Best Digital Marketing Events & Conferences 2020​

The updated list of best digital marketing conferences happening in this year

Are you looking for the best digital marketing events happening in 2020? We have listed the top 50 marketing events for 2020 on this page.

You get the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, the tips, and strategies that work. You also get the opportunity to network with the like-minded professional from around the work in these events.

Please Note: Many of these events wither may get postponed or not happen at all due to Covid-19. So, please make sure to check the update on the respective websites.

March 2020

Social Media Marketing World

Event Details: If you want to gain knowledge of this continuously changing social media world and how to make the most of it, Social Media Marketing World, 2020 is the place to be.

You’ll have a chance to build a lifetime connection with people who speak the same language as you.

  • Date: March 1 to March 3
  • Place: San Diego
  • Speakers: Many top leaders of social media such as Jasmine Star, Micheal Stelzner, and Molly Pittman will be there among the 5000 attendees. 
  • Price: $697 to $1697


Event Details: One of the longest digital marketing events of the year taking place at Austin, TX. It gives you a chance to explore what’s new in the world of films, culture, music, and technology. The unique environment of the event gives you a chance of learning and networking with the creatives from different areas. 

  • Date: 13th March to 22nd March
  • Place: Austin, TX
  • Speakers: Some of the speakers in this event include Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, Micheal Abels, Manager of Advertising at Facebook Neha Bhargava and artist Benny Bianco.  
  • Price: A platinum badge that covers all events cost $1350

SMX Search Marketing Expert, Munich

Event Details: It is Germany’s largest conference for the Search Marketing conference. There will be cutting edge strategies and tactics from the top experts. With more than 1600 visitors and 80+ speakers, it will provide you 60+ sessions on the hot topics of the marketing world. 

  • Date: March 18-19
  • Place: Munich
  • Speakers: This year’s speaker list includes Johannes Muller (Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google), Maria Cocoran (Senior Manager, Adobe), and Philip Mainka (Zooplus).
  • Price: A gold pass covering all events will cost $2358.
SMX Search Marketing Expert, Munich

Adobe Summit

Event Details: It will help you learn in more than 400 sessions and labs across 11 content tracks such as analytics and customer journey, B2B marketing, content and asset management, digital trends, and email campaigns.

It will give you an opportunity to connect with the largest community of B2B marketing leaders. 

  • Date: March 31
  • Place: Las Vegas
  • Speakers: Shantanu Narayen ( CEO, Adobe), Jeff Weiner (CEO, Linkedin), and Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress, Entrepreneur) are some of the speakers of this event.
  • Price: Conference pass is available from $1695 to $2095.

 Traffic and Conversion Summit

Event Details: With more than 80 speakers and 10000 attendees, Traffic and Conversion Summit, San Diego will be the place where the world’s smartest marketers will be descended.

As there will be 10000+ attendees, you’ll get a chance to network with people who share the same ideas and face similar problems.

It will be a perfect place for digital advertisers, content marketers, conversational marketers, and growth hackers.

  • Date: March 31st to April 2nd (Postponed due to Coronavirus)
  • Place: San Diego
  • Speakers:  Keynote speakers include Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Donald Miller, and Mary Smith.
  • Price: All-access pass is available for $1295 

April 2020

 Digital Sales and Marketing World

Event Details: Digital Sales and Marketing World will take place in Hartford, CT. You’ll get to learn content marketing, video strategy, and organizational alignment from world-renowned keynote speakers.

With break-outs and parties, you’ll have opportunities to meet like-minded people.

  • Date: April 5th to April 7th
  • Place: Hartford, CT
  • Speakers: The keynote speakers of the event include Marcus Sheridan ( Author of a best-selling book), Meghan Anderson (VP, Marketing, Hubspot), and Tyler Lessard (VP, Marketing, Vidyard). 
  • Price: An all-access pass is available for $799 while the VIP pass is available for $1099. 


Event Details: It is a must-attend conference for people responsible for conversion optimization, online experimentation, digital psychology, and analytics.

Everybody staying in one resort feature will help people connect and bond with each other. 

  • Date: April 5th to April 7th
  • Place: Austin, TX
  • Speakers: The notable speakers for this event include Ronny Kohavi (VP and Technical Fellow, Airbnb), Casandra Campbell (Testing and Experimentation lead, Shopify), and Sophia Liu (Senior Data Scientist, Netflix).
  • Price: A conference only pass is available for $1799.  


