15 Best Shortcode WordPress Plugins 2020

Top Shortcode Generator WordPress Plugins to Insert Custom Functions


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Shortcodes are used to insert amazing functionalities into your post and pages with just one click. For example, you can add a great looking call to action button to your post with a shortcode.

So, whenever you need the button to be placed on a page you don’t have to write the detailed code for that, just use the shortcode & you are done.

As WordPress is the most widely used content management system, there are some amazing shortcode plugin options to choose from.

In fact, most of the top quality WordPress themes come with their shortcode option, so you don’t have to use a shortcode plugin separately.

However, it can create some issues when you change the theme. So, I prefer to use a shortcode plugin instead of using the theme specific shortcode.

Coding can be quite a monotonous job and write a set of complex codes every time you wish to insert a button, or a line can get tedious.

So, using a shortcode plugin is the solution, and it can add custom elements to your pages whenever you need.

You can add more functionalities to your websites like custom button, content boxes, tabs, and many more attractive features within the blink of an eye.

And by copying the code to wherever you want on your website, you can have the required content live in a few seconds.

Here are some of the best WordPress shortcut plugins which will help you add various functionalities to your webpage as per your needs with just a single click

Top Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

Supreme Shortcodes

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful plugin to get various shortcode choices and use them for different purposes, then Supreme Shortcode is an ideal choice.

The plugin lets you customize your website’s design elements the way you want, and all thanks to its highly user-friendly working, all of it can be done in the blink of an eye. You get an endless list of categories with amazing shortcodes which makes your work even easier.

What’s more! The plugin lets you see the capabilities of all the available shortcodes by watching a live preview before actually installing the shortcode.

This plugin allows you to create fully responsive rows and columns to add a different type of content into those spaces.

This plugin is created with Twitter Bootstrap, and it is highly flexible, customizable and user-friendly. It allows you to create static boxes, lines, dividers and lets you add stunning 3D animated buttons and tabs.

Every shortcode has a diverse range of customization options, which can be easily managed from your dashboard.

Other key features of this plugin include media shortcuts, contact forms, fancy box, sharing buttons, fully responsive, custom CSS, 3D icons and buttons, Visual Composer Compatibility, parallax sections and much more which eases your burden of having a well created WordPress website and page.

Supreme Shortcodes Plugin

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GT ShortCodes

As the name suggests, this is a custom shortcode plugin for WordPress that will take care of all your shortcode needs.

This is a lightweight, Bootstrap based shortcode plugin that offers you some amazing features to bring to high flexibility into your WordPress site.

GT ShortCodes, one of the most comprehensive shortcode plugin in the market offers you tons of amazing options making it almost a website builder.

From beautiful modern button shortcode to amazing data table, this plugin comes everything. If you wish to show any custom, you can quickly add the shortcode and get that done.

If you are managing a product or service related site and you need to showcase pricing tables, this plugin offers you the option to create your pricing tale.

In a way, this single plugin can cover the activities of a number of different plugins. For example, this single plugin can be used for creating data tables, pricing tables, counter, charts, buttons, alerts, progress bars, tabs, parallax sections and a lot more.

GT ShortCodes

Get The Plugin


Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes

When it comes to flexibility and adaptability, the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is one of the most useful plugins to customize any web page in a hassle-free manner.

This well optimized WordPress Plugin is a versatile tool and works smoothly with Internet Explorer 6 and its higher versions.

The font bestows you with the choice of 500+ icon fonts, and you can also customize the plugin CSS to create your own custom coded elements.

Quite true to its name, Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes lets you create and add Bootstrap 3.0.3 designs to your website just in a blink of the eye.

This feature-rich plugin is best when you want to include custom designing for grid columns and grid size on the layout of your website. Worth a try!

Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes

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WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add some useful and beautiful elements to your website.

This plugin offers various functionalities such as You Interface creation, Layout Management, Button, Lists, Message Boxes, Smart links to easily connect contents to your site without using any complete URL’s.

This plugin offers all common jQuery UI functionalities as well as jQuery UI Accordions, jQuery UI Tabs, jQuery UI Buttons and more.

This plugin offers services such as conditional shortcodes that allow exhibiting content based on certain conditions such as if you are logged in or if you are an administrator.

It also includes shortcodes to hide content for adding comments and notes to posts and pages.

WordPress Shortcodes

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Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is a powerful, popular and highly flexible WordPress supported plugin that offers unlimited possibilities of adding shortcut functionalities to your webpage.

It is an easy way to add numerous buttons to posts, embed files or add custom content to the website with just a few clicks.

The plugin includes more than 50 germane shortcodes, designed and developed in a modern style that offers a fully responsive layout for providing unprecedented experience on every device.

The plugin also allows custom CSS editor to change the overall appearance of your blog or website and it contains multilingual support as well. Quite friendly!


Get The Plugin


EasyVideo Responsive Video Shortcodes

EasyVideo Responsive Video is yet another powerful plugin that helps you to insert any video from a video sharing website.

It allows you to use the shortcode buttons of your choice in the editor and videos into the post or page. All you need to do is open buttons.php from the plugin folder and add the required snippet.

