911 helps stop disputes before they become chargebacks.

Data-based Prevention (Inquiries)

Customers get real-time data to prevent first-party abuse

Data Security

Chargebacks911 maintains PCI 1- and SOC 2-level compliance to ensure they maintain the user's data security.

Pros of Chargebacks911

  • Effective practices for the mitigation of financial risksIIntIntuitIntuitive Friendly user interface
  • Responsive customer support
  • Seamless integrations
  • Insightful reporting capabilities
  • Helpful support features
  • Prompt approach to chargeback disputes and management

Cons of Chargebacks911

  • Platform is sometimes laggy
  • Technical issues with chargeback acceptance
  • Limited access to information
  • Lack of ACH offerings

Chargebacks911 Pricing

Chargebacks911 offers a custom pricing model that requires prospective users to contact a representative so they can access the customer’s unique needs and calculate appropriate costs and steps.

Chargebacks911 Price Comparison

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User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Chargebacks911 is essential to your business!

October 21, 2021

It is extremely user-friendly, great at helping to track chargebacks and identify areas of risk, I like the visuals, the graphing section is instrumental and relevant in drawing conclusions and decision-making I really can not think of any drawbacks other than it can be laggy at times If you are looking to manage, track, review, evaluate chargebacks, I highly recommend giving Chargebacks911 a try. identifying areas of risk, tracking chargebacks, and using the data to improve our systems and avoid chargebacks

I really can not think of any drawbacks other than it can be laggy at times

Avatar for Jason B.
Jason B.
Review Source: G2

Chargebacks911 provides information on every day trends as it relates to chargebacks.

August 26, 2021

They host several informational webinars, and along with speakers who are very knowledgeable about chargebacks and risk mitigation. There is nothing to dislike. The speakers on those webinars cover every possible scenario as it relates to chargebacks. I look at each transaction in debt as it relates to verification before approval. I have a reduction in chargebacks.

There is nothing to dislike. The speakers on those webinars cover every possible scenario as it relates to chargebacks.

Avatar for Anonymous
Review Source: G2

What Kind of Support Chargebacks911 Offers?

The Chargebacks911 team is always excited to hear from our customers and encourage them to call or drop us a line. In addition, the platform maintains a library of helpful articles, guides, webinars, and important brand materials to help new users get started and existing users retrace their steps.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support

Chargebacks911 FAQs

Chargebacks911 is a legitimate and reputable platform, widely recognized for its expertise in chargeback management. Developed by former merchants and supported by a team of over 300 global employees, Chargebacks911 has a proven track record of helping businesses minimize losses and recover revenue. As a subsidiary of Global Risk Technologies, the company provides scalable and customized services to an international client base.
Chargebacks911 is worth every penny for companies looking to improve their chargeback management and overall financial health. The platform’s customized solutions, proactive approach, and use of advanced technologies result in long-term, sustainable ROI. By minimizing losses, recovering lost revenue and mitigating fraud risk, Chargebacks911 allows businesses to focus on growth and customer retention. Positive customer experiences and the company’s proven track record across multiple industries underscore the value of its services.
Chargebacks911 integrates with a variety of payment processors, eCommerce platforms, and financial systems to provide seamless chargeback management. These integrations allow businesses to efficiently handle chargebacks, automate processes, and access real-time data and analytics. The platform’s flexibility accommodates different payment options, sales methods, and reason codes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of business processes and systems.
Chargebacks911 resolves disputes within varying timeframes depending on the complexity of the dispute. For example, the bank dispute process typically takes between 30 and 90 days to resolve (from the cardholder’s perspective), depending on the complexity of the dispute and the specific policies of the bank and card network involved. However, some cases may be resolved more quickly or take longer if they require extensive review or additional documentation.
Chargebacks911 strongly recommends submission, as the platform believes that “Compelling Evidence” is one of the key components of a successful chargeback dispute. It is formal written or electronic documentation designed to verify the legitimacy of a transaction. This evidence must be submitted to the bank within a limited time frame and must prove that the merchant followed established transaction procedures.
Typically about 90 days or less from the initial dispute. Chargeback deadlines set by card networks such as Visa and Mastercard typically give cardholders up to 120 days from the date of the transaction or discovery of a problem to dispute a charge. Merchants, on the other hand, are generally expected to respond to a chargeback between 20 and 45 days after the chargeback is initially submitted.

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