Event Details: There will be 2 incredibly intense days of sessions, keynotes and opportunity to meet your peers and connect with leading market technology vendors.

There will be hundreds of marketing technology solutions to efficiently evaluate them in one place.

  • Date: April 15th-17th
  • Place: San Jose Convention Center, CA
  • Speakers: Speakers such as Anita Brearton (Founder/CEO, Cabinet M), Erin Alemdar (Senior Digital Strategist, Whereoware), and Stacey Ackerman (Founder, Agilify Coaching and Training) will be providing some key inputs of the marketing world.
  • Price: The passes are available from $489 to $1595. 

Content Tech

Event Details: This event will show you how to effectively use the content and technology to develop a perfect marketing strategy.

It is perfect for those who are working at a merging point of content, technology, and strategy.

  • Date: April 20th to April 22nd
  • Place: San Diego, CA.
  • Speakers: 2020’s popular speaker list includes Cleve Gibbon (CTO, Wunderman Thompson), Wendy Richardson (SVP, MasterCard), and Marin Perez (Senior Content Marketing Manager, Microsoft).
  • Price: Prices range from $1099 to $2399.
Popular Speakers

Brighton SEO

Event Details: With the best crowd, it also brings the best speakers in the world of search. There will be fun activities to support networking and making lifelong connections.

  • Date: 16th and 17th April
  • Place: Brighton, UK
  • Speakers: The speaker list includes Paul wood, Hamlet Batista, Hayley Arnold, and Kevin Indig.
  • Price: The maximum price for a regular ticket is £600.  

 Advance Search Summit

Event Details: You’ll get to learn about advanced SEO and SEM tactics. You will have some extraordinary networking opportunities. 

  • Date: 22nd April to 24th April
  • Place: Napa Valley, CA
  • Speakers: The speaker list includes Greg Boser (President, Foundation Digital), Jim Boykin (CEO, Internet Marketing Ninjas), and Cindy Krum (CEO, Mobilemoxie)
  • Price: The regular pass costs $1699.

TOPO Summit

Event Details: More than 60 sessions will provide deep information about drive revenue growth, go-to-market strategy, process, play, organizations, metrics, and technology stack.

  • Date: April 23rd and 24th
  • Place: San Francisco
  • Speakers: The speaker list includes Debbie Bunder (Senior Consultant, TOPO), Alex Cox (Frame Marketing and Global Demand generation, Nutanix)
  • Price: The regular pass will cost $1395.

May 2020

Madcon NY

Event Details: This event will cover most important topics, tactics and technologies in digital marketing today. You will learn about artificial intelligence, content creation, geo-marketing, influencer marketing etc.

  • Date: 12th &13th May
  • Place: New York
  • Speakers: The featured speakers for this event include Sean McCaffrey (President, Programmatic Panel), and Marshall Williams (CEO, Ad results media).
  • Price: The two-day pass will cost $150

OMR Marketing Festival

Event Details: Industry A-listers and CEO’s will deliver top insights of the industry to a 7000+ audience. With over 1500 masterclasses and 1000 influencers, there will be more content than ever before.

  • Date: 12th &13th May
  • Place: Hamburg, Germany
  • Speakers: To deliver the masterclass, industry champions such as Ronnie Fieg (Founder, KITH), Dawn Ostroff (Chief Content Officer, Spotify), and Sebastian Thrun (CEO, Kittyhawk) will be present there. 
  • Price: The ticket price for this event is €499. 

Social Media Week

Event Details: There will be more than 3000 attendees with over 200 speakers discussing strategies for how to advance their brands.

  • Date: 5th to 7th May
  • Place: New York, USA
  • Speakers: The headline speakers for the event would be Gary Vaynerchuk (Chairman, VaynerX), Joe Marchese (CEO, Attention Capital), and Alison Moore (CEO, ComicRelief USA). 
  • Price: The premium pass costs $2249 while the standard pass costs $1259.
Social Media Week

 SMX London

Event Details: If you want to gain practical tips and techniques in the field of SEO, SEM and Online Marketing, SMX London will definitely improve your search marketing efforts.

It will lay emphasis on topics such as SEO success without link building, Amazing paid search tactics and tools, and Winning strategies with Facebook Ads. 

  • Date: 19th-20th May.
  • Place: London
  • Speakers: The speaker list includes Fili Wiese (SEO Expert, Search Engine Land), Alina Ghost (SEO Manager, Amara Living), and Nichola Stott (Founder, Erudite).
  • Price: Passes are available between $395 to $1295. 