Likewise, to add/support a new video site, you need to open buttons.php and add the required snippet. This plugin allows you to embed and display videos anywhere on your blog via shortcode.

Moreover, the video content is highly responsive and will respond to the screen size automatically.

Easy Video Shortcodes

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KnB: Wiki Shortcode

If you are selling any product on your site or offering any service and wish to have a wiki section on your site, this wiki shortcode plugin will help you to get that done easily.

Along with adding the shortcode, you will have complete control over the design of the sections. You can add up to 4 columns.

It is a combination of different shortcode to create the complete wiki section. For example, you have the search form shortcode, the main content section; you also have a post toting shortcode.

If you need a comprehensive solution to create a wiki site, we have already listed the best wiki WordPress plugins that you can use on your site.


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WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop is another amazing WordPress shortcode plugins. We have been using this plugin on most of our sites and it works perfectly.

This plugin offers you amazing shortcode option to add a number of different elements on your site. You can add different color buttons, lines, page break, alert notes, Google Map etc with just a lick.

When you install and activate the plugin, it adds the shortcode option in the WordPress editor. So, when you wish to add any shortcode, you just need to click and select the shortcode option you want.

MyThemeShop Shortcode

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Shortcoder is a powerful plugin that helps you in creating a custom shortcode and store HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other snippets in it.

You can use the shortcode in any post or page, and the set of code stored in the shortcode gets executed in a hassle-free manner.

It is a great plugin when you need a custom element on your website, and other plugins don’t offer the element as a shortcode.

To create a shortcode, all you need to do is give a name for the shortcode, then paste the HTML/JavaScript code that you want to be executed as content and save it.

Once done, insert shortcode [sc name=”my_shortcode”] in the post and you will have your custom element in your post.

Shortcoder WordPress Plugin

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Zila Shortcodes

Zila Shortcode is a simple yet powerful shortcode generator for any theme. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can add columns, buttons, alerts, etc. to your website.

This plugin includes a set of popular shortcodes that allow you to include tabs, toggles, and many more functionalities and these have been included in a one-click menu as well.

When creating a page or post, click on “Z” icon to unveil a list of shortcodes. Then, you can choose the functionality you wish to include, configure the options and insert.

While inserting the Button Shortcodes, you get the choice to customize it such as Button URL, Button Style, Button Size, Button Type, Button Target and Button’s Text. So, you can insert the values accordingly.

Zila Shortcodes

Get The Plugin


Fruitful Shortcodes

Fruitful Shortcodes will prove to be fruitful for your website’s design. This unique plugin offers some amazing shortcodes, and you can view and use each one of them from the editor toolbar.

You get various shortcode choices with Fruitful Shortcodes that you can incorporate into any post on your website, and once they are inserted, you also get various customizations to change it as you want.

Whether you want to change the content, size or alter the coding, this compelling plugin adds up to the visual appeal of your website and makes it more user-friendly.

Fruitful Shortcode Plugin

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Vision: WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

Vision is one of the most popular and powerful plugins when it comes to shortcodes plugins. Vision comes with lots of option and customization settings for each shortcode and employs modern designs which make your posts and page look quite attractive.

The plugin incorporates more than 100 shortcode variants, and everything looks stunning. The plugin comes with numerous shortcodes including Tabs and Toggle, Follow me, Tooltips, Gallery and Image Shortcodes, Pullquote, Blockquote, Button Styles, Columns Shortcodes, Alert Box Styles, Twitter Buttons, Retweet Button, Facebook Like, jQuery Accordion, and much more.

It also includes social icons of many shapes and colors, pricing tables, animated progress bars, number counters, all types of buttons, featured lists, columns, animations and lots of other option can be easily added to your website with just a few clicks.

Vision is not just a plugin, it’s a page builder in a way, and it will keep your audience hooked on the attractive features that you can add to your website.

Vision WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

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Intense Shortcode Plugin

Intense shortcode is a plugin which includes sets of functionalities such as custom post types, animation, icons, and can also work as a page builder.

It’s a stunning shortcode plugin for WordPress that provides you with more than 100 amazing shortcode options that you can use on your pages.

Apart from shortcodes functionality, it offers 19 different post types, over 140 different animation effects and over 5000 icons.

The plugin will also contribute significantly to the design of your website as it incorporates the Visual Composer drag and drop website builder.

Shortcode elements like buttons, slider, progress bar, counter members, social icons and much more are present to help you customize your website the way you want.

More features include mobile responsiveness, speed optimization, customizable templates, snippets and much more.

Intense Shortcode Plugin

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ZillaShortcodes by Themezilla is another amazing option that you can use on your site. The plugin is very simple to use. So, if you are a newbie WordPress user, this can be a good shortcode plugin option for you.

If you need to use buttons on your blog posts regularly, you can use this plugin to generate a beautiful button and make the URL open in a new window, and design the button as you need.


Get The Plugin


Arconix Shortcodes

Another amazing free shortcode plugin for WordPress. This plugin brings in a number of amazing features and options to your site.

With this plugin, you will be able to create great looking buttons, tabs, styles with just a click. It offers you a number of amazing color options and modern button styles.

Arconix Shortcodes

Get The Plugin


Which plugin best suits your shortcode needs? Let us know in the comments below!


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