Interact 20

Event Details: You’ll learn how to create a digital marketing RFP that gets you the right agency, LinkedIn ads, and the future of customer care from the speakers.

  • Date: 18th-19th May.
  • Place: Columbus, Ohio
  • Speakers: The speaker list includes Ann Handley, Jessica Best, and Will Leach.
  • Price: The ticket for the event costs between $200 and $575.

Siriusdecisions Summit

Event Details: A must-attend event for the community of sales, marketing, and product innovators. It is one of the most enhancing B2B experiences in the industry.

There would be many fun and dynamic opportunities to network with the B2B community.

  • Date: 4th May.
  • Place: Austin, USA
  • Speakers: The speakers for the event include Robin MacKenzie, Paul Ferron, Amy Bills, and Robert Munoz. 
  • Price: It will be available for $2495. 

June 2020

Mirren Live 2020

Event Details: This event is focused on driving agency growth as there will be 400+ agencies present along with 65+ speakers. 

  • Date: 2nd-3rd June
  • Place: New York
  • Speakers: The speaker list includes Raja Rajamannar (Mastercard), Torsten Gross (Deloitte), and Nancy Hill (Agency Sherpa).
  • Price: The standard pass will cost $1560. 

Fifteen Seconds Festival

Event Details: This event will give pioneers from the marketing, advertising, leadership a chance to work together, discuss technology-driven milestones in mobility and celebrate creativity. 

  • Date: 4th-5th June
  • Place: Graz, Austria
  • Speakers: Some of the top leaders in their fields will be speakers in this event such as Ray Chan (CEO, 9Gag), Dennis Thom (Head of Marketing, Borussia Dortmund), and Nick Coldwell (VP Engineering, Reddit). 
  • Price: Regular tickets are available from $318 to $718.

Gartner Marketing Symposium/XPO

Event Details: Gain knowledge about topics such as customer experience, market insights, and marketing technologies along with 1600 attendees in Gartner Marketing Symposium/XPO. With over 100 research-driven sessions, you’ll get to learn about identifying platforms and tools to influence B2B buying.

  • Date: 1st-3rd June
  • Place: San Diego, CA
  • Speakers: The guest speakers for this event are Tim Brown (Executive Chair, IDEO), Kate Muhl (VP Analyst, Gartner), and Nathalie Nahai (Psychology and Digital Strategy, Award-winning Speaker).
  • Price: The price of tickets starts at $3625. 

SMX Advanced

Event Details: This once-a-year event gives you a chance to discover some SEO and SEM tactics. You’ll get the networking opportunities with peers and speakers, and after-hour events. 

  • Date: 8th-10th June
  • Place: Seattle
  • Speakers: Some of the brands such as Forbes, KPMG, Amazon, and Google will attend this conference with Danny Sullivan as a confirmed keynote speaker. 
  • Price: The super early bird with all access costs $2595.

Search Love

Event Details: This event will get into all the aspects of SEO, Analytics, PPC, Digital PR, Content Marketing and more. Many of the previous attendees include big names such as Adidas, Adobe, eBay, Google, Ikea, etc. 

  • Date: 8th-9th June
  • Place: New York
  • Speakers: Aja Frost, Kayla Walker, and Daniel Russel are among the keynote speakers featured in this event. 
  • Price: The VIP bundle will cost $1299. 

DigiMarCon Midwest

Event Details: It will feature topics such as digital strategy, mobile marketing & targeting, user acquisition, social media marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization, etc. The thought-provoking presentations are designed to transform your business and yourself.

  • Date: 7th-8th June
  • Place: Chicago, Illinois
  • Speakers: As the 2020 speaker list is not announced yet but you can get the idea of the heavyweights in this conference from 2019 such as Christi Olson (Microsoft), Sonal Shah (PayPal), and Kevin Jonas. 
  • Price: The passes will cost $197, $397, $897, $997. 

VidCon 2020

Event Details: It is the world’s largest event for everyone who is passionate about online video and building diverse communities. With the help of Bella networking tool, you’ll be able to connect with everyone who’s at the event. 

  • Date: 17th-20th June
  • Place: Anaheim, USA
  • Speakers: Some of the featured creators would be Jeff Wittek, Toddy Smith, and James Charles.
  • Price: The four-day creator pack will cost $150.


Event Details: With over 1500 delegates and 63 sessions, this event will cover content marketing class, B2B copywriting training, ABM essential training, and Martech essential workshop.

  • Date: 23rd June
  • Place: London
  • Speakers: Last year’s speaker list included Sanjeev Munjal (Accenture), Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy), and Neil Dowling (Genpact). This year’s list is not announced yet.
  • Price: 1-Day pass is for £449 and a 2-day pass is for £898. 

July 2020


Event Details: You will receive tactical advice on SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search and more from industry-leading practitioners. Special lunch discussion tables and evening networking parties will be organized to help you connect with like-minded people.

  • Date: 6th-8th July
  • Place: Seattle, WA
  • Speakers: You can expect to see Alexis Sanders, Casie Gillette, Brian Dean, and Britney Muller among the speaker list.
  • Price: The pass is available for $999 for a MOZ subscriber and $1499 for a non-subscriber.  

Commerce Next

Event Details: With over 1200 attendees and more than 100 speakers, Last year’s attendees include brands such as Adidas, Purple, Knix, and the Body Shop. This event brings the top-tier retailers and e-commerce companies to share and evolve customer acquisition strategy.

  • Date: 28th-29th July
  • Place: New York
  • Speakers: The advisory board for this event includes Web Smith (Founder, 2 PM), Craig Elbert (Founder, Care/of), and Qun Wei (Head of Data Analytics, Bond).
  • Price: You need to apply in order to attend as a retailer or DTC brands.

Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference

Event Details: It will help you understand how AI can give marketers and brand superpowers which will enable the marketers to drive revenue growth and generate greater ROI. This event caters to a non-technical audience to develop a near-term strategy for successfully scaling AI. 

  • Date: 14th-16th July
  • Place: Cleveland, USA
  • Speakers: As the 2020’s agenda is still finalizing, a list of speakers of the 2019 event will give you an idea about what to expect. This list includes Nikos Acuna (Partner, AI Global Practice lead), Karen Hao (AI Reporter, MIT Technology review).
  • Price: All-access pass will cost $1499. 

Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

Event Details: It will bring together operators, affiliate programmers, and affiliates from around the world. Over 1500 affiliates working across igaming, crypto, and FX, it is the largest collection of gaming affiliates in the world.

  • Date: 14th-17th July
  • Place: Amsterdam
  • Speakers: As the speaker list of 2020 is not announced yet, past speakers for this event include Nadine Killoran (Marketing Director, Oddschecker), Andy Taylor (Commercial Director, On the tools), and Steven Van Vessum (VP of community, ContentKing).
  • Price: It is free to attend the show. 

August 2020


Event Details: With over 26000 attendees and more than 250 sessions, Inbound is organized by one of the market leaders, HubSpot. There will be various networking events and happy hours, there will be plenty of time to build your networks. 

  • Date: 18th-21th August
  • Place: Boston, MA
  • Speakers: Last year’s speaker list includes Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah (Co-Founders, HubSpot), Alexis Ohanian (Co-founder, Reddit & Initialized Capital), and Katie Couric (Legendary Journalist). 
  • Price: The price starts at $599 and goes till $1299. 

Digital Summit Minneapolis

Event Details: In this two-day event, over 50 sessions will take place and insights will be presented from leading brands such as Target, Facebook, Fast Company, 3M and more. You’ll get plenty of chances to connect with marketers, strategists, customers, vendors, and expert resources. 

  • Date: 19th-20th August
  • Place: Minneapolis
  • Speakers: Last year’s speaker list included Randi Zuckerberg (Zuckerberg Media), Robert Whalen (Target), and Damian Slattery (Fast Company).
  • Price: The platinum pass for the event will cost $995. 

September 2020

Growth Marketing Summit

Event Details: This summit will focus on the data-driven, customer-oriented approach to scale sustainably. It will be a perfect opportunity for like-minded optimizers to unite under one roof.

  • Date: 1st September
  • Place: Frankfurt
  • Speakers: Many of the best names in the business such as Andre Morys (CEO, Konversionkraft), Simon Dalha (Premium conversion Lead, Spotify), and Erin Weigl (Principle Designer,
  • Price: $119 for students and $719 for regular.

Brand Manage Camp 2020

Event Details: This event will help you gain insight into 360 degrees views of the brand by covering topics such as advertising, innovation, content, customer behavior, etc. 

  • Date: 15th-16th September
  • Place: Las Vegas
  • Speakers: Some of the speakers for this event are as follows: Jay Baer (Customer Behavior), Shep Hyken (Customer Experience), and Carle Johnson (Innovation).
  • Price: Before 31st March, the ticket is available for $1895.


Event Details: With over 38000 visitors and more than 900 exhibitors, this event will be one of the best marketing events of the year.  This year, the main focus will be laid on online commerce as well as all the digital future topics will be discussed in this event. 

  • Date: 23rd-24th September
  • Place: Cologne, Germany
  • Speakers: You can also apply to become a speaker or an exhibitor at this conference. 
  • Price: Tickets are not on sale yet.

India Affiliate Summit

Event Details: It will be the 5th edition of this event in which more than 60 speakers and over 500 companies will take part. This summit will give you a chance to network and build bridges between stakeholders in the industry.

  • Date: 10th-11th September
  • Place: Gurugram
  • Speakers: The keynote speaker list of 2019 includes Parul Bhargava (CEO, vCommission), Chris Adams (CTO, eDatasource), and Deepak Kumar (VP, CLAB). This year’s speaker list is not announced yet.
  • Price: The ticket prices are not announced yet. 

Forward Marketing Summit, Jakarta

Event Details: This two-day agenda will involve more than 30 speakers and 350 marketing leaders. The topics to be covered in this event would be marketing technology, B2B marketing, brand marketing, and data science in marketing. 

  • Date: 2nd-3rd September
  • Place: Gurugram
  • Speakers: Previous year’s speaker list included Pratik Thakar (Director of Integrated Marketing communication, CocaCola), Robert Simons (Head of Marketing, Paypal), and Raymond Mabasa (Director of marketing and digital transformation, Unilever).
  • Price: The early bird platinum pass will cost $499. 

October 2020

Boston International Search Summit

Event Details: This event is dedicated to international marketing search topics. There are various reasons to go to this event such as SEO and SEM strategies,  and technical insights on branding.

  • Date: 1st October
  • Place: Boston, MA
  • Speakers: Some of the speakers in 2019 were: Leona Frank (Autodesk), Cheryl Burke (New balance), and Gary Illyes (Google).
  • Price: The price of the ticket is $199.

Festivals of Marketing

Event Details: You’ll get to understand the future trends and their implications and will get a chance to connect or collaborate with your peers who might be facing similar challenges.

  • Date: 7th & 8th October
  • Place: Tobacco Dock, London
  • Speakers: The list for 2020 speakers includes Andrew Garrihy (Chief Brand Officer, Huawei), Gina Miller (Co-founder, SCM Direct), and Kerry Chilvers (Brands Director, Direct line group).
  • Price: The platinum pass will cost £1995. 
Festivals of Marketing

Martech East

Event Details: You’ll get to discover time-saving solutions that deliver ROI along with an unrivaled opportunity to connect with leading marketing technology vendors. Some of the brands that attend this event are Allianz, Coca Cola, Apple, Deloitte, etc. 

  • Date: 6th-8th October
  • Place: Boston, MA
  • Speakers: The speaker list for this year has not been announced yet the host for the event will be Scott Brinker, creator of the annual marketing technology landscape supergraphic.
  • Price: The tickets for the event are not announced yet.

Content Marketing World

Event Details: In Content Marketing World, 2020, you can learn from the best in the content marketing community. It is expected that more than 4000 marketers from 60+ countries will take part in this event. There will be more than 120 sessions and a chance to network with some of the brightest in the business.

  • Date: 13th-16th October
  • Place: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Speakers: The speaker list for 2019 included Mindy Calling, Maliha Khan, Henry Rollins. This year’s list is not announced yet.
  • Price: The tickets for the events are not announced yet.

Ad: Tech Tokyo

Event Details: There will be more than 14000 visitors and 270+ speakers from 35+ countries in this event. The exhibition in Tokyo will give you an opportunity to promote your service and create brand awareness, create a valuable network and build customer loyalty.

  • Date: 29th-30th October
  • Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Speakers: The Speakers for 2019 were Celine Del Genes (Global VP, Adidas), and Dennis Buchheim (Executive VP, lab).
  • Price: Early bird pass will cost 89000 JPY.

Social Media Strategies Summit

Event Details: You’ll get to learn social media strategies to position your brand, audit your social media initiatives, and revitalize your strategy framework.

  • Date: 27th-29th October
  • Place: New York
  • Speakers: You’ll have to wait for the 2020’s list but 2019 speakers included John Young (Social Business Advisor, Southwest), Jinal Shah (VP, S’well), and Megan Toth (Senior Social Media Leed, NBC).
  • Price: General Summit ticket plus 1 pre-summit training will cost $2494. 

DigiMarcon Middle East

Event Details: This year’s edition will feature topics such as video marketing, targeting & optimization, paid search marketing, customer engagement, and growth hacking. You’ll get to learn from the digital marketing stories from businesses who successfully implemented digital marketing techniques.

  • Date: 20th-21st October
  • Place: Dubai
  • Speakers: 2019’s speakers included Rand Fishin, Christi Olson, Jason Falls, and Sonal Shah. This year’s list has not been announced yet.
  • Price: All-access passes will cost $897. 

 State of Search Conference

Event Details: This conference, you’ll get to learn from the actual practitioners and experts in the field of marketing. There will be halftime parties in order to network with your digital marketing friends.

  • Date: 20th-21st October
  • Place: Dubai
  • Speaker: The amazing line up for the 2019 conference included Aisha Wills, Blake Denman, Chris Long, and Daniel Russel. This year’s list has not been announced yet. 
  • Price: The tickets are announced yet.

November 2020

Marketingprofs B2B forum

Event Details: With more than 70 speakers and 1000 marketers, the place will provide you ample opportunity for networking with like-minded people.

  • Date: 3rd-6th October
  • Place: San Francisco, USA
  • Speakers: David Meerman Scott is the keynote speaker for Marketingprofs B2B Forum 2020.
  • Price: Registration for the event has not started yet.

International Search Summit

Event Details: The 2019 agenda included Technical SEO, paid search, content and outreach and localization.

  • Date: 12th November
  • Place: Barcelona, Spain
  • Speakers: The speakers for the 2019 event included Fernando Angulo (SEMrush), Amy Bishop (Cultivative), and Maria Dirina (Yandex). This year’s list has not been announced yet. 
  • Price: The early bird price for the event is $125. 


Event Details: With more than 2500 sessions, there will be ample time for you to network with people facing similar challenges and get to learn from the top executives in the field.

  • Date: 12th November
  • Place: San Francisco, CA
  • Speakers: The 2019’s Speaker list included the best names in the business such as Micheal Obama, Tim Cook, Emilia Clarke, and Marco Bizzari. A similar speaker list can be expected for this year as well.
  • Price: The tickets for Dreamforce are not on sale yet. 

December 2020

Affiliate World Asia

Event Details: The meeting place for the world’s top performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. The 2019 event included more than 3600 attendees from over 110 countries. There were 50% of affiliate attendees that is more than any other industry event. 

  • Date: December 2020.
  • Place: Bangkok
  • Speakers: The Speaker list of 2019 included Savannah Sanchez (Facebook and Snapchat Ad authority), Nick Shakelford (Facebook Ads specialist), and Steve Tan (9-figure e-commerce entrepreneur). 
  • Price: For affiliates, a ticket will cost $1200 and for the company, the ticket will cost $1700. 

Growth Marketing Conference

  • Date: 8th-9th December
  • Place: San Francisco
  • Speakers: Jason McClellan (CMO, Heroku Salesforce), Saira Nazir (Head of Digital Marketing, Autodesk) were among the few names who were on the speaker list for 2019. The 2020 list has not been announced yet.
  • Price: Early bird all-access pass will cost $850.

FAQs About Marketing Conferences

01. How Marketing Conferences Can Help?

There are a number of ways that marketing conferences can help. You get the opportunity to listen to the speakers with proven track records who are experts in the fields they speak about. You get the learn the tips and the strategies that work and that are probably not available otherwise.

02. Are The Marketing Events Free to Attend?

No, there could be a few local marketing events you may attend for free. However, as there is a lot of costs involved in a conference, you have to buy tickets to attend the events.

03. Is Networking the Primary Agenda of Marketing Events?

It depends on the individual. Though the marketing events offer you a great opportunity to help you learn from the experts, networking is certainly one of the primary agendas of the marketing conferences.

04. Which Are the Top Marketing Events?

You can check the list above to find the top 50 marketing events happening in 2020.

05. Will Marketing Events get Postponed Due to Covid-19?

Almost the entire work is under lockdown due to Coronavirus at the moment. So, many of these events may wither get postponed or not happen at all. So, you need to go to the respective pages and check the update.